Counting Down the 10 Best Series from Dorcel

Dorcel started in 1979 in Paris, France and has become one of the leaders of adult entertainment, focusing on French sensuality, eroticism, gorgeous European models, and luxurious locations. After more than 40 years of making millions of adults fantasize, the Dorcel brand continues to make high-quality adult content. Present in more than 75 countries and with over 35 series, it is hard to nail down a list of only ten, but these are the stand-out series from this award-winning studio.

10. Offertes A Tout


Described as, “a series of hyper-hot sequences in which beautiful creatures show intense desire and an outstanding sexual appetite,” this series is a fan-favorite for those who prefer the throwback, classic porn. This is one of the earlier series from Dorcel that still holds up and retains its sense of class and style.

9. Pornochic


Pornochic is a unique series for Dorcel in that is is the only one to feature hard sex, but with the aestheticism you’d expect to find with the Dorcel brand. Featuring some of the more prestigious performers, this best-of series, “is dedicated to one or two actresses, but rest assured… they do not come alone.”



Dorcel gathers some of the hottest European, American, and Spanish women and each movie is a collection of five scenes with different stars. Unlike a best-of series, this features a different female performer in each scene.

7. An Indecent Story


From indecent proposals to indecent thoughts, this series gives you a bit more of a steamy plotline to make the sex scenes that much more enjoyable. The setups are well worth the sexy payoffs.

6. 4 You


An exclusive one-scene movie, just for you! There are plenty of titles in the 4U series, each offering its own unique scenes. While each movie is one scene, it does last a while. The question is, “Can you?”

5. Desires Of Submission


Explore the kinky side of Dorcel with this leather and bondage series. This is the perfect series for those curious about bondage sex, as it is not as brutal as some similar content. It still has the touch of class and compassion that you’d expect from a Dorcel movie.

4. Infinity


Go to infinity and beyond in this hot, best-of series. Infinity is the best way to get to know the actresses who have made the history of Dorcel! Find your favorite star or discover a new face (and ass) to enjoy for the entire movie in this series.

3. Russian Institute


Class is back in session. The students are excited and uncontrollable. The instructors are rather severe and vicious. Sex education and the art of sex is taught at this institute.

2. Escorts Delux


If you ever thought you couldn’t afford the highest class of escort companionship, look no further than the world of high class, high heels, and sexy lingerie. These models’ goal is to make all of their client’s fantasies come true. If you desire truly classy, upscale, sexy women, this is the series for you.

1. Luxure

Watch as couples realize their biggest fantasies: submission, dissoluteness, lingerie, and scenarios with an incredible perversion. The hottest names in the Dorcel catalogue have performed in these movies.
“Between games of seduction and domination, these women are going to know pleasures of which they dignored up to there: SM, dissoluteness, voyeurism, candaulisme, sex in a taxi, and other hot games. In a universe made by luxury and charms, ‘Luxure’ knows how to delight the most demanding of you.”

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