Throwback Thursday: Girls With Desire (2008)

Before the incredible Angela White was an international porn superstar, she was a horny, curvy Australian chick who genuinely enjoyed exploring her sexuality on camera. Thankfully, she had the likes of lesbian amateur powerhouse to satiate her curiosities locally, before she took her career overseas. Girls With Desire gives us two fantastic amateur-era Angela White pairings and two bonus solo scenes with other Abby Winters talent. In the first Angela scene, we’re treated to our favorite busty beauty and a cute redhead named Chloe enjoying eating each other’s pussies on hay bales in a barn. Angela takes to pleasuring her partner vigorously, getting totally lost in the moment and almost falling off the hay bales in her pursuit of pleasure. The second scene jumps right into the action, with Angela taking charge over a petite brunette named Shaminee during a photoshoot. There is no mistaking Angela’s insatiability in these scenes, as they both maintain high-energy despite their longer-than-average run times. If you want to see where Angela White’s humble beginnings, look no further—but make no mistake, these are certainly performances of a household-name star in the making!

Girls With Desire from


Angela White, Chloe B., Marigold, and Shaminee

Angela White in Girls With Desire from
Angela White in Girls With Desire from
Angela White in Girls With Desire from

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