Mr. Rodgers

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. A beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine – could you be mine? Won’t YOU be my neighbor”. You can’t listen to this little ditty and not think of Mr. Fred Rodgers! Although sadly, he’s no longer with us there are many, many memories we all can associate with one of our original national treasures. His quiet demeanor, his ever-present smile, the sweater and boat shoes combo these are just some of the reasons why he was so easy to relate to. He was a staunch defender of education for the children but it was his true mission: spreading the message of acceptance, understanding and most of all LOVE is what made this man’s message universal. Yet these are just some of the things we know about our dear friend Fred. But did you also know that according to an interview given before his passing he revealed to his close friend Dr. William Hirsch if he had to measure his sexuality from hetero male to homosexual male; that he was smack dab in the middle. He went on to further explain that he’s been attracted to both men and women equally. While he never used the term “bisexual” and he was faithfully married to his wife for 51 years you have to admit that it’s not too hard to imagine the soft-spoken man who accepted everyone in all shapes, colors and sizes would be just as open-minded about his own sexuality.

These facts led to a few others and before you knew it I was careening down a rabbit hole of my own mental making. Grab your helmets folks ‘cuz this is one bumpy and twisted ride we’re about to undertake – don’t say I didn’t warn you! Forget his (rigid) background for a sec and consider that the 60’s was the era of “Free Love” right? Now I’m wondering if good ol’ Mr. Rodgers ever got a little kinky and watched porn? More specifically, did he watch Bi-sexual porn? So I did a little research on movies featuring this content from yester-year to the present and now I’m wondering why it seems like the earlier scenes seemed to be more about the woman instead of equal opportunity lovin’? It seemed like even though there was plenty of opportunity for male-on-male penetration; it never happened because it seemed to be all about the woman’s pleasure. You may see one male suck the other off or quickly glimpse a pump or two between the two guys while she watches. Sometimes if the man was penetrated by the other man at all it wasn’t for very long or because she straps up and stuffs her boy toy to the brim to bring him to satisfaction. Nothing like the salaciously frenzied fucking scenes we all know and love today. The kinky trios in the modern projects seem to unabashedly celebrate men who love sharing an anal penetration experience. There’s no cuckolding and no one is left out due to ALL holes getting a good stuffing. Is this because sexuality is a subject people talk about and act on more freely now? I mean think about it. Advertising is all about sex appeal. It’s used to sell many things including cologne, clothing and even cleaning supplies! To further demonstrate what I’m asking I’ve decided to take a page from the Mr. Rodger’s Show to visit our local fuck factory, and take a closer, first-hand look at the evolution of Bisexual porn.

OLDER MOVIES: although no hole is left unplowed in this group effort of hedonistic satisfaction – the action still seems to be more centered around the girls in the group vs. the guys getting topped and bottoming out like the good little anal slut he truly is.

Bi The Waterfront

from US Male’s Bi The Waterfront is bisexuality at its best with big tits, toys, huge cocks with pussy and ass fucking on the European waterfront that’ll have more than just the water boiling in no time!
Bi Uniforms –

Why immediately limit your options? U.S. Male studio believes that one is always better than two… definitely when it’s a boy and a girl. You get a nice big, juicy cock, and at the same time you have a wet, succulent pussy.

Bi Group Sex Club 3

Sure Gangbangs are ALWAYS great! But when Legend studio does it…it’s always with more of a bang! A Bi Sex gang club bang fest is ready to admit all you fuckers for the 3rd time to watch the pretty boys and girls get it on and on and on.

Bi Honey, I’m Home –

In this classic from JT Video, two dudes decide to share a girlfriend between them one night with unexpected situations. These dudes like fucking each other too!

Bi Sexual Brothers

Leisure Time Entertainment have found some guys are greedy as fuck and fuck they will! Pretty pink pussies aren’t the only things these guys want to get into. Tight assholes behind muscular big dicked hunks turn them on too, especially when they get the best of both worlds at the same damn time!

Bi-Sex Sandwich 4 –

Get out the bread and mayo and get ready for the fourth sandwich in this hot steamer from Macho Man Video. These macho men know that more is definitely better! Watch these manly men devour & drill soft, tender taint and demand more meat at the same time!

Coming Out Bi 6 –

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Bi-Sexually Active 2 –

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Bi Office Party –

This is more than just a fling or dalliance in the work place, Bi Empire brings you the wildest coworkers yet! It’s time to put the 9 to 5 work flow aside and get down to business! It’s time for closed door office meetings where everyone is invited to participate in unique mergers where no man or woman is left without salacious satisfaction!

Semper Bi –

These boys just got home from the army, and after years without feeling a woman’s touch they developed a taste for an alternative… their buddies! And it seems like their girlfriends aren’t against it at all. After all, the more people the more fun! Is your soldier standing at attention? Well cum join the fucking fun and blast your cannon right along with the kinky cast in this cum drencher from BiPhoria studio.

Wanna Fuck My Wife? Gotta Fuck Me Too! 12

The pervs at Devil’s Film knows what it’s like for a man to have a sexy piece of arm candy that every man ogles. Even though they’re married; their husbands aren’t the jealous type at all! As a matter of fact, they don’t mind you fucking their wives. The catch? Oh if you wanna fuck the wife, you gotta fuck them too! But that’s no deal breaker for these studs. If anything the thought of a bisexual threesome just makes them more eager to get into a tight hole in over two hours of no-holes barred action!

Pool Boys –

There’s nothing like lounging by the pool on a beautiful day and catching the eye of the ripped, hung and obviously horny pool boy. And these sexually adventurous couples couldn’t wait to put them to HARD work! Colby Jansen, Draven Navarro and Ricky Martin are the hunky pool boys BiPhoria has hired to service these bi-curious couples in high hardcore style action with an orgy that explores outside the regular boy-girl box to let fans know what they’ve been missing!