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‘Final Girl’: A HotMovies Review

Ghosts aren’t real, right? That’s what one sexy movie producer thought when she decided to film a movie in an abandoned home in the hills. Secluded and rife with spooky stories, this home has been the site of real-life murders, and movie producer Pristine Edge is determined to shoot a film there. But after a series of scary and otherworldly experiences, this cast and crew are shown just how real ghosts actually are!

Final Girl boxcover.

This is the premise for Adam & Eve’s spooktacular new film, Final Girl. Directed by Andre Madness and featuring a stellar all-star cast, this film pairs a fun storyline with red-hot action, and it’s amazing! Funny and filthy, Final Girl has everything you need to spend a creepy, sexy night in with your boo! So take a seat and prepare to be frightened right out of your panties!

Scene One:

It’s 1984 and Kira Noir and Lizzie Love are two sweethearts in love. They’re standing in front of an abandoned home—one fraught with tales of ghosts and creepiness galore. Kira, holding a giant boombox, is eager to get inside and check it out. Lizzie, on the other hand, is nervous and scared. Her multi-colored geometric patterned shirt are screaming 80s, and when she responds to one of Kira’s quips about the house with, “gag me with a spoon!” I really felt like the good old days were back! Kira skips ahead into the house, eager to find the bed where supposedly the former owner had died and had not been found for months. Lizzie follows behind, and when she reaches the bedroom, Kira is laying on the bed! Kira takes the opportunity to scare the shit out of Lizzie, and then pulls her onto the bed to soothe her fears with some gentle kisses. While they’re making out, a news bulletin comes over the radio about an escape from the Pinewood State Hospital for the criminally insane. The girls pay no attention to that… or the fact that the bedroom door slowly closes by itself. (Insert creepy music here!)

Kira Noir frightens Lizzie Love.

With Kira’s juicy lips all over her mouth and neck, Lizzie forgets all about being scared. This is no longer a haunted house–it’s a secret getaway for the lovers! Kira gently pushes Lizzie onto her back and trails soft kisses down her neck to her stiff nipples, sucking them into her mouth. Kira’s kisses continue down Lizzie’s belly until finally, she reaches nirvana. Kira laps at Lizzie’s pussy with her tongue, slowly at first, and then with fevered excitement as Lizzie begins to respond to the pleasure. Kira’s fingers explore Lizzie’s cunt, first one, then two, and finally Kira is fucking Lizzie with three fingers, her mouth working that clit while she finger fucks Lizzie’s soaking wet pussy. Lizzie has a powerful orgasm, her cunt spasming around Kira’s hand.

Kira Noir teases Lizzie Love.

Now it’s Kira’s turn to squirm with pleasure! She lays back against the pillows and Lizzie follows her, helping to pull down Kira’s shorts and then diving right in for a taste of that pretty pussy! Kira gasps in surprise as Lizzie bypasses the foreplay and gets right to the prize! Kira tells Lizzie to lick her pussy with long strokes so she can see her tongue; Lizzie follows directions well. Kira is getting wetter and wetter, her hips bucking as she grinds her pussy into Lizzie’s mouth. Delving fingers get added to Lizzie’’ repertoire and Kira is pushed over the edge into a body-quaking orgasm. Kira is so excited and turned on by the spooky setting and her sexy lover, she doesn’t even take a moment to bask in her orgasm! She hops up and gets busy finger fucking Lizzie again! The girls wrap things up with soft kisses and caresses, but as they’re getting dressed, they hear some mysterious sounds. Kira opens the bedroom door to investigate and lets out a blood-curdling scream! Later, the girls wake up with a ghost standing over them and their dead bodies in the other room!

Kira Noir and Lizzie Love scissor.

Scene Two:

Jump ahead to the present day and we find Ana Foxxx and Maya Farrell just arriving at the house where Kira and Lizzie met their untimely demise. Still awash with rumors of being haunted and now more run down after twenty years of neglect, the house awaits the girls with an ominous presence. But these silly sluts aren’t scared at all! They’re in the business of making movies, and they’ve come here to recreate the sexy scene between Kira and Lizzie! Complete with retro clothes to look the part, these 80s-clad actresses get to work. No sooner do they begin to shoot than they hear mysterious sounds from elsewhere in the house. A few spooky sounds won’t stop this production though; the show must go on! Ana and Maya begin to undress one another, sucking nipples and encouraging each other with soft gasps of pleasure. Before long, Maya is sitting on Ana’s face getting her pussy eaten. The girls take turns licking and finger fucking each other’s soaked pussies, their hands roaming every inch of exposed flesh. The girls scissor later in the scene, grinding their cunts together vigorously and wringing orgasms from them both.

Ana Foxxx and Maya Farrell make out.

Just as Ana and Maya are finishing up their scene for the movie, they hear another loud thud from somewhere deep within the house. Totally freaked out, the girls rush to pick up their clothes and hurry out of the house in fear. Movie producer, Pristine Edge, steps into view to clean up the “set” and get ready for the next scene to be filmed. But after a few eerie sounds and some items in the room moving on their own, Pristine promptly passes out! She wakes up to see Kira and Lizzie standing over her and incorrectly assumes they are her actresses for the next scene. It doesn’t take long to learn that they’re actually ghosts and the house really is haunted!

Ana Foxxx and Maya Farrell look sexy for the camera.

Scene Three:

After Kira and Lizzie disappear, Pristine rushes around the abandoned house looking for them. She enters the bedroom where the girls met their deaths and is terrified to find not the girls, but another ghost altogether! Victoria Sunshine is the OG ghost in this house, and she’s super horny! Kira and Lizzie show up to explain to Pristine that Victoria was a “fancy prostitute” when she died, and she’s a total horn dog! Sure enough, Victoria can’t keep her hands off Pristine, and soon propositions her outright. Surprisingly, Pristine is totally up for it! She figures she might as well; how many people can say they fucked a ghost?! As for Victoria, she’s super excited to have sex with a living person after decades of eating only poltergeist pussy.

Victoria Sunshine undresses Pristine Edge.

Victoria pushes Pristine down onto the bed and the two begin making out. Victoria takes the lead, undressing Pristine and pulling her own nightgown over her head. She kisses all over Pristine’s belly and breasts, eliciting a gasp of surprise from Pristine because her lips are so cold. Totally fitting for a ghost, right?! Victoria is eager for some fresh pussy and wastes no time diving right into Pristine’s pretty pink pussy. Victoria laps away at Pristine’s cunt with vigor, adding her fingers to the mix until she brings Pristine to the height of pleasure and watches as her orgasm floods through her body.

Victoria Sunshine and Pristine Edge pleasure one another.

Breathless with carnal joy, Pristine can’t wait to get a taste of that ethereal pussy! She gives as good as she got, using her hot mouth and questing fingers on Victoria’s ghostly gash! Writhing in pleasure unlike any she’s experienced in over two decades, Victoria is pushed to the pinnacle of bliss, her body quaking through a series of powerful orgasms. The women get into the 69 position next, both eager to work another orgasm from their over stimulated slits. They grind their pussies together as they scissor next, their respective living and non-living pussies pounding against one another rhythmically until finally, they are totally spent.

Victoria Sunshine and Pristine Edge scissor.

Scene Four:

Basking in the afterglow of her recent romp with a ghost, Pristine is surprised when Ana and Maya walk into the bedroom. The girls find Pristine naked on the bed, with no ghost in sight! Pristine is confused and on edge, wondering if it was all just her imagination. But the show must go on, right? So while Pristine is setting up the next scene with Ana and Maya, the lights begin to flicker. Pristine admonishes the cute ghost pair, Kira and Lizzie, but they tell her it’s not them doing it. They tell Pristine that it’s “Him,” the killer that took their lives in 1984. He escaped from Pinewood State Hospital for the criminally insane, murdered the girls when he found them in the house all those years ago, and then he too met his untimely death in that house! And now, his evil spirit haunts the house! Pristine carries on this conversation in front of Ana and Maya, both girls exchanging looks as if Pristine has gone crazy! But they’re proven wrong as the scene continues; Ana gets into character once again and goes to the door to show her lover that the spooky sounds are nothing to be afraid of. But when she opens the door, she is literally frightened to death, and falls to the ground, dead!

Ana Foxxx and Maya Farrell find Pristine Edge naked in bed.

Pristine and Maya quickly realize that Ana is not playing around–she’s really dead! Maya runs out of the room screaming and Pristine turns to speak to the recently deceased Ana, who has just noticed the phantom pair, Kira and Lizzie, standing next to her! Kira explains that they’re dead and that Ana is dead, and that must mean that Pristine is the Final Girl! Pristine is the last one standing, so to speak, and she needs to get out of there and come back later to avenge their deaths! But this isn’t a movie, it’s real life! In the meantime, Maya is running around the house frantically and ends up being murdered, as well! Cut to all four dead girls sitting on the couch – Ana and Maya, actresses who got a bad break, as well as Kira and Lizzie, the girls the movie is based on. Sitting on the back of the couch like some ghostly princess is the OG ghost, Victoria, watching over her growing brood. Wondering aloud what they’re supposed to do for the rest of eternity stuck in that house, Lizzie takes Maya outside to show her around. Kira, Ana, and Victoria stay in the house and find something a bit more exciting to fill their time.

Ana Foxxx, Lizzie Love, Maya Farrell, and Victoria Sunshine.

Ana is pretty freaked out about being dead, but she’s also unsure of what she’ll do for an eternity in that house. Classic courtesan Victoria slides down onto the couch next to Ana and says, “We could fuck.” Ana is shocked to be propositioned by a ghost, but hey, she’s dead too, so why not?! Ana and Victoria share a soft kiss and then Ana turns to Kira and kisses her. The ghostly trio gets right down to business, with Victoria and Kira suckling Ana’s nipples at the same time. The experienced haunts lavish attention on the newly deceased Ana, helping her transition into this next chapter of her “life” as pleasurably as possible. It’s pussy licking, finger fucking, and kissing galore for this departed trio and it’s out of this world! The girls can’t get enough of one another, their chests heaving, bodies quaking with one orgasm after another. If this is what death is, sign me up!

Threesome with Ana Foxxx, Kira Noir, and Victoria Sunshine.

Threesome with Ana Foxxx, Kira Noir, and Victoria Sunshine.

Social media queen Ana is quick to jump on her phone after the threesome is over, telling her followers to check out her grisly ghostly threesome! She’s sad to find out that her phone won’t work in the spirit world, and she’s instantly bummed. She perks up though and suggests that perhaps they’ll make a movie about them! Victoria snidely replies, “I hope not, we’re crowded enough as it is!” I don’t know about you guys, but that seems like a hint there will be a part two! Fingers crossed we get to see more sexy spooky action soon!

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