Editor’s Picks: October 21st, 2022

Scarlet M. Divine: Brutal Sessions – Skylar Snow’s Abject Anal Invasion

Welcome back, dear friends, to another edition of Editor’s Picks. I am so very pleased each week to highlight a stellar film that knocks my socks off. This week’s pick comes from Kink.com, a studio I’ve doted on before, but cannot help but come back to again and again. Their dark, delightfully debauched content speaks to my dirty little heart like no other. Kink’s body of work is broad and colorful, touching on countless fetish fantasies that hide in the darkest corners of our minds. Submitting yourself fully to another person, allowing them to use your body in terrifying, delectably deviant ways, is what performers flock to Kink’s dungeons to partake in. It’s beautiful and painful, intensely erotic, and impossible to pass up. Let’s check out what they’ve got in store for us, shall we?

Boxcover for Brutal Sessions - Skylar Snow's Abject Anal Invasion.

Skylar Snow sits for her brief interview before the scene begins. Most actresses have a short list of things they’re not willing to participate in, but not Skylar. Her list contains only fisting—everything else is on the table! I’m sure handsome Dom, Seth Gamble, was happy to hear that! There’s a brief fade to black and then the scene opens with the lovely Skylar on her knees, bound tightly with rope, a ball-gag in her mouth, tight clamps on her nipples, and a vibrator placed against her exposed clit. Skylar is looking down at her pussy, the buzzing of the toy coupled with her throaty groans. Seth enters the scene, a whip dangling from his hand. His arm flashes out and the leather tails of the whip sting Skylar’s flesh. Sharp gasps follow each blow, but Seth quickly moves on to another implement. The crop strikes, landing on Skylar’s sensitive pussy, her breasts, and her inner thigh. Seth uses his free hand to tug at the chain connecting Skylar’s nipple clamps, causing her to cry out in pain behind the gag. Removing her gag, Seth makes Skylar tell him what her next punishment should be. She chooses electricity. Yikes! Seth is happy to oblige, using the electro-wand to zap her belly, her thighs, and her tits.

Seth Gamble pulls painfully on Skylar Snow's nipple clamps.

Skylar’s eyes light up with excitement when she sees Seth unzip his pants and take out his cock. He pulls the gag from her mouth and presents his cock to her. Skylar leans forward eagerly, taking his cock into her mouth and sucking him. Seth is in no mood for a nice blowjob; he forcefully crams his cock into Skylar’s mouth and deep down her throat. She gags around his meat, eyes bulging as Seth fucks her face like a pussy. Seth spends several minutes fucking Skylar’s mouth, allowing her to suck his balls while he zaps her with electricity.

Seth Gamble face fucks Skylar Snow.

Next, it’s time for Skylar to open that ass. Bound on her hands and knees, puckered asshole fully exposed, Skylar groans as Seth slides a finger inside. He fingers her ass briefly before moving on toy toys. First, a glass dildo slides deep inside Skylar’s ass. Unable to move and helpless to this anal onslaught, Skylar groans as her ass is filled. Seth shows restraint as he slowly fucks her ass with the glass piece. Skylar relaxes and the pleasure washes over her with each stroke inside her anal cavity. Once her ass became accustomed to that toy, Seth moved on to another, bigger toy. The first was glass, but the second is cold hard steel. The shiny metal ass fucker has two bulbous heads on each end, one bigger than the other. Seth again shows mercy and uses the smaller bulb on Skylar’s ass. Still relatively tight, the larger toy requires a good amount of pushing before it pops inside her hole. A groan escapes Skylar as she experiences this new level of fullness. Seth fucks her ass with the toy, and Skylar moans yes, yes, yes, over and over. Skylar gasps when Seth abruptly pulls the toy from her ass, steps up behind her, and plunges his cock deep inside her… pussy? That’s right, just when you thought he’d take a dip in that ass, he pummels her pussy with his rock-hard cock, instead!

Skylar Snow gets her ass stretched by Seth Gamble.

Don’t worry, ass lovers, you only have to wait a couple more minutes to see Seth finally possess Skylar’s ass! He pulls out of her pussy, grabs the whip and rains blow after blow across her back. His adrenaline racing and his cock ready, Seth squats down over Skylar’s bound body and drives his cock deep inside her tight asshole. He fucks her with long, deep strokes, his balls slapping her cunt with each thrust. A quick face fuck precedes a position change. Next, we see Skylar bound and gagged on her back, her legs pulled wide apart and one leg bound in such a way to keep her from moving. Her pussy and ass are totally exposed. Seth uses the vibrator on her pussy, alternating between painfully slapping her pussy and teasing it with the vibe on high. Seth slides into Skylar’s pussy, using her hole with powerful thrusts while he holds the vibe on her tender clit. When he pulls out of her pussy, Skylar squirts everywhere! He repeats this three times, forcing her to orgasm back to back to back, her clit sore from the vibe and her body exhausted from cumming so many times in a row. Seth moves back to Skylar’s ass next, using her hole deeply, the vibe on her pussy until she unbelievably squirts again! Back and forth he goes, from ass to pussy, wringing one orgasm after another from Skylar’s exhausted body. When Seth simply cannot last another moment, he pulls out of Skylar’s used body and shoots his hot load all over her ass. Seth scoops the jizz off Skylar’s ass with his fingers and deposits it into her eager, open mouth. Then he steps up to her face and presents his cock to her once again, this time fresh from her ass and covered in cum. Skylar opens wide and groans in satisfaction as she cleans every inch of her Master’s cock. What a good little ass slave she is!

Skylar Snow has anal sex with Seth Gamble.

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Love Shovel: 3rd Wheel 3


From Tough Love X comes the third installment of the 3rd Wheel series where hot porn stars are picked up in unique locations, taken back to a hotel room, and fucked hard. This series doesn’t fall too extreme into the BDSM category, rather, it features a harder edge than most soft-touch, intimate sex porn. Not to worry! All scenes are extremely hot and are certain to get you off. They just feature a bit of a rougher edge to the sex, which I find to be quite hot.


“Pizza leads to more pizza!” Wise words from Karl Tough Love’s date on this episode of 3rd Wheel. His date is the lovely Vanessa Vega, with her dark hair and gorgeous tattoos. So they go for pizza but, pussy and pizza? Now that is a universal language. Vanessa gives him a nice blowjob en route to pizza deliciousness. Once there, they stuff their faces, only to head back to Karl’s place where their faces get stuffed in a much more interesting and appetizing way.


Things get sweet when Serena Santos gets the kinky ToughLove experience. She is really enjoying herself and who wouldn’t with that gigantic lollipop she’s sucking on. As much as she enjoys a sweet treat she trades in the sugar for a taste of Karl’s dick, which for her, is just as fun to suck, lick and taste. Serena enjoys some friendly gaging, along with both foot-fucking and a nice tit-job to boot. I’m not sure which tastes better, the big lollipop or Karl’s sweet load in her mouth.


Life’s a beach and then you…FUCK! Karl heads to the beach for some sun, fun, and a little topless action. Enter Lily Bell a hot blonde with a tight body who loves to fuck and loves the tough treatment along with a creamy facial. She also seems to enjoy licking Karl’s balls


Karl Tough Love is feeling up for a little German adventure. Tempting his date, Skylar Snow with some wiener schnitzel excitement. After some shopping and a trip to the biergarten, they go back to his place for a little game of ‘hide the spitting bratwurst’ and some classic rough and tough loving, where he fills her up with some warm Tough Love strudel!