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You may have noticed some site changes here at HotMovies as we work to expand your porn horizon and blow your mind with our growing technology. Enjoy the ride as a HotMovies customer with our new offers and improvements. We have been tweaking so that you can get twerking and jerking.

Our staff writers are here to keep you up to date on the latest porn news, featured movies, and porn topics as we embark on the seductive experience of discovery. My name is Danny Lobretti and I will provide for you the “HM Vibe,” a collection of all of the editor and staff writer picks of the moment consisting of scenes, movies, category discovery, porn news picks, and a preview of what is to come in a consolidated format. Keep updated with our blog to hear from the rest of our staff writers.

So what did we change?  What goes better with porn movies than sex toys?  That’s right, we now offer sex toys for men, sex toys for women, sex toys for all with tons of categories ready to ship discreetly to your home.   We have expanded our movie library and our clips library ready to stream on your favorite devices.


Customers of our HotMovies Select will be busy for weeks discovering all of the new content available on the renamed HotMovies Select Unlimited. The monthly subscription price remains the same but you get MUCH, MUCH MORE Get this: as of November 1, our Select Unlimited movie library goes from 44,172 movies to 156,555, three times as many movies. Our clips library goes from 229,223 clips to  665,643, incredible!  You will want to explore our expanded long-term subscription plans to save even more money discovering all of this new content.


As if this wasn’t enough value, we have more: we will offer more sales to help your discovery starting with 30% Off all Anal VODs, 15% Off all Rechargeable Sex Toys (Just in time for Christmas shopping) and a first ever sitewide sale starting later this week.  There has never been a better time to be a HotMovies customer! Bookmark our page so you can check in daily to see what is new for you in porn.

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I think for both guys and girls one of your first fantasies as a young teen is a little threesome action. Whether it’s two guys and a girl, or two girls and a guy, it’s fun. All of your senses get stimulated with fucking and oral going on at the same time, maybe some double penetration for the girl. All the people in the action are getting pleasure no matter what is going on. Yeah, this kind of action in real life may be hard to come by but it’s a category that everyone loves to watch. Dream and fantasies are made in this category as a lot of the hottest pornstars, movie studios and content are dedicated to this subject. We have added so much content to this category overnight as we went from just under 10,000 movies to over 23,000 movies in just this category alone. Take time to explore and discover all that Hot Movies has to offer you now!


Spotlight Movie:  You Me & Her Vol. 4

“Romy Indy is ready to watch her man take on Mimi Cica. He goes to the fair-skinned blonde and begins caressing his big hands over her body. Romy is instantly into it, throwing her head back and sliding her hand between her legs to diddle herself.  Evelyn Claire still carries a torch for her old boyfriend even though he is marrying Maya Woulfe now. Evelyn comes up with an elaborate plan to stay close to her ex but when his future wife catches on, Evelyn realizes that a threesome would be even more arousing.  Kylie Quinn and her husband visit sex therapist Alex Coal.  When Alex ask what they’d like to experience in their sex lives, Kylie says she wants Alex to tell her what to do and her husband says he wants to be double teamed.  Alex is very open to her suggestions.  Evelyn and Alex have been dating the same guy but didn’t know it until he invites them over on the same night.  Both girls have expressed an interest in experiencing a threesome so while they’re surprised, they are not all disappointed.”


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