More Than Girlfriends 3

Featured Movie Review: ‘More Than Girlfriends 3’

In today’s class we’ll explore a girls-only film that’s focused on serene woman-on-woman love. It’s has a great many scenes with plenty of variety, so buckle up and let’s take a look at More Than Girlfriend’s 3 from Karups!

More Than Girlfriends 3

Matty & Bernie

Matty and Bernie are two women who innocently want to have a pillow fight. But anyone who’s studied women knows pillow fights always lead to sex. It’s just psychology. The scene bustles with curiosity as hear their different yet unique accents. If my language ear still holds up I believe Bernie is from Latvia and Marfa must be from Belarus, but don’t quote me! It’s not long before these slick tongues are tied and Matty is giving a good tongue lashing to Bernie’s clitoris!

Elya Moore & Sophie Rubia

Tender kisses and tingling finger dragging set up our scene with Elya and Sophie. You can tell how much they care about giving their lover a good time. The oral is slow and sensual, and it does the trick based on their deep concentrated moans and satisfied facial expressions.

Kiere & Deepika

Kiere and Deepika are two strong-willed brunettes who don’t need to take it slow to know what they want. Erect tits. Need I say more? The energy is boundless and determined, and they make love at a spa. They spread legs, grip ass, and dig their faces into pussy, all while utilizing beautiful red and gold spa chairs. They give each other a double fingering whilst sitting which is an impressive move I don’t usually see!

Oxana Chic & Clara Case

Oxana and Clara take a more nature-based approach, choosing to stay closer to Mother Gaia while their vaginas are being eaten to achievement. The two blondes lie in the grassy outdoors and utilize the whimsical atmosphere to get their sexual thrills. It’s a wonderful aesthetic akin to Shakespeare in the park!

Adelyn & Eyla Moore

Elya makes a return and this time she’s exploring herself even more! A welcome BDSM scene shows Adelyn and Elya wearing masks, leather, whipping, and vigorous fingering! You know the kind, when a woman gets fingered from behind and it’s more like an angry drilling motion, fingers jabbing in and out. I love that technique! Judging by the sex screams, they love it too!

Kiere & Mina

Keire and Mina tap deep into what it means to make true love. If you could capture love in a single image it would be Kiere sucking long on Mina’s nipple. Mina’s face is contorted with pleasure, mouth agape, tongue dangling, and eyes shut. This grand finale has toy play with a big dildo, which they trade and learn the value of sharing in a relationship. The connection is so strong that when one is pleasured, thus is the other.

Professor’s opinion

With geopolitical tensions coming to a head (not the good kind) and the possibility of global war & annihilation rearing its pesky head, the best thing we can do is remember the simple pleasures in life. The ones that give meaning and good spirit when we can find none. That pleasure is More Than Girlfriends 3 from Karups. These young women give it their all and display all their sexual stamina in a marathon of passionate scenes. It reminds us that in these trying times, the one thing we truly need is not an ear to vent to, but a wet mouth to lick us and a warm vagina to finger! Remember, if you want to help out in this world, it doesn’t take much, and everybody has a mouth!