HotMovies Hottest Movies 2022

HotMovies Hottest Movies From 2022

2022 was…a lot. We had some highs, lots of lows, and in between moments that can either leave you scratching your head or craving for more. Luckily, porn is always there to provide that extra boost or enhancement when necessary and it’s nice to look back in review and see what was hot, what was not, and what we can learn. With that in mind, let’s jump into HoMovies’ hottest movies from 2022.

Ignite Vol. 6

ignite vol. 6 from blacked on hotmovies

Beach sex is not something you’ll catch me trying to do in real life. Sand gets in places that don’t feel good, the sun and wind are harsh, and your bare ass never looks as good against the backdrop as you think it will. That being the case, I still love watching porn stars take one for the team and bang it out near the ocean, and watching Rae Lil Black do just that will leave you on the edge of your seat. From the jump she’s ready to take on the weather and Jack Rippher, and the pair look amazing under the natural sunlight! Blacked always come through with the hits and Ignite Vol. 6 is one you won’t want to miss.

Soaked & Bound

Soaked & Bound video on demand from BurningAngel

Joanna Angel is a fucking goddess, so naturally whenever she’s in anything I take notice, but there’s something extra special when she directs, and it is evident in Soaked & Bound. She brilliantly brings kinks to the mainstream forefront, combing BDSM, domination, and bondage with an elegant yet hardcore feel, letting us in on these goth girls’ fetish fantasies. Everything about this flick feels like Burning Angel Entertainment and while all three featured stars do their thing, Rocky Emerson really stands out in the third scene with Roman Nomar. She’s the perfect slightly aggressive submissive, his dominant sex style blends perfectly with that, they look good as shit on screen together, and there’s a cage involved. What could be better than that!?

I Just Couldn’t Wait

I Just Couldn't Wait porn video on demand from Blush Erotica

Carmela Clutch and Aria Carson lez it up, much to my delight, in this Blush Erotica production, directed by The Sinematographer, and from the cover art you’re going to be hooked. As the title states, these ladies couldn’t wait to get their hands on each other. After chatting it up online for a while they decide to meet in real life and out of the gate Carmela is in awe of Aria. The way she attentively caresses Aria further illustrates her sincere fascination and desire to learn her body and together they let off fireworks. The soft lighting sets the tone for a more romantic passionate experience and the camera work is amazing!


Torn porn video on demand from Dorcel

Dorcel movies always appear glamourous. They can take the hottest stars from all over the world, put them in the freakiest situations you can think of, and still maintain that alluring captivating high quality feel, which is exactly what was done in Torn. Cover models Skye Blue and Ana Foxxx drive our story as Skye’s character finds herself in a bit of a situation that takes her on a wild journey and changes her life forever. By the end the pair finally get together and it’s more than worth the wait.

Dredd: Big Dick Energy

Dredd Big Dick Energy porn video on demand from Jules Jordan

Big Dick Energy was all the rave in 2022 and to no one’s surprise Dredd made sure to leave his mark on the culture before all was said and done. He attacks each starlet with his signature style and dicks them all down leaving each and every one satisfied. The BBC is always on point when it comes to Dredd flicks, but I think what really makes this one stand out is the cast. Full of fun, sexy, bubbly energy, each scene takes you on a different adventure with peaks that will challenge your ability to hold out. When looking for a hardcore yet playful gonzo movie to jump into, this is definitely one you’ll want to remember.

Love, Sex & Music

Love, Sex & Music porn video on demand from Adam & Eve

September Reign is one of my loves and she does an amazing job leading this all star cast in a story that’s truly award worthy. She brings her lighthearted spirit and sex appeal to life as she transforms into Dixie, a young musician trying to come up in an industry that demands all of her time and energy. After writing a hit single she’s bombarded by people trying to take a piece of her pie, and I don’t know about you, but resisting pressure from the likes of Misty Stone, Vanna Bardot, and Nina Elle is not something I think I’d be able to do. Sex appeal is only one of the tools these ladies know how to use and as a newcomer Dixie has a lot of work cut out for her. Adam & Eve is always good for a plot based movie that pulls you in and this was one of my go-to’s in 2022.

Porn Convention Orgy

Porn Convention Orgy porn video on deman from Tadpolexxx

I simply can’t get enough of TadpoleXXXStudio and I love that Porn Convention Orgy made the list! Tad Pole is one of those guys that gives his all on screen and behind the scenes, making it easy to root for him, especially when he’s at a porn convention with a bunch of hot and horny stars. This is the type of stuff us civilians can only dream of, and I for one am glad Tad enjoys sharing it with us. The energy is orgy perfect with everyone loose and ready to get familiar and the amateur feel heightens the fantasy and experience.

Lesbian Psychodramas Vol. 38

Lesbian Psychodramas Vol. 38 from Girlfriends Films

Girlfriends Films remains atop the adult universe because they can mix mainstream lesbian fantasy with authentic lesbian sex and please all viewers at once. Lesbian Psychodramas is one of favorite porn series ever and Lesbian Psychodramas 38 was just the fix I neededAs usual, the cast is all class, featuring stars like Kay Lovely, Octavia Red, and Gabriella Paltrova, and the sex is passionate and explorative, like we’ve come to expect and love about GFF. Always fresh, consistent, and entertaining, there’s no doubt that everyone will find something that puts them over the edge in this funny dramatic piece of porn art.


Couple Swap

Couple Swap porn video on demand from Nubile Films

When it comes to spicing things up in the bedroom swapping couples is a good place to start and that’s what Nubile Films explores in Couple Swap. Fucking someone else in front of your partner can push you to put your best work out on display, and watching your significant other share those intimate moments with another person can push your sexual cravings to heights you never even knew existed. These couples find themselves in all types of enticing situations while hanging out with each other and when everyone in the room is thinking the same thing it has to be a good idea right!? Paige Owens and Scarlet Skies star in my favorite scene, swapping lovers and spit, as they make their dudes’ dreams come true.

My Filthy Massage 4

My Filthy Massage 4 porn video on demand from Filthy Kings

Massage porn is my jam and My Filthy Massage 4 shows that massages don’t have to be slow and sensual in a room full of soft candles and oils. Sometimes gripping up an oily titty is preferred and in this movie you’re going to get a lot of groping and hardcore finger fucking in addition to face fucking and deep throating that’ll change the way you look at massages. While I have to caution when it comes to using that much baby oil (say goodbye to your sheets!) this flick is the perfect blueprint for turning a massage with your partner into freaky non-stop sex!


Be sure to check out these hottest movies of 2022 and stay on the lookout for more to come next year. Until next time, stay horny!