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An Interview With Dillon Diaz

We love Dillon Diaz, and if you’ve seen him in action, you do, too. If you’re new to Dillon, well, you’re about to love him, because this is one of our favorite interviews of the past year. Check out our chat with this multi-talented star!

HM: How did you get into the industry?

Dillon Diaz: I am a career change. When I feel I have gone as far as I can or I’ve just had enough I move on to the next adventure.  After I decided to leave my last career as a celebrity makeup artist I took some time off for me.  In that time I started hitting the gym hard and got myself into really great shape. One day I looked at myself and my bank account and realized that It was time to get back to work and now that I have this body I should use It. So even though It made no sense because I was super shy and preferred to be behind the scenes to being in the spotlight I started Gogo dancing at bars and clubs in NYC. One thing lead to another and I was offered a spot in a live sex show at Fire Island hosted by award winning gay porn director Marc MacNamara. I guess he was pleased with my performance because shortly after he offered me my first booking in porn. Since I had already done a live show with an audience I figured performing in front  of a small crew couldn’t be that much harder. Needless to say I had a great time and decided to keep going. Five years later I’m still here, still loving what I do.

What’s the story behind your stage name?

I wanted a name that rolled off the tongue but conveyed sex appeal and strength.  It was also very important that It be something that reflects my latin culture.  I’m a New York born Puerto Rican and I wanted everyone to know that.  I knew from Gogo dancing that there was lots of racism in adult entertainment and I refuse to hide from It.  I face It head on.  Even with the choice of my stage name.  I am who I am and you don’t have to like me but you will respect me.

What movies, TV shows, books, music, etc. are you loving lately?

Well, since Beyonce has released Renaissance It has had a choke hold on me.  It is on constant rotation.  I don’t even know what other music is out right now.  Me and the love of my life, Jake Waters, love going to the theatre to see a good movie.  We see so many that is hard to pick a favorite but as for TV shows we binge watch House of the Dragon,  Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, The Sandman and basically anything mythical and epic.  On occasion we may throw in something gay themed like Uncoupled with Neil Patrick Harris on Netflix.

What upcoming projects are you working on?

I’m currently waiting for confirmation on a Bi movie filming in Barcelona and My partner and I are producing our love story for Noir Male.  We met on set filming a scene for them and over time fell in love.  We have been very public about our courtship and engagement and people seem to enjoy us together.  So we are turning our story into a porn.  It’s our story without leaving out any of the sex.

What’s the most surreal aspect of being a porn performer?

I’d say its pretty surreal to be doing this at all.  I’ve never aspired to be any kind of performer but I’ve found fulfillment in living out my sexual fantasies on camera or helping others realize theirs.  I think it’s pretty surreal when people tell me that I am a role model to them or I have helped them with their own sexuality in someway.  I’d like to think that I do more than provide masturbation material.  My hope is that what I do is therapeutic or education as well as entertaining.

Talk about working with Britney Kade on Transsexual Babbysitter 29.

Britney is a doll and was such a pleasure to work with.  I have no doubt that she will go very far.

What career achievement are you most proud of?

That I’m still here.  That the booking requests keep coming in.  I’ve grown to really love making story/character driven porn.  Again I never aspired to be any kind of performer so the fact that I’m able to do this makes me feel like I’ve grown and have gotten stronger.  It’s one thing to dance in your underwear in front of a crowd that just wants to have a good time but it’s a whole other thing to become a character and tell a story with explicit sex.  I’m damn proud of how far I’ve come.  Even in my personal life porn has made me more outspoken.  I have no regrets about any of It.

According to your AVN profile, you’ve also delved into writing. Tell us a little bit about that!

Writing just come very naturally to me.  It’s something that I’ve always enjoyed.  After reading as many scripts as I have it’s not that hard to figure out how to turn a story into porn.  You just need some humor, some resistance and some hot actors.  I have not mastered writing feature film length scripts yet but give me a little more time…

What do you think is the worst story telling cliché in porn? On the flip side, is there a classic porn scenario that you really love?

I think I’ve had my fill of of step parent / step children story lines but a talented writer can make anything hot and If its cast well…never say never.

It’s kinda corny but I love a hot delivery boy in porn or a massage therapist that takes their job a little too seriously.  In real life I always check out my delivery boys to see if I could film porn with them and I hope that my massage has a happy ending.

You’ve worked closely with director Ricky Greenwood. What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned from him?

To always think on your feet, have an eye for detail, surrounded yourself talented and hard working people and create an environment where everyone feels heard and respected.

What’s the biggest practical challenge in shooting a threesome?

Making sure everyone is engaged and utilized equally.  It’s something that gets easier with time.  In real life I don’t mind if one of us sits back and watches the action for a little while but when filming porn you don’t want to be the extra body just sitting there.

What is the most interesting/creative compliment you’ve received from a fan?

When guys who have Penile Vitiligo like I do message me and tell me that my presence in porn makes them feel more confident about their own bodies that’s one of the greatest compliments I can get.  Or when guys message me and tell me that my sexual freedom and diversity has helped liberate them from their own sexual restraints or hangups I feel like I’m doing something greater than just helping people get off.  I do what I do for the paycheck but its icing on the cake when what I’m doing helps someone else feel better about themself in some way.

I  Am Aubrey is one of the most popular movies you’ve appeared in.  What are you memories of shooting the blowing scene in that particular video?

Aubrey is a huge star in her genera and we had worked together before so I knew what to expect from her, greatness.  I was more insecure about working with all the other guys.  They are all taller and leaner than I am and Pierce has a very impressive dick.  Honesty, I felt a little out of place going into It but I was already good friends with Johnny and Pierce so It didn’t take me long to relax.  That was my first time working with Ruckus but he is literally one of the nicest people in the world.  I felt immediately at ease with him and have become great friends over the years.  Overall It was a great experience but it’s easy to get anxious with a power house group of performers like that.

Is there a must-see scene or movie that you would suggest your fans watch?

I want them to see It al!  I put my all into everything that I do and it’s hard to pinpoint just one.  I have a very diverse body of work so there is something for just about everyone in my catalog.  I recently did my first fisting scene for Kink Men as a top.  I don’t know if my body will allow me to be a bottom in a fisting scene but I have learned never to say never.

Talk about your workout routine!

After COVID vacation I had to hire a trainer.  For the first time in my life I couldn’t do It on my own.  I spent months binge eating and binge watching.  When It was time to go back to work I had put on some weight and felt completely out of shape.  I have been working with my trainer intensively 3-4 times a week for the past 9 months trying to get myself to like the way I look again.  I’m getting cosset and closer but I’d still like to lean down some.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up every morning next to the love of my life, Jake Waters.  One of us will walk the dog and the other starts the coffee.  Once our little fur baby is taken care of we get dressed and go to the gym.  Thats pretty consistent.  If it’s a work day for either of us we head off to set and make sexy magic with our scene partners before coming home to make dinner and cuddle in front of the TV.  Our work can require a decent amount of travel but on average we get to go to bed together and wake up together.  If it’s not a work day there is still plenty to be done. There is networking, social media, fan content…everything to stay busy, paid and relevant.

What advice would you give someone looking to join the industry?

First decide whether you want to be a professional hoe or a recreational hoe.  You CAN”T be both.  Being a porn performer requires professionalism, reliability and dedication.  If you chose to be a professional then please treat your body and your health with respect.  It impacts everyone you work with.

Are there any performers you haven’t worked with yet but would love the chance to?

There are a few people that come to mind.  Most of these folks don’t perform regularly anymore but a guy can wish right?

Francois Sagat

Sean Zeveran

Jason Vario

Drew Sebastian

Olivia Jay

Cecilia Lion

Natassia Dreams

Buck Angel

To name just a few…

What is the key to creating on-screen chemistry with your co-star?

Well, if there isn’t a natural attraction create one.  This may require one to take a deep dive in their acting ability or to get lost in the story and become the character.  If there really is nothing there and you can’t find It in the character, imagine someone else.  Imagine someone you are really attracted to or recall a time when you were really turned on.  Use your imagination.  It’s a very powerful thing.  Also be humble and kind.  The other person may be struggling to find It too.

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