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Everything You Need to Know About Jodi West Clips

Jodi West is always sexy and fun, no matter how wild, crazy, or absurd the scenario is. Her label, Forbidden Fruits, often spotlights stepmom and MILF scenarios that push the older woman theme into some of its most outrageous terrain yet. In the midst of it all, she perfectly embodies the smart, sophisticated mom who can run a successful business, raise a family, and be back in time for a saucy bedroom romp. West’s self-named clips studio is the go-to spot to explore her personal porno playground, all in the form of single scenes. Learn  the fast facts on Jodi West Clips below! (This label, new to HotMovies, offers over 540 clips, including 500 that are part of HotMovies Select, our one-stop-shop membership site. Join here!)

The story behind the studio

“I was originally in real estate,” West told me in 2018. “The market was going down, and my husband [Jay West] and I had just started, for free, webcamming with other people on a local swinger site. And people looked at us and said, ‘Oh my god! You guys are so entertaining. You guys could totally do this and make money.'”

So that’s exactly what they did! Clips were their first venture.

“We had such a great time. And then it just kind of snowballed. We said, ‘You know what? People actually like our stuff. Why don’t we put it in movie form?’ And then we started doing that. So in 2012, we started putting them in movie form, broke some molds, pissed some people off. But you know, we forged our own way,” West continued. Jodi West Clips takes you back to the high-energy style of West’s earliest days of content creation.

Stepmoms rule

Jodi West deserves a large share of the credit for making stepmom porn such a pervasive part of the current porn landscape. She attributes this trend in part to the changing dynamics of modern families. “I think that there’s so many blended families and so many divorces and things like that, what ends up happening is, a guy marries a younger gal — or maybe even the same age — and all of a sudden, this guy who’s coming into his own sexuality has a stepmother, and she’s hot. And she’s provocative. She’s going into new territory as well, and sometimes things get blended. One of the main reasons we started with this genre is because in our own personal lives we were hearing about actual real stories from people that we knew, that this was happening,” West said.

MILFs aplenty

To be sure, Jodi West is the dominant MILF figure in most of these clips, but she isn’t afraid to let other pornstar mamas into the spotlight, too. Shay Fox, Alexis Fawx, Reagan Foxx, and many other notable porn cougars also make appearances.

Comedy and chemistry

An underrated aspect of the Jodi West brands is West’s entertaining rapport with co-stars. Even if these scenes did not climax with rip-roaring sexual encounters, they’d probably still work simply as zany domestic comedies. West demonstrates plenty of appealing, humorous chemistry with performers like Codey Steele — the living embodiment of the cute stepson so essential to these movies — and many others.

She just keeps getting stuck

In any studio, I seek out the qualities that make it unique. Do they have creative staging and lighting techniques, like Sinful XXX or #LetsDoeIt? Do they celebrate a certain lifestyle vibe, like Vixen and Tushy? Or, like Jodi West Clips, do they offer scenarios you could never dream up even with a million years of brainstorming? The “stuck” subgenre of Jodi West fun defies description, but I’ll give it a go. In essence, each stuck scene finds West getting lodged in a tight space, be it under a bed, in a washer, or in a window. (These sequences allow West to indulge her natural flair for physical comedy.) When she appeals for help from a passing cutie, he turns it into an unexpected, highly unusual sexual encounter. Jodi West’s “stuck” sequences meld hilarity and hotness in a way you won’t often see in a porn video.

The stuck concept originated when a fan suggested that West shoot a scenario in which she’s stuck in a ladder. Though West rejected this initial pitch, she soon became intrigued by the general concept. “We thought about the fact that it’s sort of your your kind of helpless. It’s almost like a mechanical bondage. There’s something hot about that, where you’re at first, you’re stuck there, and you can’t get out. But then you kind of go with it and go, You know what, I can’t be blamed for what I’m doing right now. So you just kind of let your inhibitions go, because what are you going to do about it? You’re stuck in a garbage disposal or under the bed! You can’t get out of there. Which of course at the end, it was just a simple removing a sweater or something like that. If something’s so easy,” West said.

Holiday fun

This post makes its first appearance on the 12th day of Christmas (January 6), but Jodi West is more “nine ladies dancing” than she is “12 drummers drumming.” Either way, you’ll find her passion for the holidays frequently reflected in the Jodi West Clips library. There are few stars who look as fetching in “naughty Santa” garb as West and friends!

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