‘Three Vol. 2’: A HotMovies Review (Featured VOD)

SexArt is one of my favorite studios because you can feel the artistic flair in every minute of every scene. Whether it is the angle of the shot, the background, the gorgeous babes or even the boxcover it is all beautiful. This sexy movie, Three Vol. 2 is filled with threesome activity.


In this first scene two sexy ladies, Anya Krey and Candice Demellza are touching each other while the camera catches all the right curves of their two bodies intertwining. As their sexy moans get louder they are discovered by another hottie Lilu Moon, who just finished showering. She silently observes for a bit and she begins to touch herself when her seductive senses are stimulated. Finally she is discovered and invited in to join in the fun. We now have a triangle of love between these three babes. Each of their bodies is the epitome of art and I love how they kiss each other all over. They definitely know all the right places for maximum pleasures. It’s all so soft, yet arousing as they clearly are getting off.

Scene 2: Neighbors Ep. 4 – Bad Girl Again

This scene is kicked off with some fun music as we watch three hotties Amarna Miller, Gina Gerson and Rosaline Rosa getting playful in the hot tub together. The location looks exotic and beautiful and I want to be there but it’s an only girl party. Soon they are all in the bathroom together when the clothes come off for a sexy girl shower. As Rosaline and Gina get very intimate in the shower Amarna shows a curiosity to join in, they notice and invite her. I really love the shooting of this scene including the steam building up in the mirror. As the new member to the threesome Amarna is showered (a perfect pun) with attention as the make out session gets more intense. This threesome is discovered by another lady indicating there is some backstory here. I think she may be Amara’s lover and she is packing to leave her. The girls never notice her and they are getting really into their exploits. By the time they are finished the other woman has gone but Amarna does not seem to be too upset.


We are in the exotic jungle with three brunettes Anya Krey, Baby Nicols and Mina Moreno (Gina Ferocious) who are exploring the area. It seems like maybe they are lost or maybe just in the mood to play. I think two of them are ambushing the other into a lesbian triangle. They slide her clothes off in an instant to bring into view a nice sexy body that they begin to ravish with oral pleasures. Again the shooting is excellent as the camera seems to be moving 360 degrees around them there in the jungle. The element of outdoor sex makes this into a scene I wish I could have stumbled onto there in that jungle. We could have turned that sexy threesome into a hot foursome. I enjoyed watching them though from afar enjoying each other.

Scene 4: Neighbors Ep. 2 – I Want More

Now we are back to Amarna who is proposing to Frida with the fun music back in the background. I think that this scene was supposed to be before the second scene as I am now getting some of the backstory in. Amarna and her lover are waking up to a beautiful day. Amarna wants her to stay but she must leave. Later when she is back home Amarna is meeting with Kari Milla about something. Armana and Frida begin to passionately make out and Kari picks up on the vibe and joins in. There on the dining room table we are treated to a delightful threesome between these three hotties who get totally nude.

Scene 5: TAROT Part 3 – Judge 

This scene stars Uma, Lexie Dona and Alexis Crystal based around a tarot card reading. Two of the girls get their cards read where one seems to be getting over a man. The card reader instructs the two girls to kiss to confirm the man is gone. The kissing gets very intense to where the reader joins in and a sexy threesome begins to emerge. Lots of rubbing ensues along with the removal of clothes until all three girls are completely naked. The passion that emerges from these three is palpable and erotic. All three get their taste of pleasure and we get to see all the action up close and personal.

Danny’s Details

This movie was very artistic and pretty hot even though it is an all girl movie. I did enjoy watching these lesbian threesomes but I really wanted to interject myself into each scene, especially the jungle scene. It delivered SexArt’s trademark artistic take on porn movies with good music and well done scenes. It was a first time for me seeing some of these European beauties in action. What I didn’t like about the movie is that the scenes are obviously taken from other films. It was hard to follow and the music muted out most of the dialogue probably to make it adaptable to a stand alone film. There is no real storyline and oddly two of the scenes are shown out of order which I guess doesn’t matter too much for this type of film. It just made reviewing it a little confusing but really it’s just porn, and it’s sexy porn so watch and get off. I give this four mostly erect cocks!

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