‘TS Hot Wives 3’ A HotMovies Review (Featured VOD)

TransSensual is the place to be for top quality transsexual porn and TS Hot Wives 3 is sure to be a crowd pleaser! What I love best about this flick is the inclusion. You have trans performers with other trans performers, men, and women, which is my opinion helps to change and progress the conversations around transsexual sex in general. The pairings are spot on, the dialogue is playful and entertaining, the chemistry is evident, and most importantly, the sex is amazing! This is one series I hope lasts forever.

TS Hot Wives 3 porn video from TransSensual

Scene 1 – Foxxy and Eva Maxim

TS HotWives 3 starring Foxxy and Eva Maxim

After a flirty night out on the town with friends sexy ass Eva Maxim returns home to her gorgeous wife Foxxy, and let me tell you, we should all be as lucky to come home to that! Laying there in a beautiful black silk robe she looks ready for some action and it doesn’t take long for Eva to wrap up her story time and take the hint.¬† They start of kissing and complimenting each other but clothes are fully off before long and their tatted up bodies look pressed together. Foxxy sucks Eva’s tits and then receives an epic blowjob that turns into 69 followed by intense¬† rimming and fingering. Eva’s moans are intoxicating and when Foxxy slides up in her round ass it’s on! Thigh slapping ass is on full blast as Foxxy pounds away doggystyle, pulling Eva’s arms behind her back to make sure she feels every inch. Foxxy face fucks before they flip into missionary to continue the action and I almost blew my top! Good to know I wasn’t alone because not much longer Foxxy came in Eva’s ass with Eva spraying her load all over herself.

Scene 2 – Alexis Tae and Ariel Demure

TS Hot Wives 3 porn video starring Alexis Tae and Ariel Demure

Cover models Alexis Tae and Ariel Demure are cuddled up on the couch when Ariel hints that she doesn’t want to be one of those couples that just stays in the house. Alexis isn’t trying to hear any of that shit, but she does suggest making love on the couch and Ariel is all for that! The duo does a great job giving off real couple vibes as they make out and undress each other. Within minutes Alexis is grinding on top of Ariel and begging to be licked. Ariel goes down on her, much to Alexis’ delight, and the favor is returned when Alexis stuffs her rock hard dick down her throat and strokes away. Next, Ariel fucks the shit out of Alexis doggystyle, basically laying flat on top of her at one point, and just listening to Alexis talk dirty and encourage Ariel to go harder had me close to the edge! Ariel puts one leg up for extra leverage and you can tell it makes all the difference as Alexis screams out in pleasure and throws her ass back on Ariel’s dick. After a brief blowie Alexis rides Ariel cowgirl and puts her skills on full display. She bounces up and down until she cums all over Ariel’s dick as she sits back to enjoy the ride. The eye contact is top notch while they fuck, and you can feel the chemistry ooze off the screen. I absolutely love their playful back and forth banter mixed in with their fast paced style, and watching Ariel cum in Alexis’ mouth with the white piano sitting beautifully in the background was just icing on the cake for me! Safe to say Ariel is cool with staying in the house from now on.

Scene 3 – Crystal Thayer and Steve Rickz

TS Hot Wives 3 porn video starring Crystal Thayer and Steve Rickz

Crystal Thayer got a little out of control at a party and embarrassed herself, but partner Steve Rickz has her back and assures her it wasn’t as bad as she thinks. After convincing her to play hookie from work with him, he lightly kisses her neck before slowly making his way down to her breasts. He takes his time, making sure to tease her special parts, before making his way to her penis and sucking her off. Crystal’s eyes roll back in her head for a minute as she moans in ecstasy. Steve is already rock hard by the time it’s his turn and Crystal appears to love the site of his dick. She swallows it no problem, and then turns around to put her ass in the air for him to enter. He does, and the magic really starts! His stroke is slow and steady to begin and it’s evident Crystal feels every move he makes. He picks up the pace as her moans increase and I could feel the intensity rise when he grabbed her shoulder and pulled her body closer to his. As she falls forward on her knees Steve digs in and pounds her tight asshole. They then spoon to continue the love making and Steve grabs more than a handful of Crystals tits while her mouth hangs wide open in extreme pleasure. More than once she cried out for her maker and that just added fuel to Steve’s fire (and mine!). Crystal takes control, getting on top and riding the fuck out of Steve, this time making him scream out and it was this point I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer! He pulls her closer and holds her ass down on his cock while his eyes roll back in his head this time around and when he flips her to missionary I know the end is soon near. He flips her one more time to doggystyle and then cums on her ass, head leaning back, like he meant that shit! Definitely my favorite scene of the movie!

Scene 4 – Hazel Moore, Jade Venus, and Tony Sting

TS Hot Wives 3 starring Jade Venus, Tony Sting, and Hazel Moore

Hazel Moore and Jade Venus are already getting hot and heavy when we enter the picture. Jade is eating Hazel out and fingering her pussy and her shorts dangle from her converse sneakers and I’m already into this one. The pair are thoroughly enjoying each other’s bodies when Jade looks up and spots Tony Sting beating his meat while watching them. She doesn’t clue Hazel in right away, instead she uses the opportunity to tease Tony, pushing Hazel’s mouth further down on her cock while keeping direct eye contact with him. It’s obvious the whole thing is turning her on but Tony is first to blow his load, startling the fuck out of Hazel. Naturally they have to fuck with him more, so they playfully hide from him around the house before finally letting him join in on the festivities. Hazel leads him into the bedroom where all three get ready for the time of their lives. Tony fucks Jade doggystyle first, seemingly anxious to get a piece of her ass. Not to be left out, Hazel lays in front of Jade to get her twat licked and the whole scene just looks fantastic. The balance necessary for a threesome is there as everyone gets their fair share, but the highlight for me was watching the stacking! Something about Jade getting fucked while fucking Hazel sent this over the top for me and Tony. I was almost positive dude wasn’t going to make it to the end of the scene. Luckily for us Tony has more control and pulls out long enough for Hazel to suck his dick while he reciprocates on Jade. Everyone cums (you love to see it!) and there’s no doubt all three stars are exhausted by the time this one is over!