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Here is a spotlight of four adult clips (scenes) we think you will enjoy watching.

By The Nutty Professor: When the connection between two spirits becomes so great, the love inside can’t be contained and it literally explodes outwards! Anastasia Brokelyn takes a penis so deep that she erupts with love. Messy, wet, overflowing pussy juice. In colloquial terms this is also called squirting. It’s a rough and tumble scene sure to the get the blood flowing, as Anastasia is manhandled in a charmingly furious manner. Her face turns red, she sweats, she yells, and she’s overcome with euphoria. Few penises are powerful enough to make a woman as beautiful as Anastasia squirt, so we should count ourselves lucky we get so witness such an electrifying event.

Press Release by Stephouse XXX:  Step House is spotlighting the special relationship between a young man and his stepmom in the taboo studio’s latest erotic offering, ‘Stepmom and Stepson in a Big City’. Tiffany Fox and Conor Coxxx play a (step) family duo from rural Nebraska whose plans to meet up with Dad in Florida take a turn when their fortuitous traveling adventure brings the stepmom and stepson together for the most incredible ride of their lives.

“We had so much fun shooting this scene, as Conor and Tiffany have amazing chemistry and their flirty back-and-forth banter was so perfect and in tune with each other,” said Valentina Bellucci of the comedy, which she produced, directed and appears in a non-sex role as Coxxx’s accommodating ex-girlfriend.

“This scene focused a lot on acting and dialogue, which was so important in building tension and a very real relationship between the them that reaches a high point when they are finally alone together in the hotel room. It’s explosive and amazing and exactly what fans have come to expect from Step House.”  -Press Release from ErotisNews

By The Nutty Professor: They say the sandwich was only invented 1762 in England, by John Montagu, also known as “the 4th Earl of sandwich.” What these short-sighted food historians fail to consider in their isolated field is that the concept of the sandwich is thousands of years old in sex culture. Sure, it wasn’t food they making sandwiches out of, but sexy hot women and men. Penny Pax celebrates the oldest form of sandwich by placing herself in between two protein-rich pieces of dark meat and getting pressed like a creamy white-girl Panini. Double the dicks means double the pleasure, and it’s easy to feel the enjoyment through the screen as Penny’s insides are gorged from every hole and her insides are filled with more hard cock than they are her own flesh and blood. Bombastic, hardcore, and supreme eroticism.

By Danny Lobretti: This scene takes us on location to a beautiful place on the water with it’s own pool. Sexy Annika Eve (Caroline Ray) is taking advantage of the sun tanning in a bikini. She rubs the lotion all over and we ge a nice shot over her beautiful tits as she rubs them down. She then decides she is in the mood for some skinny dipping as she bears all and swims some strokes in the pool tits up so that we can enjoy them from above. She has attracted the attention of her man which isn’t hard to do. He helps her out of the water and gently sucks on her hard nipples. She is a sexy babe with a nice bush, perfect body. His cock is hard now so she sucks on it with a nice long blowjob. Next they lay back on the bed-chair so he can fuck her big oily tits. She rubs at her bush once he sticks his cock in and fucks her deep. It’s a joy to watch those tits giggle and her sexy facial expressions. She gets pounded from behind while standing then bounces on his dick reverse cowboy. At the end she laughs as he sprays his load to her face. I need to see more of this Annika Eve, she was great!

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Here is a spotlight on our revamped Select Unlimited. 

This is a real porn discovery here when you take some time to learn more about the things you can explore to enhance your own sex life. In this category you can watch movies that will guide you on oral sex, bondage, sex parties, threesomes, sex & pregnancy, anal sex, using a strap on. Our sex instructional category can help teach you how to be that sex expert to impress your partners with new acts and fetishes. This kind of learning will be fun and trust me, you will want to practice everything you are learning. Get Busy and become a sex expert with HotMovies.

Maximizing G Spot Pleasure Boxcover Art Of Sexual Positions, The Boxcover Lover's Guide to Self Pleasuring, A Boxcover Toys For Better Sex Boxcover

  Spotlight Movie:  “If Fifty Shades Of Grey intrigued and inspired you, then get ready for Tristan Taormino’s Guide To Bondage For Couples, an educational film for couples interested in beginning to explore their bondage fantasies. Renowned sex expert Tristan Taormino takes you step by step, from how to talk with your partner to the proper techniques to make bondage safe and fun. She’ll cover some of the sexiest, easy to use bondage accessories including: do-it-yourself bondage, wrist and ankle cuffs, bondage tape, blindfolds, and collars. Plus, learn how to turn your bedroom into a bondage playground with fantasy sex slings and swings. Then watch as four couples demonstrate tips, techniques, and bondage toys to help you take your sex life to the next level.”

Here are a few outside news headlines we think you may find interesting.

VICE: I Was a Porn Star During the Golden Age of Adult Entertainment

Go back to the 80’s when porn was on 35mm film as Ginger Lynn recounts a time where actresses were treated like royalty. She tells her story of her childhood and growing up and into the porn industry at a much different time. Read the full article about Ginger Lynn and the Golden Age of Porn.

Huff Post: BBC Apologizes for Porn Noises Heard During Soccer Game

These stories seem to be happening more often, it must be due to the wide access of porn with our smart phones. The BBC had to apologize for pornographic noises that inadvertently were plaed on air during the broadcaster’s liver coverage of an FA Cup match. This time it turns out to be an elaborate prank that by most accounts was pretty funny. A YouTube prankster claimed to be the mastermind of the prank by tweet that included a video, Get a laugh and read the full article.

VICE: I’m a Sex Worker. AI Porn Isn’t Taking My Job

Artificial Intelligence seems to be coming our way, but this article claims it will not impact porn. In this article stars tell the complete process it takes to be a porn model or store. It even claims that AI porn is nore more than what a man has in his imagination currently. Read this very interesting article from

Here is a preview of what is to come on Hot Movies before our next VIBE post.

A HotMovies Interview with Lacey Bender

Lacey Bender emerged into the adult industry in 2016 when her and her husband tried camming to spice things up and it grew from there. She tells the full story of how Lacey Bender the porn star was born. She describes her infatuation with Marvel that makes her a little nerdy and previews some upcoming projects with Rusk Baskin. This HotMovies interview will be posted in our blog the week of Febraury 13.

Next Featured Movie: ‘Cum Swapping Sisters’

Our next featured movie is from Nubiles called ‘Cum Swapping Sisters’. This movie features Maya Woulfe, Anna Claire Clouds, Macy Meadows, Kyler Quinn, Penelope Kay, Andi Rose, Sera Ryder, Aria Valencia. The girls play with slime and cum, they have a fashion show with a cock feature, stepbro does some titty sucking and petite girls try and experiment to see if it will make them grow taller. Sounds like must see porn to me!

Coming Soon from Elegant Angel:

Elegant Angel has been very busy producing new content to be released each week. Stay tuned for new releases to be hitting HotMovies every Friday. Next Friday will be a compilation release of some of the best EA scenes then on February 17th will be ‘MILF Bombshells 2′ directed by LOSDEE. Stay tuned for those full release movies. On Wednesdays of each week you can catch a little preview with scene releases with My Valentine Vixen featuring Lexi Victoria on February 8th and New Girl Cravings with  Kat Dalia coming on February 15th. Always something happening with Elegant Angel studios.

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