PDX Elite sex toy

PDX Elite Moto Blower (Sex Toy Review)

I knew auto blowing toys could get better with time and this one shows just that. It’s very simple to use and has 4 button functions. There’s a T at the very top which stands for thrusting but will be your actual sucking/blowing motion. It has two speeds which are slow and fast. The S stands for suction and will vacuum press you slowly. It’s gentle and you don’t have to be afraid of it hurting you at all. The R is for release and will let go of the suction as you please. The V stands for vibrate. What’s cool is you can press them all at once so you can get the full blowjob simulation experience.

I like the size of it because some of these blowers are obnoxiously big. This one is just right size and the shape is comfortable to hold. You don’t have to necessarily hold it either if you place it somewhere stable like a bed or couch. It’s also very smooth all over so there is no cheap hard plastic shell. The inside sleeve is decent but that’s where it gets a small negative for me. I do wish the inside was a more realistic fanta flesh type material. I think it would have been perfect if so. There is also the small negative as its not discreet due to how loud it is. Pop on some headphones with your fave porn because the noise can be a bit distracting.

If you are considering any type of auto blower then I have to say this one is it even with the small cons. You will definitely love the realistic experience it can provide.

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