HM VIBE: Lesbian Love and Editor’s Picks on HotMovies

Here is a spotlight of four adult clips (scenes) we think you will enjoy watching.

By The Nutty Professor: If solving mysteries is your bag then you’ll have no better time solving the mystery of the ghost of Día de los Muertos while Velma (Leana Lovings) sucks your dick in her signature orange sweater and thick-rimmed glasses. The virtual reality adds an exciting personal element to the exploration because you’re invested and roleplaying as Fred, mystery-solver extraordinaire. Velma clumsily drops her glasses as always, but instead of finding them she grabs Fred’s hard cock instead! She’s pleased with your erection, and pulls your pants down and starts sucking. It’s an exciting scene to watch Leana Lovings on her knees in front of you, looking up and whispering dirty lines about how you taste and where she wants to put you. Don’t get too distracted or you’ll miss a ghoul running by! Do you mind getting your dick sucked while a ghost watches? Now that immersion! Eventually, you find your way to the bedroom and get to bang Leana in an array of positions, from doggy to cowgirl and beyond. While many can say they’ve seen Leana fuck and imagined themselves in that position, this lets you watch her on top of you, tits bouncing, firsthand! Will your load be big enough to blow on Velma’s face make Fred look good? Mine certainly was, but there’s only one way to find out!

By The Nutty Professor: Carlita Ray plays the role of a stepmom like few others. While anyone can get banged, she puts every ounce of emotion into her face as she is railed hard against the couch. You can see all her desire, pleasure, and yearning for more as her ripped stepson jams his meat into her hole. Her legs get pressed back and she is crunched up into a ball and fucked until she screams with joy! She’s able to communicate with merely her expressions that what she’s doing is wrong yet she doesn’t care or regret it one bit because momma needs some loving and she’s gonna get it where she wants. Each taste of the dick from her knees emboldens her further and turns horniness notch to eleven. Carlita is the ultimate slutty stepmom and delivers a classic banger of a scene.

By Danny Lobretti: This scene starts with sexy Summer Vixen staring at the camera with a sexy look as she rubs her sexy body down looking right at us.  She drops oil all over her perfect ass getting wet and ready for a hot anal scene. Her fingers glide in and out of her tight ass before getting out her big pink dildo for insertion. As she uses her sexy toy oil continues to cover her body as her man makes sure there is plenty of lube for some anal pounding. While he helps to prepare her tight ass she sucks on his big hard cock with an intense position. He begins to pound her briefly in her pussy but quickly opts for her ass while she stuffs the dildo in her pussy for some double penetration action. Her sexy eyes roll back into her head from all the orgasmic pleasure. The fuck in multiple positions taking turns between ass and pussy while sharing with the dildo. The action is super intense when she is on as seen in the photo above, this is one scene you will enjoy!

By Danny Lobretti: We are in the big city and she is outside, on her way up to the room. In Haley Spades joins Coco Lovelock as they compare sexy outfits. Then these two sexy blondes head out for a night on the town posing for seductive selfies when they come upon a black stud who joins the picture kissing them both. Before long they are all back into the room together as they shower him with attention rubbing him all over. Once he is naked they awe in sight of his huge black cock holding it like a toy, licking it like a lollipop. This cock makes both of these girls look so petite this may get really intense. Coco enjoys sitting on his face while Haley tries to get his dick in her mouth. Coco goes first fucking that cock as she hops on trying to take it all in. Sharing is caring so it’s Haleys turn to ride that cock. Once they are on their backs he is able to get in balls deep. Coco loves every inch as she gets her feet up to her head for every thrust. They both really ride him hard in tons of positions, I can’t believe how long he lasted with those tight blonde pussies.

Here are some current bestsellers, new releases or classics for your pleasure.

Here is a spotlight on this edition’s category for you to discover on HM.

Men have always been fascinated by the sight of two lesbian women giving each other oral sex play and games. It brings men closer to their dream of a hot threesome with two beautiful women who kiss and lick each other all over. The lesbian category is very popular with men for those reasons but women love this category too. To watch another woman hitting all the right spots and being in touch with every orgasmic zone is sexy in it’s own right. It also makes a great date night movie to watch with their man and subtly hint at what she may want to experience. Of course lesbians themselves love having their own porn category, everybody loves porn. The lesbian category touches on all the same mainstream taboo porn themes like threesomes, family roleplay, bondage and more. At HotMovies this category has over 27000 movies catered around this theme, explore with us today!

Spotlight Movie: She Caught Me. “Dillion gets a big taste of her stepmother Mona Wales’ nipples always hoping Daddy stays busy with his weed whacker. Bratty stepdaughter Eliza Jane can’t help but be jealous of her mommy Brandi Love’s new lesbian friendship with her soon to be mother-in-law Chanel Preston, but will she go through with her marriage after fucking her stepmom and her new mom-in-law? Haley Reed needs some help understanding the object she found in her step mommy’s side table. Step sisters Samantha Rone and Cadence Lux create secret lesbian plot to get their step-mom in bed to DP her.”

Here are a few outside news headlines we think you may find interesting. Is It Time to Start Paying for Your Porn?

In a very interesting article reminding the older generation how hard it was to find free porn back in the day – it probably meant getting someones old warped magaizine. In modern day porn may be readily available thanks to the internet but this article makes an excellent argument for why it may make sense to pay for porn.  Read the full article from BBC Censors Pop Singer’s Reference to the Other ‘BBC’

BBC has some important meanings and in Britan they don’t want to share the acronym  with it’s other famous mean “big black cock.” They even go so far as to censor pop singer Sabrina Carpenter when she ad libbed during a live BBC performance and made a joking reference to the porn term “BBC.” Get a laugh and read the full article.


Here is a preview of what is to come on Hot Movies before our next VIBE post.

A HotMovies Interview with Cindy Sinclair

Cyndi Sinclair sits down with Rusk Baskin to tell him all about her entry into the adult industry which began for innocent reasons back in 2016. She goes on to detail every step along the way and how porn has changed her life. Find out the full story and more about Cindy and her future and upcoming projects in our next HotMovies interview posting the week of 3/13

Next Featured Movie: ‘Blow’

On Wednesday, March 8th our new featured movie will be from Dorcel called Blow. In this movie Mariska X has invited some friends over for the weekend. They haven’t seen each other for a long time and this reunion will take a rather unexpected turn. Also starring Carolina Cherry, Shalina Devine, Tiffany Leiddi, Ricky Mancini, James Duval and Kristif Cale. Make sure to catch this featured movie starting Wednesday.

Coming Soon from Elegant Angel:

Coming up this week from Elegant Angel is St. Patricks Day special clip featuring Danny Mountain as a hilarious Leprechaun fucking around with Lily Larimar, they both get real lucky! On Friday March 10 will be a full movie new release.

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