HotMovies Celebrates International Women’s Day!

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day here at HotMovies! Bloggers Authentic Lesbian, Selenesensual, and Reign Rivers share some of their favorite movies, studios, and even suggest sex toys, all geared towards women. Porn for women is constantly growing and whether this is your first time around or you’re a seasoned vet, there’s something for everyone to explore, have fun with, and most importantly, get your rocks off!

Must Watch Movies & Studios!


International Women’s Day is a day for women to look back and see how far we have come in the world, and in my opinion, one of the best ways is to look at how far we have come in the world of porn and how it can be seen as using our sexual power to take what we want and show that our sexuality can make us stronger.

When it comes to movies I personally like nostalgic movies, and while I wasn’t watching porn in the ‘90s I still love the retro vibes that the titles give off. When it comes to ‘90s porn the first thing that comes to my mind is Jenna Jameson who was on top of the adult world back then. One of my favorite movies she starred in has to be Blue Movie. Wicked pictures has a history of putting out titles with great storylines and this one in my opinion takes the cake. While the storyline is a little wacky my favorite part of the whole film has to be the golden vagina statue that makes a mysterious appearance and really makes you say what the heck?!

Blue Movie porn video from Wicked Pictures starring Jenna Jameson

When I’m not looking for that nostalgia factor I typically look for studios that give off a very luxurious and high-end feel, and one studio that never disappoints is Slayed. There’s something about seeing these women standing proud and seductive in lingerie and owning their sexual energy that makes you want to watch them.

Touch Vol. 2 porn video from Slayed

Reign Rivers

We love when women visit HotMovies for all of their porn watching needs! HotMovies has thousands of movies and clips that are available to watch instantly – so when the need strikes, we’ve got you covered. If you are a lady looking for movie suggestions be sure to visit the Popular with Women category. HotMovies offers over 25,000 movies in that category so there is something that will definitely catch your eye.

I personally like a porn movie that has a story line. I like to experience the movie through the point of view of the characters. The movie Aftermath from Wicked Pictures is an oldie but goodie. Jessica Drake and Tyler Nixon play their characters perfectly, and like the tag line reads, ‘A Twisted Tale of Forbidden Love…’ this movie takes you on a wild ride with many passionate scenes. Director Brad Armstrong really showcases the talent of the actors in this movie. It has a great story line and you can really feel the passion between characters.

Aftermath porn video from Wicked Pictures starring Jessica Drake

Another movie I recently stumbled upon is A Devil on Both Shoulders.  Brought to you by the studio Girlsway, it’s a sexy and exciting movie that features some of the hottest stars in the business. This movie features all girl action with a little bit of drama added to it.

A Devil On Both Shoulders porn video from Girlsway

And lastly any of the Vixen Media movies are always a good choice. Vixen Media is known for creating high-class, hardcore, glamorous movies across all of their studios – Blacked, Tushy, Vixen, Slayed, Deeper and more! They also have a knack of selecting the hottest talent in the adult world and showcasing the scenes in exotic places.

Sirens Vol. 1 porn video from Vixen

Authentic Lesbian

I am obsessed with Dorcel’s Luxure: My Wife’s Pleasures because the women are in control throughout and it takes the sex in each scene to new heights. Dorcel flicks are always jammed packed with high end glamour that makes you feel beautiful just watching the opening credits, but this one is different. In each scene the husbands succumb to the desires and pleasures of their wives, with the gorgeous women taking control of their fantasies to ensure they get what they want. Power has always been sexy to me, and nobody wears power like a beautiful horny woman who knows what she wants and exactly how to get it.

Luxure: My Wife's Pleasures porn vod from DORCEL

Elegant Angel’s Kira vs Kira is another movie that gets me going for the same reason I stated above. Kira Noir is showcased with all her many talents and I love watching the evolution play out. As the movie progresses she gains sexual confidence and explores fantasies she didn’t even know she had. It’s a great modern take on coming of age or coming into one’s self and incredibly hot too!

Kira vs Kira porn video on demand from Elegant Angel

I could write a dissertation on all the sex positive women first studios we have available across this site, but who has the time for that, right? Instead, I’m going to steer my fellow horny ladies towards two studios I’ve watched grow over the years that I know will have something you’ll like. All Her Luv and She Seduced Me need to be on your radar. Both are lesbian studios (you knew it was coming) but not in that cheesy made for men way. They focus on stories written by women, for women, starring women fucking women. Talk about a dream come true!

Rich Bitch porn video from All Her Luv


Sex Toys every Woman should own!


I’ll be the first to admit that I can be a little quirky and I like to collect adult books and one that I really love are the fun coloring books from Wood Rocket! I like to make it into a fun date night and they have such a wide range of options!

Filthiest Fucking Coloring Book from WoodRocket Toys

When I look for toys for myself I actually like to get toys that don’t look like sex toys and toys that are small enough that I can use them with my partner and we now live in an age where you have more options than a basic vibrator or dildo and to me, it’s amazing to see how far the technology has come in pleasure tools.

Reign Rivers

Is it time to replenish your sex toys? HotMovies has thousands to select from and more are added weekly! A tried and true classic vibrator that every lady needs is the Magic Wand.  The original wand is consistently a bestseller on our site and delivers amazing vibrations with high and low speeds. This toy has also been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine as a “Sex toy to know about for Mind-blowing Orgasms.” The Magic Wand is available as the original, rechargeable, plus or mini.

Magic Wand PlusMagic Wand RechargeableMagic Wand Mini

The Inmi Series of sex toys is something I highly recommend. If you are looking for a clit toy, a vibrator, or the latest invention called the wave slider this brand has just what you need. A few of the toys look like roses and are pretty discrete but pack a powerful punch to give you a mind blowing orgasm. The wave slider looks very interesting. You sit on the silicone pad and can hump, grind and tease all your parts with a wireless remote.

Wave Slider Sex Toy on Shegasm Sex Toy The Licker sex toy on

Authentic Lesbian

I’m a lite slap and tickle type of girl so my first suggestion has to be Lux’s Bondage In-A-Box 20 piece kit. It’s great for experts and beginners alike, and it literally comes with everything you need to be extra kinky! You can toy around with the nipple clips, tickler whip, and grain paddle if the mood strikes or you can keep it simple with the handcuffs and bed spreader. Either way, you’re going to have a good time. Of course, if you’re playing around and experimenting with new fantasies you’re probably going to need some lube and Obsess Me is perfect for the occasion. It come in three different sizes – 8.5 ounces, 16 ounces, and the mega size with a pump, 32 ounces, which is my personal favorite because it’s easily accessible and doesn’t require you to necessarily stop what you’re doing to reapply. To top it off they make a foam toy cleaner helps your toys retain their quality, while also protecting you against bacteria and viruses. As women we all know how important it is to keep our sex toys and anything else entering our bodies clean and it’s nice to see a company care as much about our bodies as we do!

Obsess Me Toy Cleaner Lux 20 piece Bondage in a box kit Obsess Me Water Based Lube


Enjoy International Women’s Day!