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Nicole Korsakova: A HotMovies Pornstar Interview

Nicole Korsakova isn’t shy. She loves to strut her stuff, but she also has a keen sense of romance. In the latest HotMovies pornstar interview, we explore both personality aspects of this award-nominated trans performer.

HotMovies: What’s the most appealing thing about having sex on camera? What made you decide to start doing it professionally?

Nicole Korsakova: I’m a bit of a show off and I love attention so I think getting to work in porn has let me tap into that in a way that I’m happy to see that so many people enjoy haha. I started out with an ex-partner of mine just making content for basically ourselves but my page just kept picking up momentum until I decided to get more involved with filming for studios back last year.

Is it better to have your ass banged or to bang someone’s ass?

I’m definitely more of a bottom, so I love being the one getting my ass banged if I had to choose. I can definitely share in the love but I typically only top when it’s with someone who is a bigger bottom than me or if I’m just really really horny and can’t help it.

You were nominated for AVN Award’s Best Trans Newcomer. How does it feel to get that recognition? Was an award nomination one of your goals?

I feel so honored and happy that the work I’ve put in this past year has been recognized on such a large scale. Awards were never really the goal for me but I will admit I’ve been working my butt off to try and get a nom just so I can get to go to get to experience the award shoe first hand. I’m so excited to get to go!

Trans porn has been exponentially rising in popularity and promotion in the last couple of years. What do you attribute that to, and how does it feel to be part of that kind of cultural shift?

Haha I think people kind of just started to all realize at the same time that everyone else was just as into trans women as they were. Having more out trans celebrities online being open about their love lives and more people talking about their relationships with us has pushed us more out into the open. Regardless of what discourse there is to be had about how we’re viewed or treated outside of the industry I think the industry realized just how under-utilized we are to a viewer base who loves to get to see us, whether they’re open about it or not. With trans being such a highly searched category online it would be silly not to shoot more of us and I’m glad that the industry is seeing that and showing trans performers like myself more recognition.

Are there are performers you hope to work with in the future?

Actually yes! I’ve been kind of crushing on a couple of other performers for a while but I would love to get to film with more female performers in general. I think Arabelle Raphael and Valerica Steele are both gorgeous and hope we’ll get a chance to work together in the future.

Is it more gratifying to go down on someone or for someone to go down on you? Why?

Definitely more into going down on other people. I’m kind of a show off and heads definitely a place where technique can mean the difference between 10 minutes and 10 seconds. It’s fun timing myself and trying to get my blow job game down to a science

What keeps you sexually motivated? Not only to do the work you do, but outside of work as well.

I’m honestly very driven by romance, my body responds the most strongly when I have strong feeling for the other person. For work that means I like to kiss a lot to work myself up but in my personal life I am kind of a sentimental person and love falling in love with people.

Outside of work, what’s the most attractive thing in a potential sexual/romantic partner? What do you find charming about people?

I appreciate good grooming and style in a partner. Tattoos and a good aesthetic are always sexy in both men and women and I’m very bi so that’s kind of my cheat sheet. I love men who have facial hair and are very driven and goal oriented but with women I think im usually just looking for someone that I connect on a lot of levels and share a lot of interests with.

What movies, TV shows, books, music, etc. are you loving lately?

I’m currently watching the new Chainsawman series and I’m loving it so far. I’m always a horror and anime fan so I’m always finding new stuff like that to watch. In terms of reading, I’m currently reading a manga called Smokin’ Parade and a comic written by a friend of mine called King City. As for video games I’ve been playing Cult of the Lamb and Ai Somnium Files and getting back into Animal Crossing.

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