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‘Hard Riders’: A HotMovies Review (Featured Video)

I’ll be the first to admit I never really quite got the biker mystique. The idea of flying down the road at 70 mph with no more protection than a plastic helmet frightens a safety-and-seatbelts guy like me. I’m the sort of person who furrows his brow and mutters “Too fast!” when a speeder zips down the neighborhood street. Motorbikes? Forget it. Nevertheless, I do find myself getting swept up in the moment when a tune like “Born to Be Wild” pops up on Apple Music shuffle. For three minutes of Steppenwolf magic, I can almost feel the wind in my hair. Hard Riders, Private’s biker-themed porno, sweeps you up in its spell, too, although not always in the ways you’d expect.

At first, it seems like Easy Rider XXX. We join a hip motorcycle gang as they ride over the crest of a picturesque hill, complete with guitar-led rock anthem. Hey, man, freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose, right? Unfortunately, the gang’s leader (Juan Lucho) insults the female members, causing them to break off and form their own club. Can these leggy ladies swing it on their own? Well, of course they can, but it’ll take an independent spirit worthy of Dennis Hopper or Peter Fonda.

New leader Mary Popiense dubs the group the Hard Riders and sets off to find a new home base. As she settles in, she and confederate Carolina Savage ponder the group’s prospects. There’s no better way to christen a new home than with a threesome, which comes into focus when Alberto Blanco arrives seeking Hard Rider approval. He’s a meeker, milder, sweeter variant of biker dude, the perfect tonic for Lucho’s bruising bravado. It’s an interesting comment on the new group’s sexual politics that the ladies set the tone and tempo of the hookup here.

The Hard Riders soon fall on hard times. No one is showing up at the clubhouse, to the point Megan and friends are just about to give up. Jesus Reyes, a member of the existing club, stops by, trying to place nice. The new club members aren’t having it, although they’re not above indulging in some spontaneous passion with him when they have a free moment. Carolina Savage, one tier of the first scene’s threesome, does the one-on-one honors this time. The camera holds on her face at several times, emphasizing her intense pleasure over the more obvious choice of an explicit close-up. Savage and her compatriots are quite literally coming into their own.

Now the club is finally gearing up and gaining speed. Mary and Megan Fiore stop by a graphic designer’s place to inspect a prospective logo. Mary loves it and decides she wants to see how it looks on a jacket. The trio pops into a back room, with predictable sexual tension as the two ladies strip down. “Sorry, I have very big boobs,” Mary jokes as her beautiful bod comes into view, throwing open the door for the second of the movie’s B/G/G threesomes.

The timeline jumps forward a bit now as we watch Mary doing some repairs on her bike. A club member tells her that Juan regrets his thuggish behavior and would like to make peace. Mary is open to the possibility, but she drives a hard bargain. It’ll come as no surprise that Lucho returns and the two have sex, but the terms Mary demands might surprise viewers expecting a more conventional ending.

Baskin’s bottom line

A feminist biker fable? Hell, yeah! It’ll get your motor running whether you want to contemplate the movie’s gender politics or just want some hard, heavy action. While it’s only a tangential element at most, the power dynamics between Mary, her new club, and her old leader put forth an appealing modern philosophy: girls rule! Admittedly, there are times when the dialogue is a little bit hard to understand, but Xavi Rocka is such a visually accomplished storyteller that it hardly matters.

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