Emma Rose

‘Wake Up and Smell the Emma Rose’ A HotMovies VR Review

What would you give for one night with Emma Rose? What was once an elusive sexual fantasy, something of myth buried deep in the mind, has become something all too close to reality…virtual reality. Few women on the planet possess the mystique, lust, and performing body of Emma Rose, so the opportunity to spend a private with her was simply too good to pass up. Let me tell you about my virtual reality experience with Wake Up and Smell the Emma Rose from GroobyVR.

Emma Rose made me a new man

I laid on the bed, stiff as a board in both my posture and my penis. Emma stripped to her panties and crept up my legs to take control of my manhood. For the life of me I’ve never seen a girl give head quite like this. Full lips suctioned to the base of the shaft and gliding back up with the wet lubrication of an ocean. Mere seconds had passed yet I was ready for her to take off her clothes and take me to the next dimension.

She took her panties and top off, and hopped on top of me with her cute ass and lively cock. When I say Emma Rose made me a new man, I meant it. I never considered myself someone who likes dick, but all those archaic and artificially structured thoughts about sexually permanently evaporated from my mind when she spread her cheeks around my tip and sat all the way down while I fully entered inside her. I wanted every single piece of her.

The best sex I ever had

Once I was inside her and she was riding me like she owned me, I knew that she did. Her dick flapped and swung around in front of me like I was at a rodeo lasso contest. And those stockings on her legs? God. I was mesmerized and I wanted it to get closer…and closer…and closer. It didn’t take long at all until I didn’t just want her to please me, I wanted to please her. She had, with only her attitude and body, given me so much pleasure that I wanted to serve her. I wanted this every night, every day for the rest of my life. All through virtual reality, I had the best sex I’ve ever had with Emma Rose.

The professor’s opinion

Virtual reality is a great format for POV experiences, but Emma Rose is far greater. She is a one-of-a-kind performer and elevated what should’ve been a run-of-the-mill POV experience to one of the greatest of my life. As learners it’s our duty to study new discoveries, and Emma helped me discover more about myself. This will surely be an experience I study over and over again… I’ll be studying every Emma Rose appearance, every performance, and all of her body from here on out. All in the name of education, of course.

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