‘Boss Vol. 2’: A HotMovies Review (Featured Movie)

I always get excited by the SLAYED movies because they deliver the all girl erotica that straight men and lesbians love to watch. Now we get Boss Vol. 2 where one hottie is dominant over the other hottie. Naked vibes make for great scribes and tales in this sultry film.

A Wedding Send Off

A wedding is on the horizon for blonde beauty Emma Hix as she tries on a beautiful dress with her friend Kylie Rocket by her side also wearing a stunning dress. Kylie wants to send her bff off to wedding bliss in a sensual fashion. She passionately kisses her and the designer dresses come off so we can enjoy these sexy bodies. Their pussies get nice and wet as they kiss and rub each other all over. Emma sucks Kylie toes erotically and the intensity heats up between them. These two really know how to please each other, I’m wondering if they have done this before. I love when they rub their pussies together, now I wonder if Emma can go through with the wedding. Is this considered cheating?

The Passionate Picnic

These two sexy ladies Sophia Leone and Mae Milano are getting to know each other better while on a pretty picnic. The best part about this picnic is we get to hear their thoughts and they are some naughty ones. They are playing coy with each other but they are ready to taste each other as the passion ignites. Then they pop the cork on the champagne and the big kiss happens and the scenes flips to them in bed together enjoying the aftermath of their first fuck. We get to witness round two as they begin to hump each other’s hot bodies. They break out the oil for some intense intimate play rubbing it in on each other. They really do love the taste of each other with intense cunnilingus. They make a great lesbian couple.

Rival Super Models

Aria Lee and Alexia Anders are supermodels but Aria now has a sugar daddy and some hidden lust for her nemesis. She thinks that maybe she can boss her around like she apparently used to do. Alexia is intrigued and can’t resist reaching out for a familiar play session with her old lover. The scene cuts to them making out and we see that they are much better lovers than enemies. Alexia really knows how to make Aria cum with a superior style of eating pussy. They break out a black dildo for some further intense pussy stimulation that makes Alexia cream hard. This passionate romp makes it clear that this will be a regular occurrence for these two.

I Dream of Izzy

Gianna Dior is watching tv and she is turned on by the sight of Izzy Lush who gives her sexy looks through the tube. Next we flip to the two of them wearing sexy outfits and rubbing each other all over. Is this real or is this a fantasy in Gianna’s head? Who cares right, it’s hot with the neon sign in the background and the aggressive lesbian maneuvers these two make on each other. Izzy rolls her eyes back in her head when she gets her pussy eaten. The moans of these two hotties is ultra-sexy as they touch each other in private areas. The combination of close-ups of stimulation with the raw passion of each girl getting the other off makes this the best scene of the movie. Hot stuff!

Danny’s Details

It is nonstop pulsating power and pleasure from each of these hot babes who look so sexy on camera. They aim to please with all their female parts to make the other cum harder than they would with a man. High quality set, high quality production values make this a great porn movie for anyone to watch. Nice long scenes filled with all girl passion play. I give this four fully erect cocks.