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‘Temple of Flesh 3’: A HotMovies Review (Featured Movie)

Nubile Films scored huge with their Temple of Flesh series and part three falls right in line. Lesbian content is always a top category but like anything else it can be hit or miss. Not with this flick! An all star cast, playful short storylines, high definition quality, group sex, beautiful camera work, and lots of pussy eating make this an instant hit for all porn lovers. To top it off it’s a threesome movie, and the only thing better than fucking one gorgeous woman is fucking two gorgeous women. Not an easy task by any stretch, but certainly one that can and should be done! Here, Nubile continues to give us a blueprint to do just that.

Opening with a threesome is a risky move, even for a group sex movie, because so many things have to go right. Balance is key in group sex and that’s just something extra to worry about when filming, but when you put Lexi Luna, Aubree Valentine, and Andi Rose together it’s pretty much automatic magic. None of them can keep their hands or tongues off each other for very long and I absolutely love the way they explore positions. People often think lesbian sex is limited and boring and if you ever run into one of them point them to this clip. They jump into a cunnilingus train almost instantly and it’s crazy impressive the way two girls eat one girl out at the same damn time. The face sitting on the couch was on point and watching this clip you can really tell all three stars were focused on pleasing each other, and not just for the camera, but for their genuine pleasure. This is the type of porn we love to see!

This movie closes just as well as it opens with Natalia Nix, Alex Coal, and Keira Croft going at it after a hard days work. After making Natalia and Keira start work early, boss lady Alex is running late. Naturally the two co-workers decide now is the perfect time for a little nookie. Why not get paid to fuck your hot girlfriend right!? Well, right in the middle of playtime head honcho walks in and damn near catches them in the act. They made decent progress on their project so the tension isn’t too thick and when Alex has to take a phone call they return to their naughty freaky ways right in front of her office. While mutually fondling each other they’re oblivious to the fact that their boss realizes what they’re up to and is incredibly turned on. I’m talking about playing with her pussy turned on! Of course she breaks up their fun and makes them put on a little demonstration for her. Her authority makes the power play in this clip insanely sexy and watching her boss them around while their pussies get wetter and wetter will drive you crazy in the best way possible.

There are so many reasons to love Temple Of Flesh 3. Yeah, it’s lesbian porn and everyone loves that, but there are gems throughout this flick that shouldn’t be taken for granted. For example, one can never spend too much time on the titties, and watching this movie will illustrate that perfectly. There’s lots of groping and fondling and nipple sucking and just seeing the reactions gets you off. The head is also great in this one! None of that tongue stretched all the way out for the camera bullshit, no, these horny chicks put their faces in the pussy and the orgasms are proof that’s the preferred method (take notes fellas…just saying). Of course I can’t forget about the short and to the point storylines for each clip that set up fantasies for viewers. It’s not something that’s necessary but it is much appreciated when done right.

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