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‘Make My Kitten Squirt 2’: A HotMovies Review (Featured Video)

The closing shot of Make My Kitten Squirt 2 is an air-conditioning vent rumbling to life. Its depiction of soothing coolness is opposite to the movie’s overall effect, which elevates temps (and sex drives) at every turn. You’ll find yourself bathed in the liquid desires of eight pornstars with squirt and spice to spare. Along the way, we learn how squirting can represent a great deal more than the simple mechanics of the act.

In the movie’s first scene, squirting represents the pure thrill of lesbian sex at its best. BFFs Texas Patti and Theodora Day meet to discuss the latter’s first-ever date with a woman. Patti is disappointed to learn that while Theodora did have sex with her date, the experience was underwhelming. “Lesbians don’t have ‘meh’ sex,” Patti insists, before offering to show Theodora a true lesbian good time. As Theodora blasts Patti with a face full of squirt, she realizes what she was missing. The sequence benefits from Texas Patti’s wickedly intense drive, manifested most wittily when she cracks her knuckles in determination and says “Today is that day” after Theodora complains “I’m sure I’ll have better sex with a girl one of these days.” For this couple, the squirting isn’t so important in itself as it is for what is represents: the power of smart, savvy intimacy between two sexually sophisticated women.

When witnessing squirting of such remarkable volume, it’s easy to think, “Well, that only happens in porn.” Indeed, that’s exactly what Cindy Crawford initially believes in scene two. After a tour of a new house turns into a hookup with Adira Allure, Cindy is stunned when Adira drenches her in squirt. Isn’t that just a fictional trope only seen in absurd skin flicks? Not so, says Adira. In fact, she’s quite sure she can make Cindy squirt, too (and does). Director Jim Powers takes a risk by interrupting the sex scene with dialogue, but it pays off handsomely in giving the intimacy an extra emotional dimension.

In scene three, squirting becomes a way for a couple to step past differing interests and find common ground. Summer Vixen can’t stand Chanel Camryn’s boorishly competitive attitude, which manifests itself most acutely in her obsession with fantasy football. Perhaps that win-at-all-costs perspective would be better applied in a squirting contest? The pair drive themselves to parallel orgasms drenched so heavily in squirt, a proper winner is difficult to determine. (They playfully resolve to settle the matter in round two. Sadly, this occurs offscreen, but hey, maybe volume three will pick up the story.)

The movie’s grand finale uses squirting as a distraction from a swelteringly hot day. Jennifer White and Anna Claire Clouds are relaxing on their couch as they wait for the home’s air conditioning to be restored. Impatient and sweating, Anna strips down to stave off the heat. Jennifer loves what she sees, and before long, their frustrated heat-induced sighs morph into moans of sexual pleasure. The squirting is spectacular enough to make anyone forget any weather condition, be it oppressive heat or Arctic Cold. Director Powers has saved the movie’s best for last, thanks in no small part to a potent combo of stars.

Baskin’s bottom line

Make My Kitten Squirt 2 isn’t interested in debates over whether squirt is urine or ejaculatory fluid. It just wants to present beautiful women bonding over a particularly vivid, intimate act. I enjoyed how each sequence had its own emphasis within the niche. Squirting can represent many things to many different lovers, and Make My Kitten Squirt 2 takes us on a sopping-wet tour of four such possibilities. Scene four is the must-watch of the bunch, but a full viewing of the movie will unleash a torrent of its own thoughtful rewards.

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