HM Vibe: Do You Have a Foot Fetish?

Here is a spotlight of four adult clips (scenes) we think you will enjoy watching.

Clip from Brand New Girls 3

By Danny Lobretti: 

Here we have Skylar Storm, a newbie to the business getting some spotlight from Elegant Angel. She gives us a quickie interview so we can learn more about this new starlet as we watch her play with a pretty pink dildo. She is a pretty blonde who things her pussy is pretty and smooth. I’m watching her play with her hot tits while listening to all of her fun facts. Her pussy is very pretty as we get a close up shot while her man plays with those lips. After sucking on his cock a bit she bends over the couch and we get a prime view of her sexy curves and nice ass. She has the sexiest face once he penetrates that tight pussy that I have ever seen. I just loved watching her take the cock doggystyle. Then she sits on his cock in a really hot turned position with a good shot of her foot and it looks to be a pretty one. She has one beautiful body and this scene does an excellent job of introducing this newbie to the porn world and showing off her assets. Watch the full scene.

Clip from Petites Like It Big 2

By Danny Lobretti: 

Cute girl Leana Lovings has a personal trainer, not sure why she is a petite and her body is tight. Well she makes it clear with her narration that she has an ulterior motive for getting some private lessons. She noticed the outline in his tight pants and needs to experience that dick. I am digging the foreplay of this scene as she rubs up and down on his cock making it hard while they “workout” there on the mat. He quickly figures out what is going on and pulls down her shorts slapping her ass and licking her pussy. They maneuver into a sixty-nine positon as she shows her excitement to the tent he has going on with his shorts from his hard cock. It is throbbing to get out and she looks so cute watching her expressions when she finally reveals the size. She gently lowers her mouth down his shaft lubing up his dick with her tongue. She hops on his cock giving a quick site of her pretty feet and a perfect view of her ass as she rides him good. We get some more feet views when she gets pounded in the spoon position showing off her arches. She begins to cream on his hard cock while getting pounded from behind. They give a pretty hot shot while fucking in a standing position before he blows his load on her pretty face. Watch the full Scene.

Sorority Hookup: Party’s On VR

By The Nutty Professor:

Too old for college? You’re never too old to keep learning, especially with this great series from VRBangers! Take your education online and into virtual reality by visiting this Christmastime sorority house with holiday dressed sorority sluts Gabbie Carter, Karma RX, and Lola Fae. Whether you’re a returning student who wants to relive the glory days of college or a first-timer who wants all the personal growth the full-college experience has to offer, you can a realistic college fuck experience! The VR setup is immersive, dressing your POV character in a fruity elf getup. Meanwhile, the adventurous sorority girls show off their skimpy, sexy, sensual holiday-themed attire before turning their attention to you. In true college sorority fashion, they rip their clothes off, exposing their healthy and vibrant naked bodies. Then they command you to sit back while they work on eating your candy cane. It may be July, but the strength of the Christmas spirit, love, runs through the whole year. Watch the full scene.

Clip from Mommy

By The Nutty Professor:

While I don’t know who names these scenes on our site, I’d like to give extra credit for specificity, as this is an accurate description of what Serena Blair does to Mindi Mink. When you’ve got a stepdaughter with thick-rimmed glasses, a devious smile, and slight streaks of purple and blue highlights in her hair, it’s a good sign her tongue is a pussy magnet. Serena is quick to sniff out Mindi’s need for a womanly serenade of her crotch lips, and Mindi is happy to accept with the crushing weight of disappointing manly encounters in her life. As a show of good faith, Serena rips her top open, revealing her tight soft breasts. Before Mindi can fully appreciate the gift, the seduction has already begun, with Serena’s educated fingers slipping between Mindi’s legs and then up her shirt. Like any of us would, Mindi melts into position. The tantalizing touch of Serena holding the promise of unrecognizable pleasure disarms Mindi into full submission and expectation, an eager guinea pig waiting for her master to enact her will. Watch the full scene.

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Here is a spotlight on this edition’s category for you to discover on HM.


Many people find the idea of having a foot fetish to be strange, but really many scientist have found that it is quite natural. Studies have shown that it is due to a sensory input in the brain, more specifically the part that processes the sensation people get from feet is next to the area that perceives genital stimulation (from Medical News Today). Another theory about most fetishes is they develop during childhood fixations that we then relate to when getting turned on in adult life. Whatever the reason is the foot fetish is one of the most well known and largest fetish categories. There are many girls out there who make a great living just selling pictures of their feet. Now the question I have is what makes a foot model worthy? There are so many types of feet out there, is one considered more attractive than another? I remember reading a story about a famous actor who needed to make sure he liked a girls feet before having any sexual relations with her. I wonder what he was looking for…uniform toes, a taller middle toe, just what? In our HotMovies categories we have over 4,000 films dedicated to this popular fetish. Whether it’s is toes cucking action, using feet to stroke a cock, spend some time discovering what makes this category tick.

Spotlight Movies

Black Meat White Feet 12 Boxcover Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 4 Boxcover Cum on My Feet Please 2 Boxcover Worship My Feet Boxcover Between her feet Boxcover

Discover Foot Fetish Movies

Here are a few outside news headlines we think you may find interesting.

Newsweek: Reddit Changes Rules to Allow ‘Simpsons’ Porn

This article discusses the impact of artificial intelligence or porn with a rule change of allowing AI porn as long as it is of fictional characters. Popular animation porn can now feature things like the Simpsons or Scooby Doo in sex scemes. It will be interesting to see how this new rule will really play out in the future of porn but the article is very intersting, read the full article on Newsweek.

Outkick: Pornstar Claims to Have Hooked Up with Four Liga Mx Players

Soccer players are are sports guys so they are supposed to always get the girl. Mexican pornstar Giselle Montes is claiming to have gotten with four of the players from Liga MX. She dishes that they were just hookup encounters, not paid encounters but does not disclose names. See if you can figure out who they are and Read the complete article.

Here is a preview of what is to come on Hot Movies before our next VIBE post.

Avery Black: A HotMovies Pornstar Interview

Rusk Baskin is talking to Avery Black to find out more about her recent AVN award win for Best VR Scene. She discusses her love for making VR porn because she feels it’s more initmate and interactive and gives us the lowdown of what it is really like shooting those scenes. She gives us some peronal details about her recent engagement and wedding planning and the quickest way to her heart. She also reveals wait mainstream star she would like to shoot a scene with and why. Also, does she like to be dominant or submissive, find that out and more in this intersting interview posting next week on HotMovies.

Next by Elegant Angel

Elegant Angel has some upcoming movies an scenes with a clip coming this week taken from upcoming movie Big Tit Fanatic 6. This clip will give us Megan Maiden getting some anal action from LT himself. This clip releases on Wed, July 12th. Then next Wedneday, July 19 has Chantal Danielle and Brad Newman in a clp called “Inked Indiscretions from upcoming movie Body Ink 2 directed by LosDee. Keep up to date right from Elegant Angel in thier new blog series.


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