‘Mother Swap’: A HotMovies Review (Featured Video)

Can you imagine this, swapping your mom with a friend so he can fuck her? That might be a little awkward since it is happening in front of each other but thankfully in this film it is limited to stepmoms. It should be interesting to see the deals these young guys come up with to make the trade. Will it be easy or will it be HARD?


Laughing and Games Leads To

In this scene it’s the moms who do the deal making and swapping when Lauren Philips and Skylar Snow trade stepsons. The boys are playing younger version of themselves who are working together on Scout’s activities. The mothers order them to remove their pants which makes their cocks hard. It’s a bizarre exchange where they are soon getting their cocks stroked and these sexy MILF’s are pulling out their boobs. The boys explore and play with these curvy mature bodies much to each Mom’s delight. So they each begin sucking on their dicks and blowing their minds. The boys seem to compete for who can pound into the other’s stepmom harder as they fuck like rabbits in multiple positions. They deliver some nice cumshots too!


Bad Boys in Trouble

Syren De Mer is an angry mom after discovering her stepson sending dick pics to his friend’s stepmom. After she grounds him she gets to thinking and invites his friend and his stepmom, Lexi Luna over to “bake.” She boldly offers to blow his friends cock surprising Lexi when she whips it out and sticks it in her mouth. It turns out she was turned on by the dick pics and takes advantage of the situation by trading her son to the other woman for her son. The deal is made and oral satisfaction and lots of moaning is underway. Soon this foursome is completely naked and fucking on the couch. Intense and forbidding, hot and seducing action. It’s very safe to say that everyone got what they wanted out of this debacle.


Trading Chores for Sex

Stepmoms Caitlin Bell and Sonia Sparrow are chatting about their son’s qualities while they watch them clean. As they are talking they come with an idea to really see what their boys are made of by giving them a little peek at their sexy bodies. They ratchet up the flirtations a little with some chores that put they boys in the right places. The boys finally get surprised with the full sights of each mom pampering them with a rubdown and removing their clothes. These MILF bodies look great as they reward the boys with some pounding fucking all together on the couch. As the viewer we are treated to some up close shots of these pretty pussies accepting cock in the reverse cowboy. They really give those cocks a gleaming shine.


A Church Boys Nude Magazine

Some conservative church going stepmoms Katie Morgan and Shay Sights are folding laundry when they find a dirty magazine under one of their boys beds. They need to combat this sin and they come up with an extreme plan to set things right. When they awkwardly confront the boys they come up with a solution to trade sons and “purge” them. An interesting idea that seems to delight the mom’s when they pull out their hard cocks. They suck them clean and lubricate them for some pussy lust. Suddenly they don’t seem so conservative and uptight anymore. Now they are getting naked and treating these boys to an amazing fuck. They ride their cocks like only church ladies can with that sinful sexual pent up energy.


Danny’s Details

I have to be honest, it’s an awkward tale and extremely unbelievable in every sense of the story. As I have said before I like my porn fantasies to be somewhat real, that makes them hotter and makes me harder! It’s porn though and most of the time you just want to get to the actual sex scenes and this one delivers some nice mature women. If you skip the stories you can still enjoys some raw sex played up well. Another things I don’t particularly like about these “swap” movies is that each scene is pretty repetitive. Whether it’s daughters, stepmoms or stepdads each scene is too similar to the other scenes and the other movies. Mostly four people fucking on a couch in expected positions. They seem to be pretty popular though so maybe I am just spoiled by mainstream porn. Good fucking though, pretty ladies and nice camera angles will allow me to give this 3 three hard cocks and a half semi cock.