Octavia Red and Lexi Luna star in Meet the Girl Boss porn video.

‘Meet the Girl Boss’: A HotMovies Review (Featured Video)

“I’m fixing to do something dumber than hell, but I’m going anyway,” says Llewelyn Moss in the film version of Cormac McCarthy’s No Country For Old Men. Sometimes, humans forge foolishly ahead with actions they know to be unwise. Even a cursory reading of your workplace’s official handbook will tell you that seducing your boss or your underlings is a fast track to professional disaster. In the fantasy land of porn, though, you are free to roam into provocative scenarios without reproach (or a visit to the HR director’s office). Digital Sin’s Meet the Girl Boss transforms workplace transgressions into sexy lesbian porn adventures, with no fear of an impending pink slip.

In scene one, boss Jazlyn Ray and new assistant Alyx Star are winding down a long, hard day of work. Though new to the job, Alyx has excelled in her role, inspiring a round of mutual admiration. Jazlyn admits there is one last task to complete before they can call it a day, but it’s something she’ll have to show her. As they yield to their desires and melt into a passionate embrace, Alyx jokes, “This should have been at the top of our to-do list.” Sure, it’s an obvious ethical violation for Jazlyn to seduce her assistant, but their chemistry is so obvious and magnetic, we instantly understand why they couldn’t resist. Both performers also benefit from the sort of busty, bosomy figures that create a strong visual impression. The established admiration the two characters have in their work lives carries over into the bedroom, with Alyx regularly chiming in with comments like “You’re good at that!” as Jazlyn brings her to climax. The scene also introduces a bright, raw lighting style that will be carried throughout the remainder of the movie.

The movie’s second scene leans more heavily into the plot and setup. Lauren Phillips and Cherry Kiss have booked a room for a work trip, but a clerical error means there’s one bed instead of the requested two. Cherry volunteers to sleep on the couch, but it soon becomes obvious to Lauren that it’s not a comfortable spot to sleep. She invites her to share the sizable, comfy bed. Cherry, who has been tossing and turning all night, readily agrees. When Lauren further suggests that they snuggle, too, Cherry requires little convincing. Cherry’s oral skills, supplemented with plenty of spit as lube, make them both forget work, hotel errors, and uncomfortable couches. There’s a sweet little moment at the end when Lauren suggests they resume their snuggling, suggesting their workplace romance may only be at its very beginning.

Scene three delves even deeper into the master-and-apprentice motif. Lexi Luna is training star assistant Octavia Red for the day when she’ll take Lexi’s place atop the company. One of her principal lessons concerns the power of sexual charisma. A truly great leader uses this tool to her advantage, Lexi says. Naturally, this requires a demonstration, which leads the duo into the bedroom, but the action doesn’t stop there. In one of the movie’s best mid-scene twists, Lexi interrupts her coupling with Octavia to summon a rip-roaring sex machine. Though not mentioned explicitly by name, the gadget is a Sybian-esque beast that probably dims the lights in the rest of the hotel when it powers up.  Hand-delivered by another, apparently highly discreet assistant, this high-powered goodie is a sexual plaything and teaching tool. “When you mount this thing, fucking own it,” Lexi notes, in an observation clearly intended to extend beyond the bedroom.

The movie’s final scene lets us eavesdrop on a job interview between aspiring assistant Kylie Rocket and boss Melissa Stratton. For Melissa, interpersonal chemistry is one of the most vital aspects to consider when hiring new staff. “Sometimes when you meet people, you have to see if there’s that spark,” she says, with more than a hint of mischief in her voice. The interview goes so well, in fact, that Melissa says Kylie can start instantly. After some sensuous foreplay, Kylie boldly dominates her new boss by sitting on her face, performing oral sex, and scissoring.

Baskin’s bottom line

Meet the Girl Boss makes several interesting choices that give shape to the overall the movie. First, it takes the workplace hookups out of office environments and places them in hotels far removed from the hustle and bustle of workaday life. While this was likely a practical filmmaking decision as much as it was an artistic one, it makes the hookups seem even more plausible and immediate. With no one else to see them, these workplace duos feel the full weight of their naughty temptations.

Second, the movie also opts for a lighting scheme that has become more and more prevalent in the wake of successful implementation by Blacked Raw and associated brands. It’s a slightly blown-out look reminiscent at times of “found footage” horror movies, with much the same effect. At first, I questioned the approach, given the movie’s theme. Wouldn’t a more conventional cinematographic approach better suit the boss/assistant theme? But as the movie wore on, I realized the filmmakers had made a canny choice. It made these hookups seem even more illicit and improvised, while maintaining the star power and production value Digital Sin is famous for. I’d work for any of these girl bosses, anytime, anywhere! (And remember, folks, when you mount this thing, fucking own it.)

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