‘Curvaceous 4’: A HotMovies Review (Featured Video)

SexArt specializes in producing high quality erotic content that elevates content into the realm of beauty and art while still getting you off. The women are always beautiful, the lighting always elegant, and most importantly, the sex is fantastic! That’s why I was super stoked when Curvaceous 4 hit my desk as a feature for review. We already know it’s going to be great, so let’s dive in…

Candy Belle & Vanessa Decker

Candy and Vanessa open things up for us on the tennis court and let me just say, the music really sets the tone! It’s modern upbeat solo jazz saxophone that instantly makes your body start moving. The music really helps to illustrate and highlight how much fun these two are having on the court and for a second you might forget you’re watching a porno. The clip is titled Play and it totally makes sense as Candy and Vanessa make their way to the bedroom for a make-out session.  The sensual kissing is a huge turn on and I really enjoyed how much time they spent feeling each other up. It doesn’t take long for clothes to come off and when they do Candy cannot keep her hands or mouth off Vanessa’s body. She kisses and licks her way down to Vanessa’s pussy then goes to town while Vanessa moans nonstop from the pleasure. Candy ends the first round by fingering Vanessa to an orgasm before having the favor returned with interest. As Vanessa finger fucks Candy I notice how the stars bring the title to life by spooning and making their “curves” intertwine while kissing under perfect lighting. That position alone enhanced the fantasy for me! From their they continue rubbing, touching, grinding, kissing, and licking, taking time to make sure they hit each other’s hot spots. The chemistry they share in undeniable and I can’t think of a better opening clip than this one!

Anabelle & Anna Rose

Bath time is a woman’s best friend, and when your partner sneaks into the mix after a hard day at work there’s nothing better. Anna spots the perfect opportunity for some intimacy as Anabelle soaks in the tub and it’s a wrap from there people.  After getting herself nice and wet, Anna steps into the water and passionately begins kissing Anabelle. The calming sound of the water splashing around mixed with the sounds of them kissing really sets the mood. Anabelle sits on the edge of the bathtub and Anna fondles and fingers her to an orgasm before tables turn and she soon finds herself face down over the tub with Anabelle devouring her pussy. Anna’s moans are deep and sincere and really help accentuate the pleasure she’s feeling being eaten out from the back. They slide down back into the water as Anabelle continues to tease and please Anna with her fingers and the entire scene leaves one feeling pleased, relaxed, sensual, and connected. I honestly could have watched them for another 30 minutes and still would have walked away craving more.

Nancy A. & Sybil A.

We get another water themed scene, headlined by Nancy and Sybil as they frolic and enjoy themselves on a rocky beach with waves majestically crashing behind them. They look like two destined souls expressing themselves in pure raw form on the beach, and as they flip their hair in slow motion I can help but be reminded of a Dior summer fragrance commercial. The entire scene already feels elegant yet light and welcoming, like it could be any one of us out there on the water. They run back to their house and make it to the living room before they begin exploring each other’s bodies. They kiss lightly at first, allowing the passion to build up before Nancy sits on top of Sybil and grinds her coochie back and forth against Sybil’s thigh. Sensing the time is right Sybil slides her fingers up inside of Nancy and it’s instant fireworks. Nancy cums before sliding down to her knees and kissing Sybil’s pussy. The heavy breathing and moaning are guaranteed to push you over the edge as you watch Nancy take her time and hit every single spot she can find on Sybil’s body. They curve their bodies into each other when Nancy fondles Sybil’s clit from the back as she embraces the moment and feels every touch. These two are in tune with each other without a doubt and I can’t help but wonder if they’ve done this without the camera in the room.

Alessandra Jane & Anabelle

This clip is titled The Factory and right away you get the artsy vibe SexArt is known for as Alessandra and Anabelle walk down a dark lonely hallway like badass super models. I have no idea where they came from, why they’re in that factory, or where they are going, but I can assure you I’m totally invested in whatever they decide to do next and luckily I already have a good idea of how it will end. The couple end up in an all white bedroom with Alessandra feeling Anabelle up. Things quickly heat up as Anabelle’s moans motivate Alessandra to go harder and faster. Before long Anabelle’s juices are dripping all over Alessandra’s fingers. We’re briefly taken back to the factory where the spotlight is on Alessandra as she models and poses for the camera in sort of a intermission before we’re back in the bedroom. This time Alessandra is faced down ass up with Anabelle chin deep in her soaking wet pussy. Again, they start off slow, working themselves up to a quicker more intense pace that results in Alessandra cumming all over Anabelle’s face and fingers. The best part of this clip in my very humble lesbo opinion is when they scissor. The position itself has the potential to be one of the sexiest things you’ll ever witness or experience, but Anabelle and Alessandra bring the necessary energy to it that takes the entire scene to the next level and really makes they passion and pleasure jump off the screen. You’re definitely going to need a smoke break after this one!

Nathaly Cherie & Samantha Bentley

It’s a rainy day as Nathaly and Samantha find themselves caught outside and running back to their place all the while giggling and having fun. Now stuck in the house until mother nature is done with the down pour, they duo make themselves comfortable by taking off their wet clothes and admiring each other’s bodies. Nathaly goes in for the kiss first and ends up with a handful of Samantha’s boobs. Things heat up as they begin grinding while kissing and rubbing each other down. It’s crazy fun watching them tease each other and when Nathaly finally goes in on Samantha’s clit with her tongue it’s completely worth the wait! This clip gets anther 10/10 when it comes to chemistry and they way their bodies seamlessly blend together truly is art. As Samantha grabs Nathaly’s head letting her know she’s in the right spot you can’t help but feel like you’re right there in the room with them. When it’s Nathaly’s turn she sits on Samantha’s face and from the jump it’s everything you want! Samantha wraps her arms around Nathaly’s thighs for control and fully embracing the move Nathaly rides the fuck out of Samantha until her face is dripping with cum. If you’re big into sound, definitely turn the volume up for this part. It’s so good even Samantha’s toes curl!

Overall I have to say Andrej Lupin directed one hell of a movie with Curvaceous 4. The casting is as perfect as it can get, beauty and art are infused throughout, and the sex is real, passionate, authentic, and relatable while still maintaining that hot and freaky element of fantasy that makes porn so enticing. This movie has something for everyone and it’s one I think you’ll want to have in your library.

Curvaceous 4 porn video from SexArt