Angela White stars in 'Angela White Unbound.'

‘Angela White: Unbound’: A HotMovies Review (Featured Video)

Don’t be fooled.

Angela White spends the first 45 minutes of Angela White Unbound chained to a wall, but she’s never anything less than fully in control. Her animalistic sexuality gives her the upper hand in every situation, no matter how kinky and extreme it may be. She is unbound, unleashed, and positively unreal as a neutron bomb of blinding sexual energy. It may be the year of Oppenheimer, but Angela White is the most explosive presence you’ll find flashing across your screen this summer.

Zac Wild, Angela’s opening scene partner, isn’t exactly a meek and mild presence himself. With his muscular build and sleek bald pate, he looks like nothing so much as the Hollywood hero of a breakneck action movie. At first, he seems to have Angela fully at his beck and call. She’s clad in blue latex outfitted with a chain that’s been affixed to a nearby railing. Zac barks sharp, demeaning comments at Angela in what appears to be the opening salvos of a BDSM exchange. As the dialogue develops, Zac intimates that he’s chained her up less in the spirit of bondage fun and more because she is simply too hard to control when she’s aroused. The pacing here is very measured and deliberate, taking a full 20 minutes to build to the first glimpses of outright nudity. They begin to have rough, passionate sex, with an early climax featuring Zac holding Angela fully aloft as she bounces on his dick. This party is just getting started, though. At minute 47, Angela White is indeed unbound from her chains, and the movie accelerates to a whole new pace of madness. By the end of the scene, after she’s ridden Zac’s dick for what seems like an hour, the power dynamic has shifted completely. “That’s my fucking cock! That’s my fucking cum!” she barks with the tone of a petulant playmate claiming dibs in the backyard. Zac’s energy is completely drained by this point, as if White possesses supernatural powers. (Hell, by this point, you may be convinced she does.) She chains him to the very wall she herself was tied to at the scene’s beginning.

Scene two puts Angela in the dark. She’s prowling around outside at night, spooking unsuspecting motorists with seductive glances and enigmatic proposals. One passerby plays her game, but he’s ultimately not up to her standards. “I can smell your fear,” she snarls as she drifts back into the darkness. Nearby, she teases Isiah Maxwell and a friend when they come upon her in their truck. She points emphatically at each of them before freeing her massive chest from the skintight top she’s wearing. The implication is clear: this is going to be one lucky night for these two. Off the street and in the bedroom, White tames this double serving of BBC with typical ease. Even when she has one dick deep in her mouth while the other plunges into her from behind, she’s fully in charge. After she lets both splatter their cum on her face, she walks back outside into the night, still savoring the spunk on her lips. (The elegant, disarmingly simply edit between these two shots is one of the movie’s most artistic moments.)

Day breaks again in scene three, which takes us back to the (very loose) storyline begun in scene one. Mick Blue and Anna Claire Clouds haven’t heard from friends Angela and Zac in a while, so they stop in to check on them. Finding no sign of Wild, they begin to worry. Angela’s explanation is simple: Zac couldn’t handle her so he had to leave. Perhaps, though, Mick and Anna are up to the challenge? The bondage themes of scene one return in a threesome as Mick uses neon-green rope to restrict his partners’ movements. Later, in an even more compelling visual, he ties the two of them together using black plastic tape. Ultimately, the combined sexual energy of Anna and Angela is more than Mick can bear. His character exits as Angela demands, “Come fuck us again. We need that dick!”

Mick may need a break, but Angela’s scene-four partners, a whole room of them, are rested and ready. Out at night again, Angela is traveling to an enormous isolated garage filled with hot cars, accompanied by drivers whose desires are as agitated as an overheated piston engine. Will Pounder, John Strong, and a host of others allow Angela to be fully, completely unbound in a thunderous gangbang. The shafts of light, the smoke in the background, the masses of moans — it’s all like a huge son et lumiere show of sex. The action is so thoroughly spectacular that when Angela incorporates anal into the scene’s repertoire, it’s almost as an afterthought or bonus. That is the surest sign of a sequence so packed with intensity, it can barely contain it all.

Baskin’s bottom line

White’s persona here reminds me of Catherine Trammell in Basic Instinct, minus the deadly tendencies. As embodied by Sharon Stone, Trammell overwhelms every person she meets with the pure power of her incredible sexual charisma. Even when Trammell is being interrogated by Internal Affairs, she maintains absolute control. In Angela White Unbound, the title performer finds herself in numerous situations that would typically signal danger or unrest: being tied up in chains, walking around a scary part of the city at night, confronting angry friends, probing an unknown garage after hours. Each and every time, Angela White masters it all, not only holding her own, but turning it into a pathway to her own pleasure.

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