Kiara Lord stars in a porn movie.

Kiara Lord: A HotMovies Pornstar Interview

Hungarian pornstar Kiara Lord is a fan of the erotic, often surreal imagery found in the works of mainstream greats like Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch. (Any star whose eyes are wide open to the genius of movies like Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut is an instant friend of the HotMovies blog!) While she admits that porn shoots don’t have the resources to match the sheer dazzle of Kubrick or Lynch, she’s appeared in many popular, innovative adult movies, from Rocco Siffredi’s Introspection to SexArt’s Menage a Trois Vol. 1. Lord opens up about her life, career, and passions in the latest HotMovies star interview.

HotMovies: What are your favorite (and least favorite) things about your home country, Hungary?

Kiara Lord: My favorite things about Hungary would be the culture, architecture, food and Budapest, my hometown. I love and understand Hungarians, their thinking etc. it’s just something I feel familiar with and therefore love it.

My least favorite things about Hungary is that it’s not international enough or yet. The younger generation is quite open though and willing to learn/speak English. I miss certain chains/shops from my country but that’s about it. 🙂

How did you get your start in the adult industry?

I was scouted through Facebook actually which I ignored at first because it was about modeling and I knew I wasn’t the model type whatsoever, meaning tall and lean. I’m quite short and curvy so it made no sense to me and I immediately thought it had to do something with erotic work. Eventhough I ignored those messages they kept coming and it switched something in my head, made me want to find out what it was about. And so I did. I visited an office which turned out to be my future agent’s office, they were quite transparent, layed it all out for me so I knew by then it was porn. I wanted to at least give it a try so I signed up with them and that’s when my career took off essentially. No regrets whatsoever.

Your work on Introspection has been one of your biggest bestsellers in our family of sites. Talk a little bit about shooting your scene.

I’m not sure I had an individual scene in it, I have been shooting for the “Sex clinic” series. In Introspection, I’ve been only participating in the crowd scene, where a lot of girls have been masturbating and playing with each other. It was a really unusual set up, sort of fun but needed a lot of guidance to make all the ladies in sync. I’m a person who enjoys being in the center of attention – therefore this was not my favorite scene. 🙂

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On Twitter, you mention being a David Lynch fan. What’s your favorite Lynch movie? Have you ever shot a scene that drew inspiration from Lynch?

I’m a die hard fan! The first Lynch movie I saw was Mulholland Drive at the age 15/16 and I got hooked right away. Since then I’ve seen every single movie of his and of course the series Twin Peaks. My absolute favorite is Mulholland Drive, I’ve seen it probably 10 times. It’s scary, suspenseful, funny at times, mysterious and mostly captivating. In my humble opinion porn will never reach this kind of level. I’ve never done anything even close to it, sadly. But a girl can dream.

What is the most erotic mainstream movie you’ve ever seen?

It would have to be Eyes Wide Shut by [Stanley] Kubrick. It’s so steamy and mysterious, the perfect combination. Sin City is quite sexy as well.

Talk a little bit about your trip to Belgium earlier this year.

Belgium is fun, although I’ve only been to Antwerp and Brussels so far. These cities are not as booming as Paris or London, they are different. It’s quite international however not as convenient as the Netherlands. I’ve tried some great Belgian food and met a lot of different kind of people. Some are creative and artistic, some are illegally handsome and tall. I’ll be back!

Are there any fetishes that your fans really love but that you yourself can’t quite get into?

Yes, that would be the tentacles fetish. It’s just not for me, it’s messy and it doesen’t turn me on at all. I prefer real men with real chemistry.

On an artistic level, what do you think are the biggest differences between European porn and American porn?

I’d say just as mainstream cinematography Europeans are more complex. That’s not to say Americans aren’t but they express feelings differently. Europeans tend to make things more complicated and not show their emotions. I find European porn is more authentic, whereas American is very much of a forced performance. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Although Europeans try to copy Americans and it’s cringy.

Is there anything you haven’t done on camera yet but hope to in the future?

No, I think I’ve tried pretty much under the sun.

I’d like to master myself at gangbangs though.

Tell us the best and worst things about being a pornstar.

The worst part would be people thinking they’re not enough for you when it comes to sex. They assume you’re a sex addict and need crazy drilling.

The best part is being able to feel sexy 24/7. At least for me my whole aura screams sex. You get to experience things, dig deeper in sexuality and sensuality. Loads of benefits.

Tell us about your pets. We saw a few pictures of your cats on Instagram!

I have three cats. One of them is a Devon Rex cat, who’s already 17 years old. And I have 2 Cornish Rex cats who are 3 and 4 years old. I pretty much grew up with cats, every since I was a baby I was surrounded by furballs. I can’t really imagine life without cats. I love their personality, their affection towards me. They are my little favorites, what can I say?

Social media – love it or hate it?

Love it, no doubt! Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Reddit are my favorites.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m busy. If I’m not working or traveling then I’m probably running errands, catching up with friends and family. I’m rarely bored. There is no typical day in my life.

Currently, what are your favorite TV Shows, movies, music, books, etc.?

My favorite show has to be The Glory on Netflix, the Korean series, I highly recommend it. Otherwise I watch docuseries, documentaries, thrillers, dramas . . . the list goes on. I only read magazines these days when I’m flying. Typically fashion related or psychology.

Music is life and so are podcasts. I listen to lounge, jazz, funky, house, rnb, pop, alternative music. Podcast: Mile Higher, We Are All Insane.

Tell your fans what upcoming projects you are working on!

I’m working on owning multiple properties. My first book’s coming out in the summer, in Hungarian.

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