Clarissa May and Demi Hawks

‘She Likes Girls’: A HotMovies Review (Featured Movie)

She Likes Girls is a title that is short, simple, and straight to the point: girl on girl action. But what’s the rub? How about all cheerleaders, all experimenting, and all with rejuvenating youth. What could be better?

Scene highlight: Clarissa May and Demi Hawks

Clarissa May and Demi Hawks

If you thought cheerleaders couldn’t become any more embroidered in the pop culture ideal of attractive women and hot sex, you’re proven dead wrong by Clarissa May and Demi Hawks who sport cheerleader outfits and the raise the bar for spirit squads around the world. For all the cheerleaders I’ve met in my life, there were never any with breasts quite as enlarged and overflowing as Clarissa’s. Clarissa’s breasts aren’t simply large, but shaped in such a way reminiscent of an overstuffed pastry, engorged with a sexy cream ready to spill out at any moment. As a student, teacher, and human, I want to press my face into them, use them as a pillow, as a lollipop, and an altar to worship at. Demi Hawks can’t contain her smile at the sight of those whoppers, and they make it completely obvious why “she likes girls” and why both these girls like each other. Demi’s impressively tight body and over-highlighted freckles create an aura of uncorrupt innocence and wonder. The act of eating pussy isn’t dirty, it’s magical and healing, and these girls dig for joy inside each other’s legs.

Other highlights

Amber Moore and Nina Nieves

Molly Little and Madison Wilde are able to convey a natural chemistry and attraction most people can’t mimic within their own marriages. From Madison’s calculated and predator-like crawl on the bed toward Molly’s spread cutlet, to Molly’s tilted head, lip bite, and impressed smirk, it’s impossible to not feel the arousal.

Melody Marks and Maria Kazi explore one another with genuine curiosity and mounting tension, until climaxing with the controlled yet powerful use of clit-stimulating toys. Meanwhile, Amber Moore and Nina Nieves go down on each other like a couple of pros who have been waiting for the opportunity to get in girl pants for quite a long time. There’s no substitute for pent up lust, and Nina shows that with her passionate dining on Amber’s pretty bush.

The professor’s opinion

It’s easy to see why someone might like She Likes Girls. As someone who likes girls myself, I can relate. No matter how civilized and mature we become as people, there’s always a weak spot for a well-built, sexually mature cheerleader just on the cusp of her erotic adventure through life. We may tell our wives we love an older, more nuanced and intellectual woman like a doctor or a lawyer, but our hearts are pierced and our knees capped for just a taste of blossoming and hydrated flowers of girls like Clarissa May or Amber Moore. New Sensations exploits that weakness to great success, keeping viewers engaged and ready for more girl on girl action after every scene.

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