‘Sharing My Hotwife’: A HotMovies Review (Featured Video)

Imagine you are lucky enough to get a Hot wife, could you share her? Sometimes the hottest girls know they are hot and need a little extra dick to stay happy. You just might have to share her to keep her. As long as she keeps coming back to you is it really that hard to do? We are going to watch Penthouse tell four stories with Gizelle Blanco, Lumi Ray (while Leda Lotharia watches), Katrina Colt, and Kate Dalia. They do as they do best, the fuck because it makes them happy.


Gizelle Blanco

She listens to him play the piano, Gizelle Blanco interrupts him to tell him some news. She is bored in the bedroom and wants to add another to the mix, a man. Her husband says it’s cool as long as he can watch. This guy comes over and she is dressed for action, looking so hot in her read bra and panties and black stockings. The husband seems to be really into the show, if it were me, I’d be freaking out. I wonder what he is thinking now as she blows this thick cock and deep throats it down to the balls. As I am watching her, I am falling in love with her, I guess a guy really would have to do anything to keep a girl this hot. She has such a nice body with a beautiful smile and sexy eyes, I could watch her all day long. She looks so good as she gets pounded quivering with an orgasm. This is hot sex, I got transfixed into the moment of the scene and forgot to keep writing for a moment. She got what she wanted and delivered an amazing scene for her hubby and for us.


Lumi Ray

Leda Lotharia and Lumi Ray are a lesbian couple and they lay in bed discussing some fantasies. Lumi wants to see what it is like to fuck a man and Leda is going to watch. They pick a work friend, and he loves to get down to business. They both admire Lumi’s sexy body as she gets naked and shows it off. It appears she is really enjoying this male attention; it could be risky business. She seems to get intense when he eats her pussy, I would think that would feel about the same as a girl. Looking forward to her trying a cock. She is very eager to suck his cock, she just devours that thing. She does seem to be having an experience enjoying his cock pounding into her from behind. He fucks her deep in the missionary positions which makes her squirt a little a few times. Her squirts are pretty sexy, she is really wet. She really likes to be on top, her rhythm on that cock is amazing. He really fucks her hard too, this guy has a lot of energy. He cums inside of her with a hot orgasm that comes dripping out of her pussy. They are both tired after that workout.


Katrina Colt

Katrina Colt has some car trouble on her way home from work. She is sexy enough that any guy would probably stop to help. She invited him over to dinner to thank her for the help. He comes to the door and the husband answers confusing the guy. He takes him back to the bedroom where Katrina is on the bed ready to really thank him, right. He gets his payback as he removes her clothes to see her nice tight body. As the husband watches she yanks out his cock and deep throats it with yummy sounds. What an experience he must be having, this girl is great! She gets on his dick giving us the most amazing POV view of her ass while he pounds her. He has a nice long pole allowing her to really work it. She really seems to think his cock is amazing as she declares it loudly in front of her husband. You can visually see the fun she is having by how hard her sexy nipple are. He delivers a huge load of cum all over her sweet pussy, husband approves!


Kate Dalia

Beautiful Blonde babe Kate Dalia is making her husband’s heart beat fast, but not from what you think. His heart is pounding from her suggestion that they add a man to the mix. He doesn’t really agree to it per say but she invites the guy over for him to watch. As he watches she makes out with the guy passionately. Wow, look at her tits once he reveals them to us and she gets out his hard cock and puts it in her mouth. She is so into giving the perfect blowjob I don’t think she even notices when her husband decides to move further away. They both get completely naked, and she hops on his cock and rides it good. She is absolute perfection, what a body on her. He holds her while they fuck in the standing position, one of my favorites. Her toes curl from the stimulation. These two really enjoy each other in multiple positions with some hard fucking. If I was her husband, I don’t know if I could have watched all that, but she is so hot I guess I would have learned to deal with it. She is a keeper.


Danny’s Details

This was a well put together movie by Penthouse. The stories were quick but just enough to set the mood for the scene. Each story also was believable, we all know these hot girls like to fuck. They are so hot they know they can have everyone, and they all played that well. Great sex shot up close when needed to be and all at the right angles. All the girls let us see all their beautiful bodies and I loved that. This movie is great source material for your own personal fantasy, and I am going to go all in with five full erect cocks, I just loved it.