Drip Vol. 3

‘Drip Vol. 3’: A HotMovies Review (Featured Video)

If you’re like me, you’re always waiting for the next Slayed release. You want to see what collection of dreamy looking women they’ve somehow managed to get to work together and perform the most spine-tingling, careful lesbian sex on each other that you’ve ever seen. Drip Vol. 3 features Stella Barey and Rara Knupps on the cover, and that’s enough to get us to dive right in.

Rara Knupps & Stella Barey

Few images the human eye can behold are more beautiful than the crunched up body of Stella Barey, legs folded behind her head like a bent piece of paper, and pussy open ready for a licking. Rara of course knows the privilege she has been bestowed and plunged her tongue toward a sea of delight. Her tongue expands and absorbs like a sponge, dragging all along every last bit of Stella’s vaginal intricacies. Stella roars in agreement, like a lioness who has been properly pleased.

Patricia Patritcy and Jia Lissa

The red hair of Jia Lissa burns bright, letting us know we’re in for a hot steamer of a scene. The ignition is instant, with the stringy red outfits of Jia and Patricia quickly falling off and revealing their soft trim bodies. Patricia dives like a falling warhead into Jia’s snatch, getting a mouthful of ginger bush. Jia grabs the back of Patricia’s head with lustful intent and presses her face harder into her open legs. Patricia is motivated with desire, and plays deeper inside Jia with dancing nimble fingers.

Nicole Aria and Aria Valencia

Nicole Aria and Aria Valencia share a name just as they share their bodies and immense on-screen chemistry. One can’t help but think it was fate that placed these two together in the same scene because meld into a fleshy conglomerate of breast, ass, and vagina. Limbs are used in creative ways, like Aria’s foot pressing and caressing Nicole’s tits as Nicole sits on top, straddling Aria. Then, Nicole’s face of shock, awe, and gratification gives us chills as Aria takes her time digging into Nicole’s prized privates.

Melena Rya and Little Caprice

Little Caprice has got the goods. The thighs of a woman with endurance and strength, the chest of a woman with attitude, and the face of heaving desire. That is, it’s especially heaving with desire as Melena Rya fingers her clit outdoors on a beautiful coast. You, too, will heave with desire when you see just how close and intimate Melena and Caprice get with one another. The tender licks, impassioned lip biting, and orgasmic moans pepper this visually stunning scene that takes place entirely outdoors in the warm sunlight. Every angle and curve of their bodies are highlighted by the empowering sun.

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