Nicole Doshi and others are the stars who shaped 2023.

HotMovies Bloggers Reveal the Pornstars Who Shaped 2023

There are few things that give as much shape to the industry as its most charismatic directors and performers. In this rundown, the HotMovies bloggers look at the talent that made 2023 such a memorable year.

Abella Danger

“I’ve worked with adult content for around seven years now and to me one of the most notable has to be Abella Danger and one thing that has been constant is that she is still here year in and out putting out spicy content for her fans to enjoy and I feel that with the uncertainty of our lives having a constant that you can always look to is key. Abella joined the industry in 2014 at the age of 18 she has made a name for herself in staring hundreds of scenes with some of the hottest studios like Brazzers, Girlsway, Reality Kings and so many more. Since signing to become a Brazzers star in 2019 she has taken the industry by storm and we can only expect that 2024 will bring more Abella Danger and her wonder assets.” (Selene Sensual)

Nicole Doshi

“‘I’m pretty sure I am not wired like most people. I crave sex. A lot. I’m just a horny girl living her best life doing what she loves every day.’ Nicole Doshi loves sex. That may seem like an unremarkable prerequisite for porn stardom, or indeed youth itself, but the world is changing. The Los Angeles Times recently reported that America’s younger generations are less and less interested in sex. ‘I’m glad people have fun with it and it works for them. But I think sex is kind of gross. It seems very messy, and it’s vulnerable in a way that I think would be very uncomfortable,’ one 20-something said. To each their own, of course, but we’re glad to see someone like Nicole Doshi embodying the classic, sex-crazed madness so often associated with youth. Her American Dream journey from China to the USA is the stuff of rags-to-riches fiction, and her co-stars rave about her presence on set. ‘Her sexual energy and passion is crazy. We connected instantly and couldn’t keep our hands off each other while they were moving lights to set the scene,’ Codey Steele told us in a recent interview about their movie Let’s Hunt An American Cock. We can’t keep our eyes off Nicole, who represents everything we love about this wild, crazy, fun industry. Be like Nicole and have more sex in 2024!” (Rusk Baskin)

Ricky Greenwood

Image courtesy Ricky Greenwood’s official Twitter/X account

“Ricky Greenwood has kept himself busy in recent years both as a director and writer, garnering up AVN nominations and winning the 2023 AVN Best Screenplay – Featurette award. It seems like he’s dropping banger after banger, but the biggest one this year was Dorcel’s More, which was a big seller and is nominated for AVN’s 2024 Best Anthology Movie or Limited Series award. He also directed the Lulu Chu led Feed Me for Adult Time, which was a sick and twisted paranormal porn movie full of memorable sex and even more memorable terrifying moments. Ricky was able to jump from genre to genre and across studios in 2023 and create impactful movies while still having a big output of consistent work, and as a result I’m always looking forward to his next movies.” (The Nutty Professor)

Violet Myers

“Man, every time I have turned around in 2023 it seems like I am seeing Violet Myers taking on something new. Often she is getting turned around and showing off that perfectly curvy body of hers before she is about fuck like her life depends on it. Let’s start with her looks — those eyes hypnotize you and those pouty lips are begging for a kiss. When she smiles she paralyzes you with her beauty. Then once your eyes are captured and you are completely under her spell, your eyes go down her body. What you see is some of the most beautiful tits in the business. I could spend hours, days, and weeks just playing with them alone. Her pussy is inviting to your tongue and your cock; her legs have that perfect shape. She knows her body is beautifully perfect. That is why she always seems to show all of it. She almost always gets down to bare nudity because that is where the gold is. I am like a fly caught in her web whenever she is on my screen. She is very high end in her studio choices like Tushy, Deeper, Vixen, Blacked Raw, Bang Bros and even Slayed. Even when she is doing lesbian shoots, I am totally entranced. The high definition of those popular studios suits her well because she has it all. Lately, it seems like she is developing her skills and taking on content like double penetration, gangbangs, and even some bondage. It all works for her, too, her scene from My DP Vol. 6 has been a bestseller for weeks. Her work done in 2023 has created an impression in my mind and a pulse in my cock that I will never forget.” (Danny Lobretti)

Kira Noir

“Kira Noir left a lasting impression on the industry in 2023 and cemented her place among the elites. She’s been top tier for years in my opinion, but this year she took over and never loosened her grip. We’re already accustomed to her working with various studios, stars, and directors from across the industry, and she followed up last year’s Elegant Angel hit Kira vs. Kira with amazing performances in Hard Bodies 5, Adult Time’s Misconduct, Dorcel’s More, and Anal Room Volume 2 from Ricky’s Room just to name a few. The energy she brings to set mixed with her ability to build incredible chemistry with everyone she works with sets her apart and the fact that everyone loves her speaks volumes to her character. Her look is unique yet appealing to the masses and she’s great in any role you can dream up. Kira consistently steps up to the plate and gives us top notch a-list features and clips time after time, and in 2023, a year when the new normal is beginning to actually feel normal, she proved that she belongs with the very best of the best.” (Authentic Lesbian)

Sheena Shaw

“In 2023 Sheena Shaw made her directorial debut for Evil Angel. She’s no stranger to the industry, in fact she’s a veteran star who performed in over 170 movies! This year Sheena took on the task of directing and starring in the movies Petting Zoo and Gooner School. I feel like Sheena put her all into both of these movies, her acting and her directing really shows what a well-rounded person she is. In Gooner School, Sheena directs alongside seasoned director John Stagliano. In an interview earlier this year, Stagliano had nothing but glowing praise for Sheena. ‘She knows how to turn me on so that helped a lot. Really, she led and I followed. She picked toys and types of actions and almost all the time I agreed, but I may have not wanted to do a few things, still I can never do all I want in a scene anyway, so it was easy to let her decide stuff. Really, I only commented on lighting and some stuff to make them more believable.’ When I see females excelling behind the camera, I feel they need to be celebrated. I was glad to select Sheena Shaw as the industry person who shaped 2023!”(Reign Rivers)