Catherine Knight and Sata Jones

‘THR3E #2’: A HotMovies Review (Featured Video)

The Europeans are a bit more laisse faire when it comes to sex and relationships, particularly when it comes group sex. Adding an extra body, mind, and spirit into the bedroom offers a chance for increased pleasure and unique experiences. THR3E #2 aims to highlight the benefits of those experiences with five scenes of unashamed threesome intercourse.

Standout Moments

Catherine Knight and Sata Jones worship hard penis

The way Catherine Knight guides cock between her cheeks with the delicate direction of her tongue gives me goosebumps. The intricate artistry involved in these little details of the act of blowing dick are oft overlooked, but not today. It’s merely a warm up, a warning of intention, but Catherine plays it with such sincerity and dedication that it can feel like the main event. Sata Jones is by her side, dripping with pristine style and beauty. Her breasts appear full and naked out of her strappy black lingerie. To have two women of this caliber in one scene is a gift, and it’s utilized to the fullest with satisfying threesome positioning. Sata lies back, spreads her legs, and gets her labia lubricated by Catherine’s tongue, while Catherine gets her center opened and pressed deep full of dick.

Alyssa Bounty and Stella Sedona climax

Alyssa Bounty and Stella Sedona have goddess-like bodies. They’re the kind of bodies you’d usually only see sculpted out of stone and out of reach of the common person like you or myself. We’re lucky to  be able to bear witness to such magnificent flesh performing romantic and loving acts. Stella is thin yet strong, with long legs and silky blonde hair. Alyssa’s butt pops with dazzling shape and her breasts appear plump and appetizing. Watching them sit on the same man at the same time, one filled by cock and the other by tongue, is an uplifting moment. It feels good to see the smile on their faces and know that we as humans can still experience refreshing joy inhibited by societal judgement. They look at each other while they ride, rising together, and then cumming together.

The Professor’s opinion

The way these European girls look at, consume, and ride the penis is so respectful and gratifying. It’s something you rarely see in American women or American porn, and it’s totally effective and exciting. To see threesomes treated as a legitimate and serious form of physical romance is wonderful, and it’s important. Too often are threesomes seen as one-off acts of sexual desperation or rebellion. Instead, DORCEL shows with THR3E #2 the intentional investigation of the depth of our sexual capabilities. I, for one, will be taking this new found perspective and shooting for more threesomes in my life. Not to cross it off some list of achievements, but to explore the breadth of my humanity, romance, and passion.

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