Ny Ny Lew stars in an Elegant Angel porn video.

Ny Ny Lew: A HotMovies Pornstar Interview

Ny Ny Lew is a singer/songwriter and pornstar who has found some of her most perfect rhythms in the adult industry. A resourceful performer with a particular flair for squirting, Lew kicked her porn career off in 2019 with independent content. In late 2022, she successfully integrated studio shoots into her repertoire, including notable work for the famous Elegant Angel label. Her HotMovies interview covers some of her most popular shoots, her squirting acumen, and much more.

HotMovies: What’s the story behind your stage name?

 Ny Ny Lew: It’s my real name for short, I’ve always went by “ny ny” Since I was a kid. Since it was very hard to pronounce my birth name they started to call me Ny Ny. My friends call me “Ny” for short and to be hip and cool! As I began to do music and modeling that has always been my name so I’ve never changed it, sometimes I wonder if my porn name should of been different, because it’s still hard to pronounce, and it’s not realistic name… but I already had a fan base and a huge following with the name Ny Ny Lew from my modeling and doing music. I just figured rather use what I have and capitalize of my warm market fans.  It’s pronounced “nie nie” like Bill Nye the science guy. People think I’m from New York, New York, and I’m not, I’ve only been to New York once in my life and I’m from the Bay Area. 

Tell us a little bit about your company Vixencollectionent.

Vixen collection is a one stop eye candy/entertainment shop for private parties and events, we have strippers, gogo dancers, bartenders, bud tenders/rollers, and naked breakfast/brunch services. If you ever need a private dancer for your next private party, whether it’s a bachelor party, birthday party, or even divorce party, we have the sexy ladies to come and show out and dance. You can even book a topless bartender… or a bikini bartender. vixen collection ent has the baddies to make your private events a success! 

One of your biggest releases has been Black Mommas Vol. 6. What was it like working with director LT on that particular scene?

LT is wonderful, I truly enjoy working with him and I will always be grateful for what he was done for me and kept me busy in 2022-2023.  LT has a honest and funny old school personality. He keeps it real and straight to the point and we get things done. The scene for black mommas 6 was great! I knew LT was proud of me that day which also made me feel good about myself for a new booty in the industry, I appreciate him for pairing me with Isiah Maxwell. The make up artist was amazing!  I wish she can do my make up for every scene! The vibe was great and I felt comfortable and safe and taken cared of. I was very happy after leaving set that evening. 

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Your co-star for that scene was Isiah Maxwell. How would you describe his performance style?

Isiah is such a sweet heart and needs to be celebrated and protected at all costs! He made me feel like I was in good hands. He was able to lead me smoothly to make sure I was on point. Isiah is very respectful and he can read bodies very well, I trust him with my ass hole any day! I would love to be on set with him. Isiah is 1 in a million! 

Visually, the scene has a bit of a Christmas theme. What are your own favorite holidays?

I don’t have a favorite holiday. 

What’s the most creative compliment you’ve received from a fan?

I’ve been called sniper pussy and a master water bender, and I appreciate it! It is pretty accurate based on my super Squirting skills. I have aim and I have range. 

What’s the biggest misconception about sex workers?

Everything! Lol They will never respect us no matter what because of the line of work we are in, no matter how great of a wife or husband we can be or how well our family and children are being taken cared off, they will forever disrespect us. They find it hard to grasp the fact that we are human too and have the same things that they have, it’s our jobs are just different. There’s a need and niche needed for every thing. No one deserves to be disrespected. We do not have aids, we get tested every 7-14 days and swabbed, we are not here to fuck everyone in the world. Porn is an art, porn is acting, and it’s actually work! Vanilla and corporate world working people could never understand even if we sat down and had a decent conversation. They will never give us the credit or respect.

Squirting is one of your onscreen signatures. When did you discover this particular skill? What’s the secret to being a big squirter?

I discovered my Squirting when I first started doing my solo content for onlyfans, I couldn’t believe that my body was cable of doing this! After that discovery, I learned my body more and how to squirt on command if I use shallow strokes and shortly after that it comes out like crazy. The secret for me is to stay hydrated and relax and be able to allow ur body to do what it needs to do, the g spot is key! Shallow consistent strokes! 

We also want to hear about your music ventures

I had put my music on hold to pursue my career as a porn star, I am still doing features if another musical artist reache out to me to feature on a song, or even write one. I plan to come back in the studio soon, I have been caught up in porn. Music really hasn’t been my main focus at the moment. 

What advice would you give someone looking to join the industry?

Do research, and find out your why.  If u can’t perform in front of others this may not be for you, if u are too shy to perform in front of others, this may not be for you. Really think about this, and what’s on the internet is forever. You have to stand on your decision and understand this is hard work and not a walk in the park. Some people get into porn for the wrong reasons and may not even be a good fit. 

What do you consider the key to creating on screen chemistry with your co-stars?

Flirt a lil bit on set, be professional and friendly/flirty. Talk to ur scene partner about your dos and don’ts and ask what they’re dos and don’ts, pay attention to their body and how it responds to certain things you do to them to continue to please them. 

Talk a little bit about social media. Love it or hate it?

What I love about social media is that I can have more reach globally to market myself and my brands, if it wasn’t for social media, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today! 

What I hate about social media is that it also create a space for trolls to troll and be hateful and harass me and others. They are miserable people and they love for this being rude and disrespectful on the internet type of stuff. I also hate some of the guidelines on some SFW platforms, which gets us suspended or deleted/banned. Sometimes we haven’t even violated the guidelines and we still get kicked off the platform. Thirdly, I don’t like that we can’t use certain tools and ads because of what we are marketing… which is sex work. I totally understand that when it comes to porn and selling legitimately on the web; there’s a bunch of hoops and fire to go though to allow certain things to happen on certain sites and apps. As a sex worker I wouldn’t be upset or offended, I think that we should just continue doing what we do best and things may get better and change for the best in the future, technology is constantly evolving.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up and walk my dog, feed my cat, clean litter box, take care of my child needs, etc. I make my match tea and make breakfast or a charcuterie board depending on my appetite. Then I check my emails and only fans and loyal fans accounts to reply to emails and messages. After that I check my social media accounts, and post if it’s a good hour to post. I then check to see what I have planned for the day and do everything I can on that list before my day is over. I eat dinner, I Shower, and then do yoga before I go to sleep. I go to sleep with sound bowl videos playing on my YouTube as I fall asleep. 

Tell us what upcoming projects you are working on. 

I’m working on an all girl orgy that I’m hoping to releasing this year! I wrote an amazing script and it’s Christmas themed! I really hope to become a director and producer someday soon, I enjoy being behind the camera, directing, editing, and writing scripts! I love it so much!

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