Sedona Reign: A HotMovies Pornstar Interview

Sedona Reign is a smoking hot MILF, sporting a perfectly round ass and a set of 32Gs that you’ll never be able to stop thinking about. She’s worked with amazing studios like Sweetheart Video and Evil Angel, and you can be sure there’s much more from her on the way. HotMovies had the opportunity to talk to her about getting her start in the industry, being labeled a MILF, advice for future stars, and upcoming projects to be on the lookout for. Her positive and upbeat personality shine bright throughout our conversation and you guys are truly going to love it if you aren’t familiar with her already. Enjoy!

HotMovies: Is it true that Asa Akira helped guide you into the industry? Tell us that story.

Sedona Reign: I was working at a Deja Vu club in Seattle, and Asa Akira was the feature for that night. She had three security guards, and I asked if I could talk to her. They led me into a room where she was getting ready, and I chatted with her for a while about the industry. She has such a sweet spirit! At that time, I didn’t know that I was pregnant, but because of her, I took a chance and applied to the industry. The rest is history.

Were there any other performers or industry figures who gave you good career advice?

Rachael Cavalli has been a sweetheart in giving me good career advice and guidance. I love her! I’ve also made great connections along the way and strive to create more.

What is the story behind your stage name?

Sedona, AZ, holds a special place in my heart. It’s a place of spirituality and beauty…the beautiful red rocks! I think the name fits me perfectly.

Talk a little bit about working with Mike Quasar on MILF Pact Vol. 5.

Mike is the man! Not only is he a talented director, but he also goes the extra mile to make everyone feel like family, and his sets are fun to be on. I’m honored that he ensured I could be a part of this film.

Do you have mixed feelings about the MILF label, or is it something you fully embrace?

I fully embrace the MILF label! American Pie based its legacy on one word, MILF. It highlights sexy, mature women; I’m proud to be one.

Do you remember the very first time you were referred to as a MILF?

When I was dating my husband, he wanted to get me a ‘Got MILF?’ Shirt. I was like what? He said, “Yes, you’re a hot mom!” I liked it!

How has your attitude toward masturbation evolved over the years?

My attitude towards masturbation hasn’t really changed. I just feel more freedom to share it.

IAFD lists you at 32G! What’s one of the biggest challenges of being ultra-busty?

Finding a bra. Haha! Other than that, nothing! I love being ultra-busty!

In your Twitter bio, you describe yourself as a “girl next door” type. What are the traits and characteristics that make a classic “girl next door”?

A girl next door is basically someone sweet, wholesome, and down to earth. She can be shy at times and modest, but when she’s yours, she’s a cougar in the sheets.

What do you consider the best thing about being a pornstar?

The sex! What’s the something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. This industry is filled with some of the most exciting people you’ll ever encounter. And did I mention the amazing sex!?

What is your favorite meal to make?

It’s difficult to pick one. My cravings change with the seasons. Pot roast. It’s simple comfort food that fills the house with an aroma.

Is there anything you haven’t done on camera yet but hope to in the future?

I would like to do a parody. I hear it’s long hours but just to be a part of a big project would be fun. And I want to eventually do a DP scene with three guys or more and have all my holes filled. There’s something erotic about pleasing multiple men at once! It totally turns me on!

Currently, what are your favorite TV shows, music, movies, books, etc.?

I love Blacklist, The Walking Dead and classic movies like Back to the Future and Princess Bride. And you have to love Johnny English! I listen to all kinds of music.

What advice would you give someone looking to get their start in the industry?

Find a good agent and be patient. It takes time to grow! Build a good fan base because your fans will keep you going on days you feel discouraged. Keep working on your craft every day and keep learning and improving!

Tell your fans what upcoming projects you are working on.

My fans keep requesting a IR/BBC scene and I hope to produce that on my OnlyFans. Upcoming, I have a Reality Kings scene “MILF Catches Cheating Bride” that will be coming out in the near future.


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