‘Poking & Stroking’: A HotMovies Review (Featured Video)

Poking, stroking, sticking, and licking is what we’re here for and Devil’s Film had exactly that in mind when they put this one together for us. Poking & Stroking is a fun, quirky cporn that throws a lot at you but nothing ever feels complicated. The stars are amazing and the sex is raw and hardcore, but the humor cuts it perfectly to keep us entertained and with our hands in our pants. Group sex is on full display, but don’t worry, there’s more than enough for everyone. Each scene opens with a short clip accompanied by music that will definitely put you in Three Stooges mode, and I love how that helps to keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

Connie Perignon, Jewelz Blu, & Seth Gamble

Co-workers Connie and Seth are having hectic days to say the least. Connie pulls Seth into a separate room and within seconds Seth has Connie bent over a desk. They’re going about their business but little do they know Jewelz is in possession of glasses that help you see through walls, so she’s been watching and masturbating the entire time. Connie steps out to make sure the coast is clear, but when she spots Jewelz playing with her pussy, she decides to pull her in for the real deal. Now all three of them are engaging in behavior detrimental to the workplace but they don’t give a damn and neither do I! The ladies take turns slobbing on Seth’s knob like it’s corn on the cob, but the real treat is when Jewelz sits on his cock and bounces her pretty little ass up and down like she’s the feature dancer at a Miami night club. The entire thing is fast paced and up-beat, but it doesn’t feel rushed. The energy of the stars is way up there and listening to Connie talk dirty to encourage Jewelz can get you off with your eyes closed!

Misty Stone, August Skye, & JJ Graves

JJ is one lucky ass dude! He walks in the crib with August, who is drop dead gorgeous and wants him all to herself, but Misty is throwing more than a hint when she greets him with two kisses and there’s no way he’s letting both of them get away. Luckily he caries around a toilet costume in his backpack! He sets up shop in their bathroom and before long Misty is bouncing on his dick like it’s a trampoline. When August needs to use the potty she pleasantly surprised to find a huge cock sticking out of it and now we have lift off. Misty and August talk shit while shoving their breasts in JJ’s face and from the looks of things I think he really likes it. The ladies are definitely the aggressors, showing that JJ may think he set them up, but they have the upper hand, and since he’s dressed as a toilet he has no hands. Not a bad way to lose if you ask me. Eventually the free him and he bangs both of their lights out like there’s no tomorrow, with them kissing, laughing, and still talking their shit along the way.

Demi Hawks, Lily Starfire, & Tyler Cruise

Demi and Lily are playing with each other the way girls do, you know, fondling, groping, twerking on each other’s faces and bumping pussies. All the usual activities are taking place when Tyler slides his horny ass up under the massage table they’re fucking on and sticks his finger up to play with Demi’s lady parts. He gets a little carried away masturbating to the though of where his finger just was, and the girls literally carry him back to their table so they can suck him off and eat his ass. Tyler’s young ass looks in for a world of surprise but he gets the hang of it as the trio embarks on their threesome and you have to love the growth. He takes turns fucking them while they eat each other out and the moans of all three are enough to push you over the edge. Tyler gets head while Demi and Lily scissor and I promise you it’s one of the hottest things you’ve ever seen!

Lena Paul & Oliver Flynn

Oliver isn’t thrilled about having to visit a sex therapist but one look at Dr. Paul has him changing his mind and closing that office door quickly. He lays on the couch to discuss his issues but all he can focus on are her amazing tits, that happen to be half exposed, and when she realizes she whips those bad boys out and puts them on full display. Before long Oliver is fucking Lena missionary on her office chair with her legs spread eagle and you have to admit, she’s a damn good sex therapist. His dick is rock hard and he can’t get enough of her as he makes sure to grab a handful of those breast like he can take some home with him later. Dr. Paul coaches and motivates her client as he slowly strokes and them picks up the pace much to her liking. She pulls out a notepad while they’re fucking to take notes and I truly was impressed at the dedication to her craft. She tells him how he’s improved over time and pretty soon the roles flip, with Oliver now making his therapist scream and cry out for more. She rocks his world in every position imaginable ending with his girlfriend walking in on them just in time to watch him nut on her tits and even get splashed with a little jizz herself.

The Take

Poking & Stroking is just what you need when you something quick and fun but still entertaining and will put a smile on your face. The comedic approach is genius in my opinion and each scene brought something unique to the table, giving a tone of variety without straying from the overall theme. The entire cast performs well and you can tell staying in character was emphasized on set. Speaking of the set, the decorations were great at helping tell each story and lighting and camera work is spot on throughout playback. I had a lot of fun watching this one and I hope you do too!