Maitland ward

‘Coming of Age’: A HotMovies Review (Featured Video)

Sometimes you need a sexually experienced woman to help a man grow into himself. That’s the case with Coming of Age from MILFY. A cast of superstars such as Maitland Ward, Savannah Bond, Penny Barber, and Alexis Malone help these men grow in more ways than one. They grow so much, in fact, that they need somewhere to stick their growth, and these girls have just the spot. This powerhouse team of MILF avengers aim to make a climactic impact in this Kayden Kross directed MILFY feature.

Maitland Ward is a special MILF

We’ve known it for a long time, but you don’t have to be a porn connoisseur to know that Maitland Ward is a special act. One look at her body in Coming of Age tells you that she’s built different. From the bright red hair to the towering tits to the shapely hips, she stands with an aura of confidence and sexual energy that is simultaneously intimidating and inviting. It’s come to a point that it feels like a special event whenever she graces the screen, and for good reason. She controls the scene with her expressions and physicality, giving as much energy as she’s getting from her male counterpart. She’s as happy to be there as he is, demanding more as she gets rapidly fingered, then pushing his cock deeper down her throat while she blows him. She makes it clear she’s there for the ride and wants all of the bells and whistles. When watching Maitland ride dick, it’s hard to feel anything but jealously toward the man underneath, because that’s a woman who changes a man forever.

Savannah Bond dominates

When you have a body as stacked as Savannah Bond’s it’s hard to not view her as your mommy in charge. It’s then only right that she uses her status as a bodaciously built babe to suck this man’s dick into maturity. Even if you’ve had sex, you haven’t really until you’ve been dominated by Savannah. She rides this man’s face like it’s his duty and she’s the queen, and it’s an incredible sight. The direction of this scene is impressive, as the positions are carefully selected to add elements of psychological and sexual intention. Having Savannah in multiple positions of dominance and the man in positions of subservience reflects the clear theme of the film: the powerful MILF.

Penny Barber is MILF of The Year

The 2024 AVN MILF Performer of The Year Penny Barber strolls through her scene with a delight and levity that compliments the MILF dynamic quite nicely. She shows why she was named MILF of the year, smiling with a disarming sincerity whilst getting her pussy eaten and riding face. She’s able to convey a feeling of motherly support while displaying a mature and natural sexual energy. Penny Barber can give you a raging erection while warming your heart and melting away your anxiety. That is the sign of a unique performer and a professional. While her breasts bounce and pussy gyrates around, you can tell she really cares.

Alexis Malone takes it all

Alexis Malone provides a welcome throwback to the classic MILF archetype; she’s insatiable, knows what she wants, and is going to take. She lunges for the dick like a hungry tiger, ravenous and ready to eat. She lets the desire ooze out of her and onto to the screen where you can almost feel the tingling of her loins. She gobbles the massive penis with great ferocity, and then she rides it with a primal fury. Her hips lock into a strong rotation, her breasts heave, and she makes us wish it was us.

The professor’s opinion

Kayden Kross is able to expertly deliver a slam-dunk for the newly minted MILFY studio. There was hardly ever any doubt, considering the experience of the cast and Kayden herself. Coming of Age is carefully directed and performed with high energy and a clear theme in mind. It’s four scenes of dominant, empowered women who are sexually experienced and take control of their sexual encounter. If you like MILFs, or even just sexually proactive women, Coming of Age will scratch a lot of itches for you.