Daisy Lavoy

Daisy Lavoy Interview: A Proud Southern Belle!

Daisy Lavoy is a proud southern belle navigating her way through the adult industry. She’s already shot for Evil Angel, BANG!, Lethal Hardcore, and more. We talked to Daisy about what it’s like being a new pornstar, some of her notable scenes, growing up, and much more.

HotMovies: How did you get started in the adult industry and what was the appeal?

Daisy: When I was in school people always used to tell me that I would be an adult actress one day or a model, I always thought it to be light hearted and more of a compliment rather than an actual prophecy. I never saw myself doing any kind of adult work and in fact never considered it. I was very focused on my education, I was top 25% of my class and to this day I still have a strong desire to design, own my own business and graduate. Fast forward to a few years later, I was going through a break up in Oregon and I happened to meet two female performers that seemed very happy and successful. They talked about the money they had made and all the traveling they were doing and that obviously intrigued me because I’m a bit of a serial traveler myself. Another year went by and shockingly, but very true, I failed my flight attendant training by one question on the day we were all supposed to graduate, I still think about the conversation my favorite trainer had with me as I was in tears in my uniform, “everything happens for a reason”. I thought about the perks of the flight attendant lifestyle and the modeling opportunities of this one, as well as the doors I could walk through and really just the glamour of it all. I’ve always had a desire to be known even though I’m fairly shy. I made the decision to do something grand and riveting with my life and then I hired an agent pretty quickly after that.

Is it everything you expected? How do you feel about it now that you’re in the thick of it?

I had a rough time adjusting to filming in the beginning. I was very camera shy besides doing photo sets. After getting to know people and doing scenes that I could be proud of, it’s kind of second nature to me now. I love the creativity it allows me to have, I like taking pictures, I greatly enjoy getting ready the night before and meeting some very amazing and unforgettable people on set & it’s really become a career I can have many hobbies in. I’ve never been the kind of person to do just one thing.

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Daisy Lavoy

You had a scene from BANG! Released this year (in ‘The Young and The Bushless 2‘), wherein, obviously, everyone is bushless. Are you usually bushless? Are you anti-bush?

I love the feminine energy a woman has with a bush, I think it’s very empowering and kind of even romantic, despite those thoughts I’m usually bushless and I really don’t have a reason for it I just like to shave, but if someone were to ask, I would grow it out for them.

You were also in Evil Angel’s ‘Hookup Hotshot: E-Girls 4′. Would you consider yourself an egirl?

I’m very fond of that scene! I hope to have a closet as big and full of unique pieces like that one day. Whatever the circumstances, I’ve always had many different styles because like I said I’ve never been the kind of girl to stick to one thing. I’m an artist at heart. When I feel like standing out, being a bit creative and imaginative, I’ll put on something amusing like that. In my recent years, I really enjoy wearing long dresses and nice jewelry.

You have a text tattoo on your ass. Can you tell us the story behind that?

Haha! Everyone wants to know what’s to it! A few years ago, I had got to thinking about how much I really appreciate people even if what they do doesn’t fit my original plan for our friendship/relationship, you know, people come and go and I accept that, so I thought, why not get an ass tattoo that says “With Love”?! The way that I choose to experience my life is that- it’s all good vibes at the end of the day. I’m glad that I even got to come across those people & I’m happy to share my ass with them. It’s signed with my old nickname which I would love to get removed. I’m young and wanted to do something fun.

Is it true that you’re from Texas? What was it like growing up there?

100000% true, I’m a proud southern belle! There’s no other state that I wish I grew up in. There’s a few major cities close to each-other, positive and genuinely kind people there, a slower pace of a lifestyle and honestly as much as I’m enjoying the big city life, one day I will go back to my roots and grow my own food, on my own land, with horses and alpaca.

What’s your favorite type of scene to shoot?

I love shooting scenes with story lines because I like to play into that character, challenge myself a bit, feed into my fantasies and of course, have sex in the end.

Is there a type of scene you haven’t done yet that you would like to?

I’d really love to film a gang bang, but I’m waiting a while to do it, I want to shoot with a big company and explore creating other exciting content first.

Any specific goals you’d like to achieve as a performer?

I want to take my talent overseas. I would also love to film for brazzers and dog fart, maybe even vixen one day. That would be a dream. I would be very enthusiastic about being performer of the month for a company. I just continue to work on my craft and my look.

Favorite snack?

I really love chocolate covered pretzels with sea salt, red chilli pepper hummus and hot fries, don’t knock it till you try it, haha, sometimes I eat that specifically for my throw up scenes & if I’m going for something nourishing, I like avocado toast with tomato’s and lemon juice or some vegan ice cream at night with a movie.

What do you like to do to unwind in your down time?

I like to loosen up with some herbal tea and a 2000s movie, sometimes I’ll paint or even learn about something new and occasionally, I’ll journal to reflect on myself or talk to some of my favorite supporters.

Favorite sexual position?

This is a question I swear I can never answer because it depends on my partner and our chemistry as well as where we are having sex and sometimes even depends on the time of day, I’m pretty easy to please and like to make a big production out of it with the right person.