Amanda Riley: A HotMovies Pornstar Interview

Amanda Riley is an up and coming trans performer who already has some major clips under her belt and we recently had the opportunity to speak with her. She brings amazing energy to the screen as well as some mean ass blowjob skills, and we discuss that along with how she got her start, various studios she hopes to work with, and fellow performers who’ve helped her along the way. Enjoy!

HotMovies: When did you know adult entertainment was the career path for you? 

Amanda Riley: I’ve always had an interest in porn and it didn’t occur to me that I could actually do it until I filmed a video of me blowing a friend and it looked really hot!

How did you get your start?

My sister, Daisy Taylor, helped me with setting up an only fans and the rest is history!

What was your first time on set like?

Fun but difficult for sure. We shot my first scene during a heat wave, so it was a little steamy, but it turned out great! I was shooting with Dante Colle and he was a great scene partner!

Do you have a favorite type of scene to shoot?

You can absolutely call me boring but I love a traditional boy girl shoot where there’s really good chemistry and raw sensual connection. And getting fucked hard <3

Your recent feature, Wild, Young & Trans for TransAngels, is outstanding! What was it like working with them?

It’s always an amazing time shooting with TransAngels. The San Diego team made everything feel so comfortable and it was such a fun time on set!

How did you prepare for your scene with Finn Harding?

It was a relatively chill and normal day on set, nothing major. There wasn’t much of a script so I practiced what we had rehearsed and we did what we needed to do.

You’ve already worked with major players like Evil Angel and Grooby in such a short amount of time. Who are some studios and stars you’d like to work with in the future?

 I would love to work with Lust Cinema, Transfixed, Kink, and Brazzers! But I definitely have a whole list of performers I’d like to shoot with as well!

What makes your blowjobs so amazing?

 Sucking dick is my favorite hobby! I love a slobbery deepthroat moment, but you gotta be able to do it!

Do you like watching yourself on screen?

 Yes, but in a reflective way for sure. Critiquing my own work feels like it helps me be a better performer. I’m always trying to see how I can improve my performance and make it feel more seamless. 

What advice do you have for other trans women looking to join the industry and be a porn star?

As a trans woman, you have to have a thick skin and stand your ground. No is a full sentence. You can’t be afraid to turn down the projects you’re not comfortable with. There will always be more shoots and opportunities! Communication is key, so tell anyone you work with your likes and dislikes. And be confident! 

In what ways would you like to see the industry further evolve to be more inclusive to and for trans performers?

I would love to see more straight male performers working with trans performers. I don’t think many people understand that working with trans people is actually breaking down the stigmatization that people, even outside of porn, deal with. It helps to normalize being/shooting with us and I think that’s really powerful. 

What is one thing all your fans should know about you?

I love cats.

Are there any projects in the works that we should be on the lookout for?

Yes, there’s definitely some things on their way and they will hopefully be released very soon. TransAngels and I are actually working on a new project that we plan to shoot soon as well and I’m very excited about it!

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