‘Luxure: My Wife’s Cravings’: A HotMovies Review (Featured Video)

Hello everyone, Danny Lobretti is here getting ready to review a new DORCEL movie in the Luxure series called Luxure: My Wife’s Cravings. This series is a fan favorite, especially for me. In this film it focuses on what the wife wants and what she had craving. These husbands are aiming to please in more ways than one as they are ready to make all their dreams come true. I am expecting the high production and quality sets along with the beautiful women that this series always delivers.


Liz Jordan and Her Husband Invite a Man Over

Often to keep the hot wife happy you may have to dabble in some unusual things. Luckily for Liz Jordan her husband is not only a lucky man, but he is also up for the challenge. Together, they invite another man into their bedroom for some threesome fun. She is one sexy lady with that curly brunette hair and sexy smile. I love her sexy outfit she wears in this scene as it shows off her nice ass cheeks. The other man arrives at the front door and they both head towards the bedroom and Liz is waiting. The guest gets first dibs on warming Liz up while the Husband watches. Once she really gets working on sucking his cock hubby joins in and licks her pussy before he can’t wait any longer and begins to fuck her from behind. Then it is time for her to switch cocks as the camera pans around to get every angle up close. Liz really is enjoying all this cock attention. Then the moment I have been waiting for, she gets a beautiful dose of double penetration. I just knew she was going to love that, you will too!


Lilly Bell Fucks In Front of Her Husband

Now Lilly Bell has a craving and her and her husband have an ad out on the hookup site. They real one in and invite a lucky stud over for a fuck. She promises to be dolled up in some sexy lingerie and high heels for his arrival. Once he gets there, she wastes no time getting intimate with him while her husband watches on. I love how she licks the stranger’s chest, pretty sexy to do that to a man you just met. She looks to her husband as she pulls out the stranger’s big hard cock and puts it into her mouth. The camera keeps you completely engrossed in the cock sucking action. Then she moves to the couch, and we get to see how sexy her body looks in her black outfit. She gets her pussy eaten like it is the best dessert the man has ever tasted. When he begins to fuck her from behind things get intense as she keeps looking over to her husband. Her husband is enjoying the show as he rubs his hard cock watching on. She is fucking this guy with so much vigor, I do not know if I could watch my wife do that, he said it was fantastic.


Liz Jordan and Her Husband Invite a Girl Over

Liz seems more excited about adding a girl to the mix than she did a guy. How could she not when her friend is the sexy Zaawaadi. The scene brings us right into a massive make out session between this hot trio. The contrast of the dark skin and the light skin is breathtaking as we watch both girls undress and rub each other intensely. Her husband attends to eating her pussy while the girls continue to make out. Now the girls share the licking of his hard shaft up and down and all around. Liz rides his cock first by eagerly hopping on his dick. We get to see her delicious ass bounce from the view of the camera. Things get even better when Zaawaadi takes over, her body is just perfect to watch. Liz rubs her pussy while she watches them fuck. Then Liz lays on her back to take her turn again, getting pounded deep. Next up for Zaawaadi is some anal penetration and she takes it well. I love watching her dangling tits go back and forth. She gets the cumload sprayed all over her ass.


Clara Mia and Her Husband Go Shopping for Another Girl

Clara Mia has a desire for a hot babe and her husband is happy to engage in this fantasy. They go out for drunks and shop for a cute girl to take home with them. They find Lauren Walker, a cute brunette who goes perfectly with her husband’s taste. They are in Paris when they take her back to her place. Everyone is dressed up in black but soon these clothes will be coming off by the looks of these sexy kisses. Lauren has an innocent and sweet look about her, but that is very deceiving as we are seeing up close just how naughty she is. These girls are hot together, this stud is one lucky man. Lauren goes right in for a pussy licking treat. She eats pussy like a pro, they picked the right girl. Once she has Mia’s smooth pussy all lubed up Mia’s husband gets his cock in there pounding fast. Then he sits on the couch so that Lauren can sit on his cock. She has a nice ass too; I would love to get in on that. He then lines the girls up side by side on the couch so he can go back and forth, every man’s dream. It is doesn’t take him long to cum, I don’t blame him.


Zaawaadi Gets All the Guys

She is looking for a fun night on the town getting gangbanged. Now we get the plot twist, she gets all the husbands at once, but where are their wives? The scene goes immediately to her getting rubbed down all over by the three men. She strokes their cocks in her hand enjoying all the attention being lavished onto her body. Then the action starts as she sucks one, strokes one, and takes one in her pussy from behind. I cannot tell who is having a better time, her, the guys, or me – well all of us seem to be. Each guy is getting a turn at fucking, I am anticipating a dp coming soon. She is getting cumloads on her big tits, there is no dp for her, but it was a great fuck and every guy got some.


Danny’s Details

This was a great movie filled with all kinds of content and great threesomes. Liz Jordan is one of my favorites to watch on screen and I loved seeing her being double penetrated. Not only that, but she also came back up for another scene in the movie which for me, makes it a perfect movie. I always enjoy Zaawaadi, her body is true art on the screen. I really enjoyed Lauren Walker; this is the first movie her in which I have seen. I will be doing a little research on her; she was very pretty. I really enjoyed the movie; it delivered all the high quality that I expected. I am going in at five fully erect cocks for this one. Enjoy!