‘Ample Vol. 3’: A HotMovies Review (Featured Video)

Anyone familiar with Blacked’s Ample series knows it’s all about putting BBC in hot white chicks like they’ve never had it before. The focus is interracial sexual encounters and the erotic vignettes are captivating. Ample Vol. 3 follows the pattern and gives us four passionate scenes with depth and fantasies that hold our attention in addition to the sex. The cast, writing, and directing is of the highest quality and there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy.

Kendra Sunderland

It’s Kendra’s birthday and her boyfriend makes sure to wake her up with a sweet phone call and a sexy gift since he can’t be there in person. This is just the beginning of her surprises and as she gets dressed and sends him pictures you can feel that this is going to be a good one. Parts two through four of her gift are waiting in the living room in the form of three gorgeous black men who instantly start devouring her. Within no time our horny birthday girl is being groped from every angle and the build up is crazy intense! The men are silent, but Kendra is in her zone as she tilts her head back and takes it all in. She lays the three gentlemen on their backs and makes sure to keep one dick in her mouth and one in each hand at all times…talk about talent! She gets her pussy fondled until she’s dripping wet but what she really wants are those big black cocks in her pussy and that’s exactly what she gets! The foursome fuck in the living room with all three men getting their fair share and Kendra’s birthday wishes coming true thanks to that loving boyfriend of hers. Doggy style and cowgirl are the two main positions so everyone remains accessible, but I promise the energy makes up for the lack of position changes and watching Kendra take those huge loads all over her face is the proof. Great opening scene!

Odette Delacroix

Personally, I’m over the “never had sex with a black man” fantasy but if that’s your thing this is the scene for you. Odette Delacroix loves working for record producer Michael Williams, but her jealous boyfriend is driving her crazy and eventually pushes her right into her bosses arms. One day things get a little heated in the office but once those lines are crossed you can’t go back, and it looks like Michael could sense Odette’s crush and wants it just as bad as she does. They start out kissing and quickly Odette’s true colors are on display as she begs her boss to let her play with his dick. She takes control and really plays the hell out of the horny and curious college graduate role as she toys with him over his pants before pulling it out (in awe of course) and sucking it like there’s no tomorrow. She can hardly get her mouth half way down Michael’s cock but when she takes that dick to the back of her throat like she’s trying to get a raise, and then she follows it up by taking all of his pips missionary laying down on his desk. Her petite frame and his muscular build are the perfect pairing for this scene and help to enhance the fantasy and take things to the next level. They flip in and out of various positions all over the office and as they continue you can feel it all come together for a really clever scene that I liked way more than I thought I would.

Haley Spades

Haley’s parents ae out of town and right away you know this girl is up to no good! She has the hots for her neighbor Anton, so she stole his number out of her dad’s phone and called him over. Right away she starts talking her shit and the poor guy never stood a chance, especially when she questioned his manhood. He asks if she’s sure this is what she wants, but it’s already over for my man. They kiss but Haley is on a mission and has his dick in her mouth on the staircase like it’s her first lollipop. Right away I love the energy between this two and a lot of it has to do with their acting. There isn’t much talking but through their body language they convey that she’s a brat out to get fucked at whatever expense and he holds back initially but sexual desire takes over and he puts it all on her ass…BRILLIANT! They take their time on each other’s bodies and combine that sensual vibe with a naughty nastiness that feel forbidden yet right. Watching them fuck in and out of positions was a huge a turn on and is key to keeping that energy and chemistry high. I could watch them fuck all day but when he finally came in her pussy I’ll admit, I was ready for a cigarette.

Quinn Wilde

Yoga on the patio is always a good look for Quinn and as soon as I see her checking out Cash I’m hype. Turns out he’s her boyfriend’s best friend and she was relieved when he moved away because the temptation went with him, but now he’s back and she’s having a hard time controlling herself. She fucks her boyfriend to try and get it out but all she can think about is Cash, and when the sex isn’t satisfying she makes up her mind to give in. Cash already knows what the deal is so he steps to Quinn and makes the first move super easy for her. Before you can blink her pussy is in his mouth and she’s crying out in pleasure. She spits on his dick before sucking it to the back of her throat and when he finally strokes her pussy you can see the excitement on her face. Finally she’s getting what her boyfriend can’t give her and Cash lets her know every step of the way. The eye contact was great in this one and helped sell the fantasy. They interact and fuck like two people who have had this on their minds for years and when it all comes together the word ‘explosive’ doesn’t even do it justice. As she sucks and swallows his jizz you can’t help but feel that her relationship is all but over because there’s no way she’s going to stop fucking Cash.