Tiffany Watson stars in Squirtwoman.

Tiffany Watson’s Squirting Secrets

They don’t call her “Squirtwoman” for nothing.

Tiffany Watson is famous for her ejaculatory prowess, attaining distances of 20 feet in some of her most spectacular orgasms. “It’s quite the circus,” she jokes in a recent podcast interview. “Quite the circus show to see, I’ll tell you what.”

This remarkable skill has brought her center stage in numerous high-profile porn projects, most notably Elegant Angel‘s Tiffany Watson Is Squirtwoman, debuting this week on HotMovies. She could be forgiven for wanting to keep her squirting trade secrets to herself, but she’s actually only too happy to spill. “I think that people that want to level up in their squirting should know these things.”

Watson first learned about squirting while masturbating in the shower. “I know for a fact I was squirting then, but it was very hard to tell because I’m obviously in the shower, right? So you can’t really see the liquid. But I remember the feeling,” she says. Later, when she began shooting porn, she squirted on set while using a Hitachi. At first, she was embarrassed, but a crew member reassured her.  “No, you just squirted. That was fucking awesome.’ And I was like, I don’t even know what that is. And then I was like, oh shit, squirting is a thing. And then I kind of started dipping my toes into it a little bit more.”

Watson’s first key to great squirting is deceptively obvious: hydration, albeit with particularities she has refined through years of experience. “So in the morning, I drink only room-temp water. [. . . ]  I clear my bladder until I’m running clear.” Watson has become so used to room-temp water that it’s all she drinks, even when she’s not prepping for a squirting scene.

Her next step brings flavor to the routine, quite literally. “I drink probably four to six bottles of the Berry Blast Pedialyte,” she says. “I’ll squirt into like a co-star’s face or their mouth. And they’re like, ‘Wow, that tasted so good.’ And it’s because I’m just basically squirting out Pedialyte. At that point, I’ve depleted my whole body of any thing in my body in my bladder that would be icky.”

She also occasionally incorporates an energy drink into her hydration lineup. “By the time you’ve already depleted your whole body of all of the natural salts that you actually need to function on a day to day basis, I need something else to pick me up.”

Nevertheless, Watson emphasizes the importance of avoiding over-hydration. “It absolutely is possible to drink water so much that you die. Or that you get water poisoning, that is absolutely a thing. Years ago, I drink too much water on set. And I was losing vision I had my my brain felt like it was swelling. I was throwing up. I was severely sick. So because of that I had to figure it out. If I wanted to continue squirting and not die on set, I had to figure it out.”

She dreams of one day playing a firefighter who extinguishes infernos with streams of squirt. “You know, I like to think that my hose is better than their house,” she jokes. “Saving people one squirt at a time!”

Squirtwoman demonstrates the effectiveness of Watson’s squirting tips throughout three scenes of wonderfully wet action. Watch it today on!

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