Sadie Pop: A HotMovies Pornstar Interview

With a name like Sadie Pop you have to be fun, outgoing, and looking for a good time. Our recent interview with the Puerto Rican star reveals just that and so much more. After doing a little research and speaking with other stars she jumped into the porn biz and never looked back. Read and learn about her beginnings, what she loves most about being a porn star, and what it’s like working with one of the top studios in the world.

HotMovies: How did you come up with your stage name?

Sadie Pop: My manager at the time, Brian with AMA, came up with it.

Tell me what a typical day in the life of Sadie Pop is like? What’s for breakfast? What’s the first app you check?

I love cereal for breakfast and I normally check TikTok first.

What made you want to be a porn star? How did you get your start?

I was always known as a slut in high school. I was 18 and I saw a post on Craigslist about lingerie modeling. I only had $40 in my account and that was to get me down south to meet my manager at the time. I was told I can do lingerie or if I wanted more money porn was an option. I told Brian I only had $40 to get me there and he helped me out with gas money getting home. I met Sophia Leone that day and she made me feel comfortable by explaining what we do and how Brian changed her life in the most positive way.

When you walk on to a set, what are some things you instantly look for?

I instantly look at the crew. I did some PA work for FMN Network and now I appreciate a good filming crew because he taught me a lot about behind the scenes filming.

What are your favorite type of scenes to shoot? Are you a plot or gonzo girl?

I love gonzo!

Do you enjoy watching yourself on screen? Do you have a favorite performance so far?

I love watching my own porn! My favorite scene is my first scene with J-Mac for Reality Kings (See clip 5 of Teens Love Huge Cocks Vol. 18)

You’ve done a lot of great work with Reality Kings! What is it like working with them? What keeps you coming back?

The professionalism of reality kings is untouched! If I could do PA work for them while I’m not shooting that would be a dream!

Team Skeet’s Daughter Swap 7 was a really sexy and fun flick, and I love your scene with Eden Sin, Eric John, and Tommy Gunn! How did you prepare for that shoot? How were you all able to build that chemistry?

Eden & I were fucking the same guy at one point and we met prior to the shoot.  I have shot a lot with Eric John in the past as well so we all knew each other pretty well. Tommy I met for the first time that day but he was also super friendly and welcoming!

What’s your favorite thing about being a porn star?

I love the attention!

In what ways have you seen the adult industry grow and evolve over the years? What are some further changes you’d like to see?

I have seen the adult industry evolve by more precautions for testing. We only had to give blood when I started. Now it’s blood, mouth swab and butt swab lol. I would like to see more shoots in Florida!

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution?

Yes, my new years resolution is to make more friends in the industry.

Are you a sports fan? Did you watch the super bowl this year? 

I am a sports fan. Shout out to barstool! I watch the Super Bowl every year!

Who is your favorite football team?

I am a football fan and my favorite team is the Florida Gators!

Are you big on Valentine’s Day?

I am big on Valentine’s Day! I spent it with my boyfriend @dab772 aka Sex Pistol having a picnic on the beach.

What’s one thing all your fans should know about you?

I’m still the same girl I was when I started. I’m honest, hardworking and dedicated!

What’s your favorite gameday snack?  

I love cheese & crackers!

Do you believe in love at first site?

I don’t. I have learned the hard way with relationships. When you really get to struggle with a person, that is real love.

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