The Taylors

‘We’re The Taylors’: A HotMovies Review (Featured Video)

The Taylors are your all American family that often can into some wacky hijinks! When her family finds out the secret about her job, Kenzie Taylor has to do damage control to earn back her step kids’ trust and respect.  Then, just like in National Lampoon’s classic Vacation films, this family takes a long and adventurous road trip to visit Kenzie’s sister, and there’s plenty of action along the way!

Kenzie has a dirty threesome with her step kids

Unfortunately, right before their big road trip, step kids Gal Ritchie and Elias Cash find out that their step mom Kenzie is in-fact a porn director. This unleashes primal curiosity within them, and they start hardcore masturbating to their step mom’s porn films. Before you know it, Kenzie has to put a stop to it by having a dirty threesome with the both of them. It’s your classic G/G/B threesome, which fits the all American family theme perfectly! Kenzie works Elias with her mouth before working Gal the same way! Soon they merge flesh together like roots crossing and taking hold in the ground. They pay special attention to step mom to make sure they’re pleasing the porn master.

Kenzie and Gal double team a cop

The last thing you ever want on a road trip to be pulled over. It not only interrupts your time and schedule, but an uncomfortable encounter with a police officer can be anxiety inducing and even cost money if you get a ticket! That’s why after being pulled over by Officer Charles Dera, mother/daughter duo Kenzie and Gal use their family porn knowledge to get out the situation efficiently and without charge. They tag team Dera in the back of their RV, slobbering their family spit all over his dick and then letting him ram Gal’s young puss from behind while she services Kenzie between the legs. Hey, mom’s gotta get hers, too, you know? After getting his dick good and deep in both hot blonde mom Kenzie and young sexy brunette Gal, Officer Charles goes on his way and The Taylors are back on the road!

All American family foursome

After they finally arrive at their aunts house, the climax is set into motion. Daddy Taylor, aka Chad Alva, hasn’t known a thing about his wife Kenzie’s porn directing, nor she and her daughter’s sexual escapades during the road trip. But upon arrival, Kenzie spills the beans, and for some reason Elias and Chad are then bitten on the balls by a tarantula. Now the girls Kenzie and Gal have to suck them off before the venom spreads! (How’s that for dues ex machina?) They engage in a loving, heart-warming foursome, with dad finally being able to nail his hotwife the way she deserves: like a slutty pornstar. The kids are alright, getting a good licking of Kenzie’s snatch and freeing themselves from any remaining sexual guilt. There’s a beautiful mother/daughter moment where both Kenzie and Gal are lying next to each other, spread open on the couch and getting pumped full of cock, looking at each other and smiling at the fun adventure their lives have become.

The professor’s opinion

Throwbacks are sometimes exactly what we need in art. Sometimes, we veer so far off track that the media we consume can become messy in both message and purpose, and instead of complexity we just need good old fashioned American simplicity. We’re The Taylors provides that much needed throwback while we live in a time of strife and confusion. It’s great to see a family come together and solve their problems through love, acceptance, and new experiences. Now whenever they have an issue as a family or individually, they know there’s probably a way they can fuck their way out of it. Now how many families do you know like that?