‘Do Unto Others’: A HotMovies Review

With this film title I can always say something very cliché because the title is asking for it. The title is ‘Do Unto Others’ by Devil’s Film but I just don’t know enough about the film yet. I can take my mind to all kinds of dirty places by using that phrase. I can only imagine what could be done to me under that scenario. I am about to watch this film but all I know so far is that it stars Demi Hawks, Nicole Kitt, Leana Lovings, and Alison Rey. I can’t wait to find out what it’s all about.


Alison Rey

Cleaning the Boss’s Clock

She is a hardworking cleaning lady named Connie who seems to really enjoy flirting with her boss while she is working. She works with her husband who watches on as she flirts who is worried her boss will want more if she keeps it up. It’s causing quite a rift between them which only makes her so it more. She has a pretty extreme way of getting ahead as she reaches for the cock of her boss right in front of her husband. That’s raw, and that’s tough but she is pretty hot, so I am happy to watch it. She has some nice tits and a smoking body. Finally, they headed off to the bedroom, I was really feeling bad for her husband, he looked so sad in the background watching. Oh, no he follows into the bedroom to clean the blinds and she is deep throating the boss’s cock. She compliments him on his pussy eating skills and the boss ask her husband to bring them some lube. After spread some lube he spreads those pussy lips apart with his cock and fucks her hard. They continue to have one of the hottest fucks I’ve seen in a while. There must be something about having your husband watch, I think she really wanted that. That scene was intensely good. She really “cleaned” him out.


Nicole Kitt

Roommates Porn Addiction

A perfect roommate is when it is of the opposite sex. Imagine the possibilities, or just the idea of the possibility. Well Nicole is sharing a little time with her mate and a secret when a “love scene” comes on the tv. She is a recovering porn addict, which is the perfect quality in a roommate. The moment passes but it lingers, especially when she notices he but some porn magazines. Later she gets a dick pick from him, he claims it was a big accident, but was it really? Nope, he has a plan in motion just like any natural blooded man would have. He is gas lighting her and breaking her down little bits at a time. Then she catches him watching porn and it’s the moment he has been planning for. He tells her not to deny things she wants and craves. She is overcome with horniness, and they are quickly in the nude there on the sofa. It’s turning into one hell of an interracial fuck as the contrast leads to intense excitement and emotion. Her pussy gets so wet that she can’t wait to have his cock pounding into her. He explodes a huge creamy load all over her chocolate tits.


Demi Hawks

Bad Little Stepdaughter

She plays a whiny young stepdaughter who just got in trouble at school. As her stepdad gets on her case she tries to laugh it all off. He reminds her that she is a “grown ass adult” because she is eighteen. He is yelling so much that she needs to turn the tables and entices him into a dark sexual punishment. He begins to smack her ass hard, but it turns her on. Everything he does seems to only turn her on more. He makes her crawl around and her tight ass looks so nice with her panties on. He continues to tempt the line until he shouts maybe he should fuck her. She say’s to him, yes, that’s what I want. He yanks that big hard dick out of his pants and forcefully shoves it down her throat. She knows what she is doing as she gags on his dick loving every inch of it. Then she relives the tension of the moment when she hops on his dick and rides him hard. Every thrusting hip motion calms him down more and more. He makes her moan and squeal in a fuck that is sexy as hell.


Leana Lovings

A Tempting Stepsister

She is a stepsister named Violet with a naughty mind. This is a role that Leana Lovings was born for. Her stepbro keeps trying to ignore her and she keeps pushing the envelope and enticing him with her sweet body. It doesn’t take much when she exposes her nice tits. She tells him that he needs to fuck her. Somehow, he is still resisting and gives reason after reason of why he can’t. She tells him that she is not going away until she gets what she wants. How can he say no tell her? There must be something wrong with him because he does not want to fuck her, he says he will get her to leave him alone. Will she blow his mind? She pampers him to make his cock get hard then licks it like a lollipop. She tells him that a cock doesn’t lie and that he really does want to fuck her. After some sucking, she rides him and gets him more into the mood until he is hot in the moment to taste her pussy. It really makes her moan when his tongue gets in there. I think he finally came around to really appreciating what she has to offer.


Danny’s Details

What I didn’t know going into this movie worked well for me as I found this movie to be a hit in all areas. What I really loved about this is that each girl had her own body style, unique personality which made each scene fresh and new. I love a great porn variety. The storylines were all great! I felt bad for the husband in that first scene, but that sex was mind blowing, best scene of the movie. It was hard watching the stepbrother in the final scene resist Leana’s character so much because she is irresistible, but that was the story. It was still some great sex in a more innocent but naughty way. I loved this movie; it’s going right into my library, and I give it a full five fully erect cocks.