Rose Lynn

Rose Lynn: A HotMovies Pornstar Interview

Rose Lynn is a feisty young vixen who loves being dominant. You can often catch her wearing a giant strap-on and pegging her sub, but the gender-fluid brunette loves a litany of other fetishes as well. In this HotMovies pornstar interview, Rose talks about growing up Catholic, getting into performing, her dream scene partners, and so much more.

HotMovies: You do a lot of toy/strap-on work in your online content. How did you get into toy play?

Rose Lynn: Yes! I love toys, I actually am mostly making solo content these days. Recently I’ve had a plethora of customers asking for specific fetish customs and pegging happens to be a hot one rite now! I’ve always been gender fluid so when I first got the request I was thrilled to finally get to play a game I’ve been dying to play! Pegging men virtually has been a blast and I think it’s sooooo hot to see my fans enjoy themselves and explore there own boundaries <3

You work with some pretty huge strap-ons. Do you enjoy being in the dominant position? What do you love about strap-ons?

Yes I love being in a dominant position.  Just as much as I love being submissive I love being in charge and putting my sub in there place! My 2 favorite dildos are 10inch thick! lol they are some pretty huge bad boys. But I would say what I love most about wearing a strap on is how beautiful/powerful and at home I feel wearing it! Being gender fluid allows me to fully embrace the strap while embracing my own spectrum of gender/sexuality  <3

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Do you have any other kinks or fetishes?

Yes I love giving deep sloppy blow jobs! I absolutely have an oral fixation. As well as feet! I’m recently opening up to the world of foot fetish, and I’ve got to say I’m pretty obsessed lately! I love the idea of female domination so feet play comes naturally lol. Making men cum with my feet or having a sub suck my toes totally makes me horny.

You said on twitter you grew up catholic but then became an atheist. What was it like growing up catholic?

I’ll start off by saying I respect all religions on a moral basis. For me growing up Catholic was pretty unbearable. Ultimately I felt suffocated from religion at a young age. Religion was the base of every move I made and it ultimately controlled me/filled me with fear. From the idea of going to heaven or hell, going to mass had become a chore even when I was young. Someone very impressionable in my life was always pushing religion on me, so I grew up instilled with the dogmas of the Catholic Church and eventually ventured out into learning about other religions and philosophies such as Buddhism, Hinduism, the Philosophy of ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics and the philosophy of pessimism. I love learning the dogmas each religion/philosophy carries and taking what works best for me building my own moral compass

What converted you to atheism?

Opening my mind to the possibility that we are all gods and goddesses creating our own story for our selves. I think we create heaven or hell on earth for ourselves. This high powered “god” we all know exist within our selves. When you get faced with your own moral conflict there’s no outside god who will help you it’s your self! And the knowledge you choose that will make you or break you. That’s why I believe we are our own gods. It’s up to us. So I’m not sure if I’m even a real atheist since I think of us all as gods

How did you get started performing on camera?

I started a onlyfans back in 2020 and I’ve been performing ever since! I began  studio porn I believe in mid 2021 and I’ve been enjoying my self every step of the way since! I absolutely love the adult industry and I feel so welcomed here there’s no place I’d rather be.

How did you know you wanted to have sex on camera?

I’ve always known this , I’m not sure how but growing up within Los Angeles I remember passing by vivid entertainment and thinking to my self wow I want to be a porn star! lol

You had a scene from Family Sinners with Brad Newman where you play a stepdaughter fucking your stepdad. What do you think of family roleplay scenes?

Yes I absolutely loved playing Brad Newman step daughter! I think they are taboo and that’s what makes it so hot. Personally I have a daddy kink when I’m feeling submissive

What do you remember about shooting this scene? How was working with Brad Newman?

I remember Brad Newman being such a great costar His demeanor was always happy/goofy and so professional! on top of that I remember being so horny for my step daddy Brad Newman that day!  It was a blast.

What’s your favorite scene that you’ve done?

My favorite scene I’ve done so far would probably be my anal DP with DP diva or my Hijab scene from team skeet!

Is there someone you’d like to work with or a type of scene you’d like to do that you haven’t done?

I hope to work with Jonni Darkko and Jules Jordan soon! Also I would love to get to do a pegging scene with a man soon! It’s been my dream to dominate a sub on