‘Ulterior Motives’ (Full Movie): A HotMovies Review (Featured Video)

Adam & Eve and director James Avalon have done it again! Ulterior Motives is a story of marital betrayal, contradicting wants, and revenge sex that will have you glued to the screen. Everything about this movie screams major blockbuster production and it’s obvious as soon as the opening credits begin to roll. It’s a star studded event that’s sure to knock socks off, blow loads, and have people running back for more.

Queenie Sateen & Nathan Bronson

Queenie and Nathan are sitting at a bar exchanging familiarities when they realize they share a common enemy and decide to fuck each other to get back at him. I was really pleased with how quickly the action started because I expected there to be lots of talking, and rightfully so which such a complex storyline, but these two waste no time jumping each other’s bones. They definitely get at it like two people on a mission, starting with Queenie giving one of the most intense blowjobs I’ve ever witnessed. Nathan matches her energy when he fucks her from behind and has her begging for more. There’s no hiding the chemistry as these two switch positions and take turns in control. Watching Queenie ride Nathan was the highlight for me, but there’s no shortage of sweet spots in this sexy starter scene. They share a laugh thinking they’re plan is going to work but things are literally just heating up.

Evelyn Claire & Lumi Ray

Evelyn, our femme fatale, is wifey to Robby Apples, and that just so happens to be who Queenie and Nathan are trying to fuck over. Luckily her lover Lumi discovers their plan and is able to stop it. After meeting with a private investigator and revealing her mastermind plan, Evelyn meets up with Lumi to drop off her thank you gift in person. The love and attraction oozes off the screen as they playful touch, talk, and laugh with each other. They get undressed in Lumi’s gorgeous bathroom, turn on the shower, and get down to business. Oral pleasantries are exchanged first with finger fucking and tribbing following along to take the scene to the next level. They cum a million times each before calling it quits and falling asleep in each other’s arms. The authenticity is palpable making this a must watch for real lesbians and heterosexuals alike.

Scarlett Alexis & Robby Apples

Robby is all the way in over his head and I’m not sure the guy even knows it, but one thing I do know is that he sure as hell can take a punch! The action goes from 1 to 1,000 as a fight breaks loose and Scarlett ultimately saves the day with a pistol. We hear shots but don’t know who’s hit and from there we’re taken back to Scarlett and Robby’s sexy hideout where she clearly doesn’t want to talk about the bullshit they just went through. He’s panicked like any normal person would be and her response is to pull out a whip and demand that he fuck her…you have to love it! Naturally, he obeys. She saved his life, is sexy as all outdoors, and probably still has that gun. The music for this scene really helps set the tone and puts you back in the headspace of getting some ass instead of running to save yours. The sex is way more passionate than I was expecting, with Scarlett and Robby moving in unison slowly before slightly picking up the pace and starring face-to-face as if they’re talking with their eyes. The oral is deliberate and sensual, and everything down to their facial expressions feel real.

Evelyn Claire & Seth Gamble

Seth is one intelligent P.I. and I am here for all the drama he uncovers. Turns out girl toy Lumi was trying to set Evelyn up and used Seth as bait in the process. After a heated discussion Evelyn pops up at Seth’s house with a bottle of wine and a plan. You still can’t tell what her end game is but she definitely wants to fuck Seth and he’s doesn’t resist for long. They bring an impatience to the scene that’s really fun because you feel the tension between them. It’s like they’ve been waiting to ravish each other, each one with something to prove, yet there’s a vulnerability that shows them as human beings just trying to find someone trustworthy that’ll stay around. Even though the scene is long, the sex is entertaining enough to carry some of the weight of the story and keep you invested. I could have watched them fuck forever if I had to. The pillow talk about how they were wrong about each other at the end was cute, but I still don’t know who or what to believe. And just like that Seth is hauled off in handcuffs with his dick just swinging back and forth.

Scarlett Alexis & Lucky Fate

Lucky is a bar tender and Scarlett is looking to get a few things tended to. Looks like they’re dating because he’s super excited to see her and they share a cute little kiss before talking about getting away. Scarlett is frustrated and horny by her own admission, so like any good boyfriend Lucky offers to help and since the bar is empty now is the perfect time. He grabs a hand full of her ass as they make out and it isn’t long before we’re off to the races. She gives him head with him returning the favor in a major way, and that sets the stage for an explosive sex scene. The lighting takes this one over the top for me! At times it looks like they’re passion is filling the room with a bright orange like something is on fire, and it compliments their bodies and motions so well that is truly is art! They fuck on the bar before heading over to the lounge sofas where things really intensify. Lucky pulls Scarlett’s hair while hitting it from the back and I’m convinced they forgot we were even in the room. Everything feels real and relatable even if only in a fantasy type of way. They completely devour each other and then get dressed for their normal days at work except Scarlett has a secret and doesn’t want Lucky to get caught up in it. She tells him he won’t see her again and leaves the poor guy standing there wondering what the hell just happened!?

Evelyn Claire & Scarlett Alexis

It’s about to go down! Evelyn and Scarlett have been behind this whole damn thing and now Scarlett is going straight up gangster on Evelyn. She’s been playing that girl like a fiddle the entire time and Evelyn actually thought she was the one in charge. Scarlett makes a run for it, with all of their money, and has a flashback of her and Evelyn’s first encounter. Turns out Scarlett knew about wifey’s little infatuation with the ladies and came on to her in order to gain her trust. From the looks of things Evelyn had a blast and never thought for one second that she was going to be royally fucked while she was licking Scarlett’s clit or getting finger banged by her ultimate enemy. The pair grope and grind like they’re really trying to get inside of one another and now that we know what Scarlett is up to we can see it all in her eyes. They’re seductive on top but manipulation lies right underneath and it’s sexy as fuck on her! I don’t make a habit of rooting for the bad guys but after watching her pull the boss’s wife into her trap with just her pussy, tongue, and fingers, I can’t help but look up to her a little!