Gal Ritchie

Gal Ritchie: A HotMovies Pornstar Interview

Gal Ritchie is a sensual, optimistic brunette performer from across the pond. With long toned legs and a vixen’s face, she oozes seduction. She grew up in a small village near London, England, before she became a dominatrix and decided she wanted to be a porn performer. She’s appeared in movies for Elegant Angel, Sweetheart Video, Girlsway and more. In this interview Gal talks about growing up in England, working fan expos, her love of spit, and much more!

What was it like shooting your scene with Charles Dera for Cream Pi Day?

This was a great scene, I fancy the fuck out of Charles, he was someone I have watched in porn for ages and is so naturally funny  and great to work with. His ad-libs in scenes always make me my day. I actually did my first ever scene with Charles, I was so nervous. But this scene is great, at one point his puts my panties in my mouth while he’s ruining me from behind. UGH! I’m getting wet just thinking about it.

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Tell us about shooting your delivery driver scene with Chris Diamond in Fuck Me Now Vol. 2

Chris Diamond is great to work with and this was my first scene working with Vixen which was an honour. This scene was so rough and passionate which is exactly my favourite type of sex. The way Chris dominates me throughout the scene while continually spitting all over me is something I wank about to this day. I love spit! It was a fantastic scene.

What was it like filming your cuckold scene in Interracial Hotwives?

Doing a BBG was something I always had fantasies about, so getting to fulfill this in porn was huge for me. Will Pounder and Jax Slayher were a great team. The way they throw me around and share my pussy was so fucking hot, they’ve both got great cocks too, and they both are quite dominant which I loved. I wanna do it again! Someone please organise another BBG for me!

What was your experience growing up in London?

I am from a very small village south of London. I worked in London a lot though! I really enjoyed growing up in the country, being outside is my favourite, so going on long peaceful walks was how I spent most of my free time. Or having picnics in fields then going skinny dipping with friends, you couldn’t do that in the city (or at least not without people seeing and getting in trouble!) London is the opposite, super fast paced and extremely busy, which is exciting I enjoy the filth and grime of London it’s got a sexy seedy undertone which can be really fun if you got to the right places. However I’m really grateful I grew up in the country, for me I much prefer it.

What did you do before you joined the adult industry?

I was a dominatrix for 2 years, then worked in Tech recruitment for a year. I also used to compete in dance.

How did you like the 2024 AVN show?

It was incredible! I’ve been watching the AVN show for a long time, so to be sitting in the audience and signing at the convention was mind blowing! Especially seeing so many people I’ve watched in porn for ages. I also met Asa Akira who I’m a huge fan of and a big inspiration so that was crazy.

Did you enjoy working the Brazzers booth and meeting your fans?

It was such a surreal experience and I had such an amazing time. Getting dressed up and meeting people that genuinely enjoy my scenes and knew who I was still blows my mind. I ever the first Pierson who asked for my photo and thought “why??!!l”. It was really special to have one on one conversations with fans in such a cool setting. I can’t wait for next year already!

What is something you haven’t done for a scene yet that you would like to do?

I’m yet to explore anal. I watch ALOT of anal porn so I’m really turned on by it, especially rough anal. But I need to take the time to train my body. But it’s definitely on the cards at some point! I would also love to do a gang bang at some point, the idea of having lots of guys all hard for me and sharing my body turns me on.

What does a typical day for you look like?

I get up at 5am almost everyday, I head to the gym then walk back and make breakfast. If I’m not working then I will meet Liz Jordan for lunch or go on a hike. I really like being active and outside, I get stir crazy if Im inside too long. Sometimes I go to the beach with Spiegler! Then usually we watch a film. My bedtime most nights is 8pm lol! I’m a grandma!

What show are you currently binging?

Peep show! It’s my favourite and reminds me of home.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

I really want to go to Japan and Ibiza!

What made you want to join the adult industry?

I really enjoy sex and wanted to create a career out of it. I have lots of perverted fantasies and joining porn has allowed me to explore my sexuality and these fantasies with like minded people in a safe way.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself still in the porn industry for sure. I’ve Really found something I love doing and hope for a long career in porn. Hopefully I have some animals! I really want to start an animal sanctuary, so it would be nice to start working on that! I would also