Vince Carter

Vince Carter: A HotMovies Pornstar Interview

Vince Carter is a stud of a man with a heart full of passion. He’s worked as an international performer for over a decade, starring in films from Dorcel, Evil Angel, and more. In this interview he talks about scene prep, working with Cherry Kiss, winning the International Male Performer of the Year award, and much more.

HotMovies: You star in the Cherry Kiss directed ‘Cumming To L.A.’ from Evil Angel.  What was it like working with Cherry as director?

Vince Carter: It’s always a pleasure to work with Cherry, we’ve collaborated together for years.

We started her first movie for Evil a few years ago in Budapest, our connection is strong and our chemistry is too. We are happy to continue to create new projects in the USA.

Congratulations on winning the 2024 AVN International Male Performer of the Year Award (as well as many previous awards), what does winning an international award like that mean to you?

To win international POTY is a big achievement for me, I just arrived one year ago in the USA and I was very proud to be recognized for my work in America. I’m very passionate about my work, I love what I do and to get this award encourages me to continue in this way.

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What is your favorite type of scene to shoot?

I’m a Gonzo guy. I grew up with Rocco’s movies and collaborated years together in Europe.

When the director lets you lead the scene and you can be passionate and creative, this what I like the most to do. I’m happy to find many directors in the USA who like to shoot like this, like Cherry, Pat Myne, Darkko.

How do you prepare for a performance? Do you do anything to psych yourself up?

Before every scene I’m super horny, just knowing I will have good sex with amazing an girl turns me on. The surprise when you don’t know the partner is a really exiting feeling and to shoot with someone you already had great sex it’s always a pleasure for me.

You have an intense anal gaping scene with Vanessa Vega for Evil Angel. There’s tons of oil and squirting and screaming. What’s it like shooting a scene like that?

The scene with Vanessa Vega was just incredible, one of the most crazy scenes I did since I’ve been in the USA.

She is a pure rough sex lover, and I knew after 3 min of  the scene it will be really intense. When you find a perfect match partner like her it’s just amazing. Time stops and you are enjoying every second of this perverted magic dance.

Are there any kinds of scenes you don’t like performing in?

Luckily I always find something interesting in my scenes, it doesn’t mater what kind of style it is. Sometimes to shoot more vanilla style can be fun too. It’s always good to variate the pleasure.

Do you have any pet peeves on set?

To realize my camera didn’t record, it’s happened to me a few times and it’s really problematic.

What do you like to do to unwind at the end of the day?

At the end of the day I’m exhausted. The scenes take all my energy. Most of the time I go to a good diner, go to chill a bit and sleep early to recover for the next day.

What’s your favorite comfort food?

Chocolate, it’s my favorite relaxation food but I try to avoid it because it’s not good for my summer body. 😉