‘We Spank In This Household’: A HotMovies Review (Featured Video)

Threesomes is the name of the game in our latest feature from Devil’s Film, and if that’s your twist you’re going to love this one. We Spank In This Household is lite, fun, playful, and has a little something for everyone to enjoy. The writing and acting won’t blow you away, but the cast is definitely packed with A listers, the sex is on point, and production quality is top notch.

Pristine Edge, Jimmy Michaels, & Charlotte Sins

Jimmy is an immature jerk off who got caught throwing toilet paper at Charlotte’s house, and when step-mom Pristine takes him over to apologize his punishment is nothing like what he expected. The one thing he has going for him is he’s cute, and Charlotte decides to let him fuck her, but only if he promises to put his all into it. He definitely wasn’t expecting his mom to go along with it but she signs off and the fun begins. The start off fondling each other and Jimmy gives Charlotte head while mom sits back and encourages her son to do better. At one point she steps in to take control of Jimmy’s hips and stroke game because Charlotte was complaining and while it’s hilarious it’s also way sexier than one might initially imagine. As things heat up Pristine doesn’t want to sit on the sidelines anymore and takes her clothes off to join in on the action. The banter back and forth is great in this scene and the sex matches the pace perfectly. Jimmy fucks them both like there’s no tomorrow and ends by blowing his load all over Charlotte’s tits. I’d say his apology was accepted after that.

Penny Barber, Holly Day, & Ken Feels

Holly is a little brat who does whatever the fuck she wants and is unappreciative of what Penny and Ken try to do for her. Being a foreign exchange student isn’t easy, but the couple is fed up hosting her rude ass and want to put her out. Holly isn’t having that so she suggests they spank her as discipline and after a brief discussion they decide to take her advice. They don’t seem to know what they’re doing at first, but they soon get the hang of it and both Penny and Ken begin to enjoy themselves a little too much. Nobody is having as much fun as Holly though, and when she starts groping Ken through his pants it’s a wrap. He stuffs his cock in her mouth and we have lift off ladies and gentlemen! All three do a brilliant job staying in character during the sex, bringing everything to life and pulling you further into the fantasy. They fuck in every position under the sun and exchange oral until finally Ken busts a nut in Holly’s mouth.

Tyler Cruise, Freya Parker, & Penny Barber

Tyler is nervous because his girlfriend Freya wants to have sex for the first time when they hang out and she likes dirty talk, which is something he’s not totally comfortable with. Step mom Penny offers to help out by feeding him lines from his closet while they get it on and at this point he’s willing to take whatever help he can get. They get everything set up and when Freya comes over it’s game time baby. The young couple makes out on the bed and everything is going great as Freya sucks him off, but the jig is up when Tyler says the wrong thing and when Freya notices his step mom is in the room she completely freaks out. Moms always make things better though so Penny gets them back in the mood and joins in on the fun at Freya’s request. Tyler is thrown off a little but two is better than one and his rock hard dick is definitely down for it. The sex is explosive as the gorgeous ladies take turns rocking his world and eventually Tyler gets the hang of it, fucking both women and doing whatever they ask until they cum. Penny strokes him until he cums on Freya’s tits and I gotta say, I was sad to see this one end.

Ryan Driller, Rachael Cavalli, & Chloe Surreal

Ryan went all out on his wife Rachael’s anniversary gift this year and it’s not what anyone was expecting. They walk into the house and Chloe is there dressed sexy as all outdoors. Ryan explains that it truly is a gift for her and he doesn’t even have to play a role, but Rachael is apprehensive and doesn’t know what to do. Soon the awkwardness wears down and the ladies are making out like college roommates. they fondle, lick, and tease like they’ve been here before and take their time with each other before letting Ryan join in. They suck him off, take turns riding him, and sit on each other’s face in a scene that brings lots of chemistry and passion to the screen. Happy to be invited to a party he organized, Ryan is a good boy, stroking just the way the ladies like it and making both of them cum. He goes full energizer bunny on Rachael doggystyle while she kisses Chloe’s clit until finally he can’t hold it in any longer and drops his load all over his wife’s ass. I’d call that an anniversary success!